February 2024




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Mar. 13th, 2019


Who would I have to talk to about learning to fly one of these bloody great ships?

I am a fully qualified RAF pilot where I am from, although granted 'where I am from' is Earth, 1939, so it may be about as comparable as being able to pedal a tricycle.

Anyone willing to take on a student? I would be most grateful, and if there is something I can do for you in return... goodness knows what, but we can strike a deal, no doubt. I am so fucking bored


So, in my stint of being very anti-social, I've been thinking. More and more kids around here either are or are going to soon be school-age and we may want to set up some kind of teaching system. Doesn't have to be a traditional school by any means, but maybe something structured that lets kids get in some socialization along with the learning and be there in case parents don't want to home-school.

In my head I'm thinking maybe 3 'classes':
One for kids who have never been to school that will start at the very beginning, reading, writing, basic math, all that stuff then eventually moving in to basic understanding processes (think preschool-elementary)
Another for anyone who's already got a good base and wants to learn more complex things, but is still young or doesn't want to be overwhelmed (think middle-high school)
And finally one that's a sort of...continuing education thing. Maybe shorter series of classes to learn specific, complex things. I know some people are doing these already, but we could broaden the subjects maybe? Include things like cooking, fighting, or other crafts as well as more traditional learning? (like adult-ed classes)

I'm open to suggestions and anyone who wants to help. I could probably handle the first class but would need help with the others. Personally, I've got a poly-sci degree so I could do higher classes on civics, some ethics, or other social sciences and I'm decent with technology but I know there are plenty of others around here that are much better for that.

Any thoughts?

Mar. 11th, 2019


I think my cellphone is broken. Could someone tell me the date, please?