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Okay guys... Meme time. [18 Aug 2010|02:23am]
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Yeah, this one should be fun hopefully. Each of you guys is going to have to take part in a story/drabble based on the following meme~ How this is going to work though. I'm going to take random books in my room and close my eyes to pick one for each character. If anyone is actually paying attention to this place besides me, you can comment with a character's name and a line from a book (please include the book's name and author) and I will write something in response to it! If you want a specific pairing as long as I'm not vehemently against it you can request that too as long as it's any of my PLC-based muses or Yamada, Satsuki, or Naoi. ANYWAY, for the basics though... Here's the blank meme:

1. Choose a book.
2. Open it to a random page.
3. Scan it and choose a sentence or phrase that grabs you.
4. Write a drabble inspired by it for a fandom/character/pairing of your choice.
5. Lather, Rinse, Repeat as desired.


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