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Jan. 20th, 2019


I'm starting up a new round of classes, so that I have something to do while my machines are running samples. I found a classroom near Tommy's lecture theater. It's not as big, but it's got enough desks for 15 people to show up and have seats, and a decent projector, and it's now compatible with Lyla. And since I'm going to be doing the teaching, it will have coffee.

I can teach basic and advanced science classes (biology, chemistry and physics), and genetics right up to doctorate level. Probably some engineering, basic robotics, coding and math as well, although that'll be more free-form than the stuff I've actually previously taught (the science bits) and therefore have lessons planned for, and I get the feeling I'd be stepping on people's toes if I did that.

[Location of new classroom]

I'll be there for at least two hours every day starting tomorrow, from 1400hrs on. If nobody shows up, I'll read and drink coffee with my feet up on the desk. If people do show up, I'll teach you something.

Sign up below if you're interested, with what you're interested in.

Nov. 2nd, 2018


Backdated to Tuesday 30, October

Sent to every Sully and various family members and friends )

Oct. 25th, 2018


Okay, so I was apparently very sleepy. I'm missing two days. What did I miss? There wasn't some weird thing where a me from the future came and took over was there?

Uh. Where're my kids?

Sep. 7th, 2018


Well, that'll be me back with some familiar folk, then, and some new faces besides.

There any work needing done? AJ?

Aug. 1st, 2018



Might I make a request, please?

I have looked through the door to the place called Coruscant, and I would like to see more of it. But I do not understand much of it at all - their carriages appear to be not simply horseless, but they have no need of wheels also? And that is only the beginning! Could I ask that someone accompany me to this place and hopefully help me not look like a gawping child?

Merci beaucoup,


Jul. 11th, 2017


Thanks to everyone who has already taken some of the beasts. I have kept quite a few as well. I still have a couple of leftovers left. Maybe I can still find someone interested in them.

1. I've got this little fellow: [Picture of this bear-sized beast is attached]. He is incredibly friendly. The temperature doesn't really bother him. I will release him back into the wild, if no one wants him. I do not think he will do anyone harm but he might have trouble finding food. He mostly eats small animals.

2. I have two cats left. One mountain lion, one tiger. I can get them to not eat you and whatever you don't want it to eat.

3. There is this beauty: [Picture of a giant eagle is attached]. It can carry you through the air.

4. If you want something menacing in your backyard to keep away intruders, I've got this to offer: [Picture of this panther like beast is attached] It's not a house pet. But I simply toss mine enough meat and it stays in the forest behind the house. If you are in danger, whistle and it is going to come to your aid. That is, at least, how I trained mine.

5. I've got a manticore. I think I can release it back into the wild as well. I might be able to keep the don't attack people enchantment going. But if you want it, you will get a fierce little kitten.

6. I've got a flying dinosaur. Tom told me it's a pteranodon. It mostly eats fish. But it's a bit cold for it to survive the outside.

7. I've got this one: [Picture of this dog to bear-sized beast with a reptile head is attached] It barely needs anything to eat but the cold will get to it. It's harmless. It can easily be kept inside.

8. This thing: [Picture of a moose-sized pair-hoofed forest animal is attached] It has very soft fur. I'm also sure you can ride it with a bit of training. It likes eating rats and other small animals.

9. Last but not least: [Picture of this dog-sized reptile is attached]. She's quite friendly with me. She spends a lot of time stuck to the ceiling. It's sometimes hard to find her.

On that note, everyone who already has a beast. I will use the next couple of afternoons to train mine further. If you want to join me, I might be able to make it easier for you to train yours.

Jun. 13th, 2017


Filtered to Sullys and their people

Roll call. Go.

May. 3rd, 2017


Where's the coffee?

Apr. 22nd, 2017


Again?? )


Hi! How is everyone?

Apr. 9th, 2017


Filtered to Sully Clan

(ooc: backdated to when all the drops took place)

Everyone who's left sound off. This place really sucks sometimes.

Jul. 19th, 2016


I miss my Mom. I want her back.

Jul. 18th, 2016


Filtered to the extended Sully clan

I'd like to have a family night where we all get together to remember Rhi, Harry, and Drew.

Could we do that?

Jun. 29th, 2016


[Filtered to Karaoke Party Goers--who I deem people Kylo know at least knows the name of and would recognize their face :) also to Doctor (10), Heather, and Rachel Sully, aka Speeder Repair Bros. also it took him an hour to decide what to write! ]

I will be at the docks this afternoon in lieu of training if you would like to go.

I will bring the speeder if anyone would like a ride.

May. 30th, 2016


So I'm in my body again. I don't think I'm as far along as I was though, I'm not nearly as large as before the switch.


Thank fuck for that. Keep me out of your face fuck ups in future.

May. 26th, 2016


Oh fuck off, shit island.

May. 25th, 2016


It happened to me too.

I love my new hair. I might try purple when I get back to being myself.

I don't know how I feel about the new face though. It's pretty, but it doesn't feel like me.

Apr. 26th, 2016


((Backdated to the 19th))

Guess who is a year old today! )

Apr. 18th, 2016


I found my phone again! It was in Hell's Gate, and I kinda wasn't. What've I missed?

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