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Jan. 22nd, 2019


Hi. I know I've been quiet for a while. Some of you have probably forgotten all about me. And I'm sure there are new people here that I neglected to say 'Hi, how are you.' to.

I'm Heather Lisinski. And I'm on day 271 of 280 of my pregnancy. I haven't been able to see my toes without a mirror for about three months. I can't say I miss them too much. So far it has been an uneventful pregnancy... well besides the fact that my baby is force sensitive, and has been practicing for when he gets his own lightsaber for the last six weeks. Usually he battles my blatter. Oh yeah. It's a boy.

That's probably more than most of you wanted to know, but I'm at the antsy stage where I'm both ready for him to be here, and kind of nervous for the end to come. So I thought I'd pester a bunch of people that don't know me, or have forgotten I existed, instead of my boyfriend.

So Hi! Hello! How are you?

Oct. 4th, 2018


Can someone tell me what is going on? Where is the island? Where are all the people? My family and friends are missing from my contact list.

If anyone knows Liam or Holly Breston, please let them know that their daughter is looking for them.

Aug. 3rd, 2018


Message to the medical staff (Kylo CC'd) (Trigger warning)

Trigger warning )

Jun. 25th, 2018


Okay, station folk, tell me things. Anything. How are all my favourite people doing? How is Cuba? What's the soap opera drama doing? What have the science people blown up yet?

I'm going crazy and it would be wonderful to talk to someone other than my family. and I have exhausted all the conversations one can have with a wolf. They included a lot of howling.

PS any recommendations for ridiculous ways to paint someone's face are welcome.

May. 8th, 2018


[At some point during this]

Geez, ex-islanders, try not to break the poor boy. Did you not see the Handle with care-sign?

Oct. 4th, 2017


Rachel had an idea to make a list of who's still awake and who isn't. And I thought it was a good one, so I'm stealing it.

I'm awake and I know my other self is awake. Who else is up?

Sep. 24th, 2017


My uncle is gone. Is there anyone willing to regularly train or spar with me on some of the mornings? I trained with him every morning.

Sep. 19th, 2017


It is increasingly difficult to keep up with a toddler who finds weightlessness amusing.

Good morning everyone?

Jul. 18th, 2017


I think time has come that we need to address the fact that the planet we are on, has not moved since we were thrust forward in time. If we do not get it moving again... Well we simply need to get it moving again.

Jedi are known for great feats through the Force, but I don't think even if the Jakes, Sunila one and two, Micha, Hans, Kylo and I were to combine our abilities, that we could do it alone. Most of us should have had enough time to heal and rest from the battle, it is time to deal with the aftermath.

Jul. 12th, 2017


(backdated to after she arrived)

Hello. This isn't the 2019 I remember. It's good to see the spire gone.

Jakes, especially Jake from my time, Mom, everyone else at the temple, everyone in general - are you alright?

Jun. 13th, 2017


I think there was either something in the air, water, or up with the Sullys, in February, because me, Sunila, Mom, and Shepard are all going to be having babies right around the same time. We're all due within weeks, or days, of each other.

May. 4th, 2017


Jake and I have news.

The force is with us. Our cloning program was successful.

There is a picture of Jake and Sunila sitting on his hospital bed. They're each holding up one of these -

May the fourth be with all of us. They're due in late November.

And no, they're not actually clones. :)

Mar. 9th, 2017





Nov. 13th, 2016


After some serious internet surfing, in attempt to catch up for the past five years... There are a lot of Disney Princes here, but like, only a handful of Disney Princesses.

What, I got bored, and Heather looks up strange things when she's bored. And apparently talks in the third person.

Sep. 20th, 2016


Okay. I can't wait any longer. I know curiosity killed the cat, but I want to go on! No one has had this kind of chance in one hundred years. And how often do country bumkins get to go on a luxury ocean liner? Let alone go on and maybe pretend to be part of the first class?

I mean I don't have aspirations to be Rose, or anything, but a little make-believe never hurt anyone, right?

Jul. 25th, 2016


If anyone happens to see a small astromech droid rolling around or hiding somewhere can you let me know? He's a BB unit, orange and white. Answers to BB-8.

He's a bit skittish and doesn't like strangers much. He's a little... He doesn't like the fact that people he knows and likes are gone. Neither do I. Please just let me know if you see the little guy, OK?

[OOC: I'm going to put a post/thread up later in the week for BB-8 to be found ;)]

Jul. 24th, 2016


Yet another from the Temple is gone. Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, I felt like Rey he was torn.

After a brief meditation hiatus, in order to attempt to cleanse myself through the door, I will take on any of his students, that are in need of guidance.

[Kylo Ren]

This does not mean you will get less time, I will simply work around our schedule.

Jul. 5th, 2016


Filtered to temple residents

Would it be alright if the combat training sessions were held at the temple? I think it's a good idea for the people of the island to learn to fight together and be prepared for whatever threats the island throws at us. Even though all I feel like doing right now is taking a nap. The temple's big enough. I'm sure we can find a space to practice that won't disturb the children.

Jun. 29th, 2016


[Filtered to Karaoke Party Goers--who I deem people Kylo know at least knows the name of and would recognize their face :) also to Doctor (10), Heather, and Rachel Sully, aka Speeder Repair Bros. also it took him an hour to decide what to write! ]

I will be at the docks this afternoon in lieu of training if you would like to go.

I will bring the speeder if anyone would like a ride.


A whole day without being angry at random objects! I think I'm free!

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