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Just for safe-keeping. [27 Jan 2010|06:35pm]
For a RP on GJ a loooong time ago ( I believe it was called one-destiny-rpg ) I wrote an application. I'm sticking it here for safekeeping, just in case anything happens to the file I've got it in. It was a really good app, so I don't want to lose it. It was a Kingdom Hearts RP, and included bits about explaining why Kuja was alive according to the roleplay toward the end (and the RP sample).

3 year old app? Still one of the best I've written. )
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For safe-keeping as well. [27 Jan 2010|07:20pm]
This was an application for Cloud on... some LiveJournal roleplay, I'm not really sure which one. ^^; It's not as good as the Kuja one, but it's still good. This is older Cloud, so...

personal/mun info omitted )
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