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Apr. 2nd, 2022


Cameo Plot: You've Been Missed

It’s cameo time! )

Jun. 7th, 2013


Hellooooooo, Cally here yet again. I also play Peggy, Bruce and Gretel.

I'm bringing in Aaron Cross from The Bourne Legacy and wider Bourne franchse. He's kind of badass, enhanced human with Jeremy Renner's face so I think it's going to get confusing around here with four of them now. Eep. Anyway, I'm fairly sure this now qualifies as addiction by now but I'll keep feeding it.

For contact, please go here and leave a message

Nov. 20th, 2012


So erm, hello again. Steph here.

I've been fighting off his arrival for months now - and now that I've gotten rid of Stephen, there was really no more fighting it. Meet Erol McIntyre, Samir's older (and only)cousin - which in the long run, makes him also possibly descended from John Mitchell, the vampire.

His world of origin is that of an Original game that I once created, but in the end, it's a mostly apocalyptic (even post-apocalyptic in certain places) world where the likes of Samir Marcus and erol McIntyre (mutants) are hunted down, often experimented on and yadda yadda. The cousins are soldiers, but Samir fared through the whole torture business a bit better than Erol has.

Erol's powers are mostly earth-based, but they're all in his app. If you want to live, don't get him mad. If you do get him mad, go fetch Samir and throw him at Erol. It'll be okay.

And if you thought Samir was wooden, then oh boy, you're in for a big surprise.

Aug. 26th, 2012


Modly poll

As Mitchell's journal here is paid, he will do the polls. Go, Mitchell, go! We were thinking about doing match-ups. Ergo, pairings that should do a thread together. This is to make interactions between characters that don't know each other yet easier. And because randomness is such a nice thing.

Poll #6883 Match-ups
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Would you like random match-ups between characters?

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Yes, they enhance interaction between characters from different fandoms
11 (78.6%)

No, I'm fine without them
1 (7.1%)

Maybe, I'm undecided
2 (14.3%)



PS: If you got any questions, ask away. :D



Hi guys,

this is an "I'm sorry"-post. My roleplaying muse is momentarily squished. I'm currently trying to get it back. Hopefully, I succeed. Tags just don't come to me at the moment. But I'm sure they will again. So I'll just do a bit of creative plot-thinking.



Aug. 25th, 2012


So, work is kicking my ass this year. I work in a very busy, very demanding special needs class. We have ten kids this year, and we have a lot of behavior issues that are just wearing me down. Three weeks into the school year, I am bruised and battered and already so tired I can't think straight.

So, I've made the difficult decision to drop Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister, both from Game Of Thrones/A Song Of Ice And Fire. This leaves me with Daryl Dixon, Sam Winchester, and Adam Young. Three will be easier to maintain than five, I think, and I need to not feel overwhelmed. Jon and Jaime may return in the future, if work and RL settle down and allow me more RP focus and energy.

Aug. 24th, 2012


Howdy all! This is GW, just letting you know I am changing out my journal for Bruce Banner. This one, [info]monsterdoc is replacing the older one, [info]greenskin. My tags will resume asap! Thanks!


Okay I'm a nerd, I couldn't resist! The muse was too loud!! So erm... This is Applejack Apple, a My Little Pony... Who's no longer a pony. She's a very friendly, very loyal, brave, and a lot stronger than she looks. I'm drawn to southern girls, she has an accent, and mannerisms of a good ole country girl.

She's going to be mildly freaked out that she's no longer a pony. And her hat is missing. (Less so that she's naked because she didn't wear duds unless she was working in the town!)

Anyway this is Applejack! I'll probably put something up for her in the morning. :D


Aug. 22nd, 2012


The one in which Steph and Marie do the laziest body switch ever

As it’s not directly noticeable with the lack of icon change, I wanted to tell you guys that Mitchell and Samir just switched bodies. They still look the same but they will smell differently and their powers are not the same anymore.

Also as Mitchell doesn’t have any control over Samir’s powers, he’s going to cause something like an explosion of energy. Mitchell is going to wake up in room 1704-B Thurday morning in the new body and it will make BOOM. There’s bright light coming out of a half ripped open wall. The temperature will rise a few degrees around his room. Steph just throw up a thread to play it out, if your character would be interested into seeing what’s going on, they are welcome as well. :D

And now Marie is going to bed.


Aug. 20th, 2012


Weather Forecast No. 3

Here is a small little update on the weather: Very windy since Friday. Light – medium grey clouds, rainy. The rain gets heavier in the evenings. Otherwise not as bad as it had been (except the nights, they can still be a mix of everything). Sunshine is still not happening. Sorry, guys.

<3 Marie

Aug. 19th, 2012


Misha here, as you can probably tell from the icon :P

Anyway, I need to apologise for being AWOL. I have been around, but I haven't been present here in Spinning Compass. I need to change that!

To recap, I have Dary Dixon from Walking Dead who is in a very committed relationship with Maryanne Walker. I also have Sam Winchester from SPN, and two fro A Song Of Ice And Fire: Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister.

I'm considering one more. Perhaps Adam Young, from Good Omens, with Tom Hardy as the PB. Adam is an antichrist, who was misplaced as a baby and raised by a perfectly human couple who had no idea they were raising the child made to destroy the world. The apocolypse was meant to happen when Adam was 11, but the boy opted to save humanity instead, with his faithful hell hound Dog at his side. If I bring Adam in, Dog would come with him, because you just don't separate the antichrist from his hell hound!

