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Feb. 17th, 2022


Tomorrow's scouts activity will be learning morse code. Robert Langdon is going to join us, because he has some crazy memory trick for it, and he's going to show us some other codes and ciphers we can use to write top secret messages.

Don't worry if your kid can't read / write yet, we'll use a buddy system.

If it goes well, we can create some coded 'clues' for a big scavenger hunt next week.

Feb. 10th, 2022


Attn: Scouts

Tomorrow night's activity is loosely Valentine's themed. We're going to be making "cupid's" bow and arrow.

Click for example image.

If you happen to see any nice long bendy sticks, or smaller ones you can use as arrows, or you have any cool feathers for decorating, bring them along! Don't worry if not, I'll have a collection, but sometimes it's satisfying to use something you've found for yourself.

Sorry not sorry parents.

Also, I know we have some new kids around, if anyone wants to come along just let me know and I'll get an emergency contact / consent form sent over.

Feb. 4th, 2022


Is there a qualified medical doctor here? Preferably a female one, with knowledge of late 21st century medicine or its equivalent.


Time for some exciting reminder messages about all kinds of exciting things.

School )

Genetic Database )

Obstacle Course )

Jan. 29th, 2022


Forgive me if this is too personal a question for such a public space, but: has anyone else experienced a change in their dreams after arriving here?


Kaltxi! Does anyone fancy having a bonfire tonight or tomorrow night? I've been going through all the Pandora plants and getting any dead stuff gathered up, and there's enough that'd burn that I thought we could have a bonfire with it, make an evening of it. Not in the Pandora part, I ain't that dumb.

AJ? You got anything that could be burned?

Jan. 2nd, 2022


This is Liberty again. Maybe you have different customs here, but I have no idea how long I might be here for, so I'm going to ask this now in case it isn't long at all.

I want to have a child of my own. Naturally.

Is there any man here who will help me? Over twenty, human, no genetic issues?

We can just have overnights and part as friends once I know I'm carrying, I'm not asking for contract, although it'd be nice to get to know each other. I'm from a small colony with very unfavorable demographics and this is probably my only chance.

Nov. 18th, 2021


I should introduce myself properly, now that I am sure the dangers of my homeland have not followed me here. My name is Katarin, I am sixteen years old, and I am from Kordala, a once-great land which now suffers under foreign occupation. It seems safe to tell you that the Delvonian invaders killed my family. The ruler of Kordala was my cousin, and to my knowledge I am the last survivor of the Tavehi line - but I was fighting to free my homeland, not to rule over it.

I know that there are many people with many talents here, and so I make this request. I have an iron band at my wrist that I cannot remove. The enemy's doing, because they wished to prevent both our religious rites and our use of magic against them. I think it will take someone without magic to remove it without suffering harm. Might anyone help?

Oct. 31st, 2021


“Outdoor” movie theater in the park on wheel 3. We’ll be having a double feature of horror films from my era. Get ready for corny acting and terrible special effects. Popcorn and hotdogs provided. Bring a blanket.

3pm, so if you want to go to the club later you can do both.

Sep. 27th, 2021


How many different types of ghost are here?

Aug. 11th, 2021



something is wrong with Dan.

need immediate medical in XX corridor near the food court on 3 or tell me where to bring him. I think his femoral has been cut. he's going to need blood, a lot.

someone needs to get Abra as far away from him as possible. protect her.

he's hostile, medical may need protection too.

don't let any kids come over here.

Aug. 10th, 2021


Oh, you’ve gotta be shitting me.

Feb. 26th, 2020


I won't lie, I'm beginning to suspect that I'm not in SFO anymore. I knew they were doing some work on a few of their terminals but I feel like I would have remembered hearing about them opening a gate or two in space. We are in space, aren't we? Some sort of station? Admittedly, sensing ley lines within an artificial structure threw me off, it isn't something one sees often in my experience. Handy bit of magic, that. But still, we are in space, yes?

In any case, I am Zatanna Zatara, the mistress of Magic, the princess of prestidigitation, the headliner of the annual stage illusionists convention who apparently not only missed her plane to Vegas but has managed to literally fall off the face of the earth. If anyone would be so kind as to explain where we are, what is going on, and if whatever foodservice system is in place here offers a vegetarian option, I would be incredibly grateful.

Dec. 31st, 2019


Times like this, I miss Gatsby. He’d be as tickled as me about the 20s rolling around again now.

Anyone want to see in the New Year with me? Let’s dress like it’s 1919 and mix with the locals in a gin bar.

Dec. 15th, 2019


Filtered away from anyone under 18 and her daughters.

I'm considering opening a second location on the station. This one would be much geared toward... A gentlemen's club feel. Put it in a place that would be less likely to be found by youthful sort. I say gentlemen, but I wouldn't discourage women of an age to come in and alleviate stress with a willing participant.

Would there be any interest in that sort of thing here?

Nov. 17th, 2019


What the fuck?

Nov. 2nd, 2019


Clown-fighting Plan

Filtered from kids (Richie can still read this, even in his tiny kid body) )

Oct. 26th, 2019


I haven't been this bored since I went to uni. So what do you lot do around here? I mean, there can't be much use here for a journalist.

Also, what's the deal with the weird door?

Aug. 28th, 2019


Who are the medical staff around here these days?

Jul. 10th, 2018


Hi. I'm Dan.

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