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Oct. 4th, 2017


Rachel had an idea to make a list of who's still awake and who isn't. And I thought it was a good one, so I'm stealing it.

I'm awake and I know my other self is awake. Who else is up?

May. 8th, 2016


I know some of yall don't care, but here's it anyway.

Me and my husband are having a baby.
image )

Apr. 14th, 2016


Private to Moms and Dads (his moms and dads)

Hey guys. I should probably do this in person, but I know at least one of you might cry, so that's why I'm doing it here.

Ya'll are gonna be grandparents.

Jan. 2nd, 2016


Email to Clint, Maryanne, AJ, Tim, and TJ.

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Dec. 13th, 2015


So... Boobs happened.

Nov. 25th, 2015


Filtered away from Mom and TJ

I've been thinking about getting a divorce.

Sep. 24th, 2015


Email to adult Sullys and some friends (see tags for recipients)

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Jun. 9th, 2015


I decided to stay in today since my darling hubby is out of the clinic, and was doing some aimless internet surfing and came across a thing:


And got this:

Maryanne Elizabeth Barton is made of duty, spotlights, and determination. With a dash of cuddles.

And this with my maiden name:

Maryanne Elizabeth Walker is made of shows, derp, and control. With a dash of humping.

And this with the other married name:

Maryanne Elizabeth Stark is made of tigers, family, and gullibility. With a dash of Apocalypse.

They all seem pretty legit to me...

May. 5th, 2015


Now normally I wouldn't want to share what's mine with everyone else. But this was pretty priceless.

Image )

Apr. 19th, 2015


Emailed to the Sullys (and extended family)

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Feb. 23rd, 2015


Email to Tim

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Nov. 12th, 2014


(filtered to adult guys...and Pinky- backdated to yesterday)

So I'm a crap best man, but Quinn gets married tomorrow, so I was wondering about a stag on Trinidad. I know the fog's out there, but you only get one wedding...hopefully, so you only get one stag

Aug. 13th, 2014


Based on some of the chatter I'm seeing it seems that for my birthday I get my amazingly wonderful boyfriend back to his original fantasticness. I'll take it.

Aug. 10th, 2014


Auction setup!

Alright guys and gals, I gave y'all more than enough time to protest. And there were two whole pages of men and women that weren't! So, here is how we're going to do this, fill out the following information:

Do you prefer the bids of men, women, or both:
Something interesting about yourself:

This should make the process a little easier:

Bidding is over!!
This is what we'll be using to bid:Bidding System )

You can offer services unique to your talents and we will decide how much extra that would be worth based on what you offer.

I'll let you ya'll know when it's time to start bidding. Don't start getting all excited just yet. It is sign up first after all.

Jul. 14th, 2014


Okay, so who's got what in the swaps?

For example, Claudia's now Na'vi and I'm not any more, so that's one pair sorted.

Pair up, people. The sooner we get this worked out, the sooner we can start sorting things out.

May. 19th, 2014


Why is there a drunken Sully on the steps leading up to Tim's apartment?

May. 11th, 2014


I went to give my mom a mother's day present and her apartment was empty. She's not on the phone list. She, and my little sister, are gone.

Mar. 23rd, 2014


Man, this place is quiet with none of the kids around yet.

Feb. 9th, 2014


Filtered away from kids, and Darcy

Are there any guys willing to strip down to their skivvies for the bride to be?

Jan. 25th, 2014


(Filtered to Ana, Clint (both), Dean, Ernest Hemmingway, Emma Swan, Harry Dresden, Isabel Lane, Izzy Shaw, Jake Sully, Jay Gatsby, John Watson, Malcolm, Maryanne, Peggy Carter, Rodney, Sean Walker, Sherlock Holmes, Steve Rogers (all of them except the kid), Tim Dixon, Tom Sully, Tony Stark)

As most of you know, I'm a vampire. You are the people I know enough about or heard enough about to trust that you could do this. In case of an medical emergency who of you would rather become a vampire than die. I don't know if it will work for everyone of you but I can always try to turn you and there's always the possibilities that the island turns you into a plain human being and tries to kill you off then.

I can walk in daylight. I don't need blood. Photo books miss out on pictures though. Blood lust is an addiction. It can be challenging at times but I would be there to help you.

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