Aug. 17th, 2012


BAAACK and plot request


I'm back! Hi to all the new people! *waves*

What's going on? What did I miss? Is there anybody who wants to call old threads finished? Amy, maybe the one with Sophia? A new thread? Alex, we wanted to something between Sirius and Lily, didn't we? Amy, maybe something between Maryanne and Mitchell (we have to refreshen their friendship, I think ^^)?

The weather is still bad. Sorry...

Also: would someone be interested in a body switch? I want one of my characters to be dragged out of his comfort zone and I think this would be the easiest way to acchieve it.


Marie (with Gale, Mitchell and Sirius)

Aug. 13th, 2012


Weather forecast No. 2

And here is an update on the weather.

To sum it up: Still very, very bad. It's got its ups and downs. Ups being that it doesn't rain, hail or snow. Very, very cool temperature. It can go from "no storm" to "bloody hell the city will go down" within seconds. So all in all it looks very unnatural for normal weather.

@Sara: Feel free do annouce some catastrophes.

@Amy: Feel free to annouce a few lighter moments. ^^ And the whole icing thing. :D People can have fun with that.

@Nina: Err... well, you know.

Next forecast will be on Friday/Saturday with hopefully loads of sunshine.



Hi guys, err, girls!

I'm on holidays till Friday. Have fun without me. Imagine my kids are around somewhere...

Mitchell - most of the time very broody. Currently very easy to anger and listening twenty-four seven to the CB radio. He will camp the city for any possible sign of things that might tell them what is going on. His neck starring will be a bit longer than usually. He avoids Cutler at all costs.

Sirius - tries to spend most of his time with Lily, Laura and if Elena is not around Damon, with her as well. He's quite fascinated by the weather.

Gale - trying to repair the x-wing fighter that crashed into the building he lives in and extend his arsenal, he's already aquired most of the cities firearms.



Aug. 12th, 2012


HAI! I'm Steph from Belgium and I work four days out of five as a librarian at a school for the mentally disabled, a job I started two months ago, thereabouts. It took me a while to get the hang of the hours, but then I discovered caffeinated coffee. It's been a blessing, I can tell you that. Warning here, sometimes my brain is slow at translating stuff. I'm European and I think in three languages (four if I'm feeling particularly crazy). Sorry if that happens. :/ I also tend to go to bed by midnight my time (longer if I'm inspired or excited) but I have two days off this week, so I'll definitely be around long long time!

long is long )

Aug. 11th, 2012


Weather forecast :D

As a few of you know, I have a vampire that doesn’t always make the best of decisions. To make it easier for continuity, I delayed his “I try to crack open the spire" to this morning. He probably searched for tool which he could use the day before.

So what happened is that he got a magical shock, was out for an hour and afterwards the fun started. The moment he woke up the weather began to cloud. A few minutes later it started to rain. And now there’s a fully grown storm outside. Occasional thunder, lightning, wind that slowly builds up to a storm. The sky is growing dark. There are moments when the raining stops and there might even be a moment when sun peaks through a dark grey sky. The changes of the weather can be a lot quicker than it is usual. Besides the occasional few sun peaks (I blame George for them ^^), it will be dark and rainy. When it gets dark it will begin to snow and during the night (say 2am till 8am), there are occasional nice moments which can be immediately followed by a storm breaking out again.

Tomorrow there will be an hour or so of rain stop with only a grey sky. Other than that: the storm will continue.

As any weather forecast, it might change but I’ll keep you updated. :D

Edit: Don't be confused if I start to describe changes of the weather in an In Character conversation.

Aug. 8th, 2012


First OOC announcement that isn't hyperMod!

Howdie ya'll! I would say I need to announce all of your characters into the game but I'm going to do that a little differently! And it might be something that has to wait till tomorrow cause I just realized it's like 4.30 in the morning...

ERM so the reason for this post, would ya'll be interested in me starting up a Blastchat? Where Rps stuff can be shared via aim, or you know ragging on eachother. I'm not going to put up a poll for it, just give me a "yes I like that idea" or a "GOD NO!". XD I wont get my feelings hurt I promise!


Hullo, my darlings! My name is Saitaina (Sait for short) and I bring you Enigma, the Riddler's Daughter!

Unfortunately for those of you who may know her, this is not our same darling girl. Still a wild flirt and carefree evil spirit, she is coming to us fresh from Colligo, where she was torn out of her happy life by a brutal murder (shot in the head and both knees).

So she's a balance at the moment.

However, she and I both hope she can find a new home here among you wonderful people!

Aug. 6th, 2012


Also... before Sara starts to hog the OOC community. Is anyone interested in letting their character find two babies? Sirius will leave them alone for a bit while he tries to figure out what's going on and well...



Hiho! I'm obviously highjacking the OOC-comm with posts. Anyway...

As Mitchell called a meeting yesterday via the internet (you should have really done it via text, Mitch! It's easier for everyone to read that way!). I thought I'd ask who came and what was discussed. I doubt that anyone would be interested in actually playing it out, eh? Mitchell hopes that more than Laura and Cutler came because that way the meeting would have consisted off a lot of glaring. His two favourite people in one place.

Where was I? Yes, meeting. Discussion points are: where the fuck are we? What the fuck can we do to get Annie back (most important one from Mitchell's point of view!)? What to do so we don't get killed (also very important!)? And maybe organising a trip to the spire as Sophia suggested to him that it had something to with bringing the people here, ergo a possible way to bring Annie here. As long as Annie isn't there he doesn't really care about getting away but maybe some of your characters might be interested in that as well.

Maybe just state whether your characters came or not? And what was important for them and what they said? Other suggestions? :-)



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