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Nov. 2nd, 2018


Backdated to Tuesday 30, October

Sent to every Sully and various family members and friends )

Oct. 9th, 2018


Okay. How does one get back onto their feet?

Apr. 23rd, 2018


Hi, so this is not Tommy. It's Tom. Turns out we've been placed in different parts of the universe and times.

So the rest of my family is somewhere out there and I need to find a way to contact them. Anyone got an idea, yeah?

[Private to human Jakes]

So the crazy biologist is back. Missed me?

[Private to Marta]

Happy birthday, you beautiful mind! I hope you have a great day, old friend.

Jul. 11th, 2017


What the fuck happened here?

Jun. 26th, 2017


Backdated to shortly after the time jump

Uhm, I don't know how to ask this but what has just happened? What's going on? Is everyone all right?

Jun. 13th, 2017


Filtered to Sullys and their people

Roll call. Go.

May. 3rd, 2017


Where's the coffee?

Apr. 30th, 2017


Charlie and I spend a lot of time on outdoors activities, and he's getting to an age where just hanging out with his papa is getting a little tiresome.

Does anyone have children who might be interested in a sort of Scouts club? It would be good to get them socializing and learning skills that could be useful for island life at the same time.

On the same note, we got any adults who would be interested in helping to run an activity like that?

Jul. 18th, 2016


Filtered to the extended Sully clan

I'd like to have a family night where we all get together to remember Rhi, Harry, and Drew.

Could we do that?

Jun. 30th, 2016


Hi, I'm Isa. For everyone who does not know me yet - so for mostly everyone, I'm from a weird future version of this place. I'm also Kytana's and Jame

Anyway, my real point is that I noticed the lack of a proper security team. I was part of a Junior Security Club and we learned a lot about how things were organised in my time. That said I'm very willing to help out, keep a database, get structures up.

I haven't seen a single security warning so far and they were always very helpful. I would like to implement them again. Tommy already agreed to help and his Dad is in to to help tracking the critters. I know Tom Senior is doing that in the future so I'm sure he will do a great job. So I'm going to start this project. Is anyone willing to help?

Jun. 29th, 2016


Good morning. I was hoping I might find a partner with which to play Chess, Risk, Go, or Scrabble? I am not against other game suggestions.

Apr. 11th, 2016


Filtered to Stevie )
Filtered to Sully Clan )

Mar. 31st, 2016


I think I'd like to check out Pandora, I'm just not sure if I should.

Mar. 21st, 2016


Filtered to all the Sullys.

I love all of you. Just thought I'd say it.

Mar. 8th, 2016


So is that the whole darkness thing over? It's not gonna come back or anything, right?

The animals here are weird. Did I see a Rancor at one point?

Feb. 21st, 2016


Filtered to Sullys

Hey all,

Izzy and I would like to go on a short vacation. Would anyone mind to watch the kids for two days? The dogs need looking after as well and Herbert needs his medicine. Could someone look after them?

To Da YTom/Dad

Dec. 15th, 2015


Finally! Back in my own body and no divine passengers in my head. I missed my curves

Dec. 2nd, 2015


This is completely unexpected. And extremely strange. And medically impossible.

Nov. 3rd, 2015


Texts to Sullys and anyone staying in the Sully house

There's a girl in my room. She wants to play. She doesn't know she's a ghost.

What should I tell her?

Aug. 24th, 2015


Got the very best wife. Who else would endure a couple of days walking through nature with me and my excited nerd rambles?

Yosemite is a truly beautiful place.

Cut for images )

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