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Mar. 15th, 2022


This might sound strange, but I suppose the bar for what is considered strange is set high here.

Has anyone ever gone home without physically leaving this place?

Now, I'm pretty sure that the logical answer is 'crazy fever dreams', but I just can't shake the feeling that these things really happened. They feel like memories, not dreams. And yet I can't have gone home, not really, because someone would have noticed if I'd disappeared from medbay.

I don't know what I want anyone to say. I'm just curious.

Aug. 17th, 2021


what are the little coloured bears? they are small and very sweet. i had some through a door once. are there any here?

or are there any chips with salt?

Aug. 16th, 2021


(During this episode )

Has anyone seen Steve? Normally I wouldn't worry, or ask, but this isn't the first time he's disappeared.

Apr. 8th, 2021


The other door, the Brooklyn one, leads to Earth in the late 1930s. It's not exactly the place I'm from, but it's similar. Miguel(s) and Maryanne, it might be your past? The neighborhood is a little rough but it's mostly just poor, not so dangerous. Just keep your wits after dark.

Be careful about stuff like the phones if you go through, things like that don't exist yet. If you want to buy anything you'll need money. There are probably plenty of odd jobs around at the factories or boat docks or you could pawn things like gold or silver that you find around the station.

If you need help, let me know.


It's not quite home but it's real close.

Jul. 4th, 2020


Station Network, posted this morning

Laura lu tsengpe?

Edit: Where the fuck is Laura? Her name's on the phone, but it's gray like how Tommy's was before he arrived here, and I can't call her.

Nov. 2nd, 2019


Clown-fighting Plan

Filtered from kids (Richie can still read this, even in his tiny kid body) )

Oct. 31st, 2019


Well, this is a new one.

May. 15th, 2018


[Darcy meant to send a message to Bucky but posted publicly instead]

There are too many holidays.

Apr. 12th, 2018


So my balls are gone.

Dec. 19th, 2016


I was wondering, do we still have anyone that can make clothes?

Sep. 19th, 2016


Backdated to Friday a few hours after talking to Gatsby

Alright boys and girls. It looks like it's just a big empty ship. I mean there's food, drinks, and luggage from the people that were going on the ill fated trip, but there's no people, as far as I can tell.

The electric works, the phone lines work, but the deeper you get into the ship, the less your phone works. I didn't get down to the coal room, or the boiler, I didn't want to be unreachable, but I'm fairly sure all cell service is out down that far.

Sep. 16th, 2016


I say, we appear to have a very large ship in our waters.

May. 31st, 2016


So I was sitting in my boys room, messing around on my computer while he naps, and I come across this.

May. 28th, 2016


Well... That was fun. I guess

May. 17th, 2016


Okay, what in god's name just happened?

Jan. 6th, 2016


So... halfway through my bath I got a surprise. Two guesses what it it is.

Nov. 7th, 2015


They won't leave me alone.

Jun. 9th, 2015


I decided to stay in today since my darling hubby is out of the clinic, and was doing some aimless internet surfing and came across a thing:

And got this:

Maryanne Elizabeth Barton is made of duty, spotlights, and determination. With a dash of cuddles.

And this with my maiden name:

Maryanne Elizabeth Walker is made of shows, derp, and control. With a dash of humping.

And this with the other married name:

Maryanne Elizabeth Stark is made of tigers, family, and gullibility. With a dash of Apocalypse.

They all seem pretty legit to me...

Apr. 27th, 2015


Accidental Public Post

(He meant to send this only to Bucky and Peggy but left it open by mistake)

image )

I got bored during nap time. Not sure if I like the style or not.


To Steve and Bucky

So... not pregnant yet. I'm sorry, darling boys.

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