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Dec. 2nd, 2015


Well, it was bound to happen eventually.

Apr. 11th, 2015


What is going on?

Apr. 10th, 2015


can i go hom plees


attention all tiny people. you need to play the "be very quiet" game this morning. thanks very much.

[Edited to add]
after lunch, there's gonna be a big hide and seek game at the sully house. if your mommys/daddys/people that are looking after you say it's okay, and you're gonna come and play, let me know here.

Mar. 3rd, 2015


I really need for it to be surfing weather....PLEASE?!?!?!??!?!

Feb. 21st, 2015


Anyone know what to do to heal someone's broken heart? Steven hasn't been himself and I want to make him feel better...

Feb. 14th, 2015


Can't we celebrate one holiday without candy?

Feb. 5th, 2015


Is there anyone here who would like to have portraits taken of them? I'm getting sick and tired of bushes and birds. I also think it's mutual. I'm pretty sure the raven yesterday was all 'not her again. That woman seriously needs another hobby'.

Btw, I'm not much of a kids person. I don't mind the occasional family portraits but, please, no requests for baby pictures.

Nov. 2nd, 2014


Hey everyone, I'm the newbie - one of them anyway. This place gets me thinking. I guess it just gives me a lot of time to think. So, I'm adopted and this seems like a place where there are quite a few adoptions happening.

What do you all think, should you tell kids that they are adopted? When should you do that? What do you think is more important: nature or nurture? How much of your real parents are still in you when you are adopted?

Are there people here who have taken kids in? Anyone who is adopted? What are your experiences?

(OOC: Posted tomorrow but I don't know how much time I will have tomorrow so I post it today, shouldn't matter anyway)

Oct. 25th, 2014


Filtered away from Julie Stark

So November 11th is my moms birthday. I want to throw her a surprise party but, I don't know everyone that knows her. If you would like to attend or help out please let me know. So I can figure out where to have it and everything.

Aug. 20th, 2014


He's gone....I can't believe that he got sent back. I was just starting to trust him again and wanting him to be part of my child's life. You know what, this place BLOWS at times.


So, been here for three days, having fun, and enjoying seeing all the new sights! My name is Matt for all those I don't know, and I guess this is a shout out to everyone I do know. Who's still here?

Jul. 15th, 2014


No children should go through the door without being accompanied by an adult under any circumstances. And no wandering off. Any kids that go through that door better be practically attached to the adult that's with them. No exceptions.

Jun. 20th, 2014


Is it cheating to leave notes and the like for myself?

Jun. 18th, 2014


Filtered to medical staff

I was told back home that I am sterile and I need to know if there's a test that can prove whether or not that's the case.

Jun. 7th, 2014


Filtered to those involved

Alright, so I finally got all of the genetic mapping and everything done and here are the results.

Max and Darcy. While you do share the genes that make up your eye color and hair color and so forth, you have no genetic markers in common. You are in no way related.

TJ and Bucky. Same goes for you. While you do have similar genes as far as physical characteristics are concerned, you're not related at all.

This is where things get interested.

Aaron. You are related to neither Clint nor Hansel. You just all happen to look alike. But here's the interesting part.

Based on the various information I could gather after doing the genetic test I have found that Hansel is actually Clint's Great Great Great Great Uncle. I was able to do some family tree research and figured all of this out. It's pretty interesting if you guys want to see it.

Apr. 30th, 2014


My beautiful daughter Mina is a year old today. Time really flies by when you're not looking.

Apr. 20th, 2014


Backdated to Saturday evening

Please tell me I'm not going to wake up in the morning to find chocolate eggs everywhere like I did last year.
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Apr. 19th, 2014


Okay guys,

Tom and I need some help in outfitting the classrooms, specifically in carting the furniture into the rooms, finding some notebooks, textbooks and the like, plus redecorating the whole place to make it kid friendly.

Any takers for the above? I'd reward the help with food.

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