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December 11th, 2019

[info]babybuck in [info]compass_network

I have a few announcements as the holidays get close!

First, I'll be doing two special classes. One will be cookie decorating, the other for a holiday meal. Holiday meal will be similar to Thanksgiving was; we'll make some sides that can be reheated and I'll explain how to prepare a roast day-of. That class is adults, or 13+ if you have an adult come with you. Cookies will be kids encouraged (but certainly not necessary). I'll have the cookies pre-baked but show you how to make them too so you can do more later if you want, the focus will be mostly on decorating. There will be lots of different icings and chocolate and candies to decorate with and you'll go home with plenty of cookies so you can leave some out for Santa and still have a bunch to share. Since the holiday meal class will take a little longer, that one will be on Sunday the 22nd, cookies will be Monday the 24th. Coffee and hot cocoa will flow at both.

Next, the tradition hasn't been started here yet, but when I came from we always did something called Christmas for Strays and I'm going to host it because no one should be alone on Christmas unless they want to be. Basically, anyone who doesn't have a place to be or people to be with on Christmas (or anyone who just wants to come, wants to meet new folks, or just doesn't have the energy to put together a Christmas meal), can meet me in the food court at any point in the day. I'll be there starting at 5am, with cinnamon rolls and hot drinks. A full breakfast will be ready for 9. Through the afternoon there will be snacks and small bites, a fire, some games, and holiday movies. Big dinner will be at 4, and dessert at 6. More festivities in to the evening, then cocktails, mulled zap apple cider, or hot cocoa at 9, when we put on Die Hard. Anyone is welcome, and you can come and go as you please, you don't to stay all day. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, feel free to drop by, and if you do celebrate something else and want to do something similar for your holiday, we can figure that out too. Only thing you have to do is bring one present to exchange, and one bit of food to share. It doesn't have to be homemade if you don't want it to be, just something you like and want to share.

Filtered Away from Adults
There will be one more class for kids only! If anyone wants to make something to eat for anyone but don't want them to find out about it in the other classes, we'll meet on Saturday the 21st and I can help you make whatever you like and we'll wrap it up before you go home. The only grown ups will be me, Darcy, Mary Ellen, and maybe Stevie, and they'll be sworn to secrecy so you can make things for anyone else and they won't find out.