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February 26th, 2019

[info]txopuluke in [info]compass_network

Apparently when the snow goes away, Alex and me are moving into one of the little houses in the new park. And Greg and his mommy are moving into another one. So if anyone else is looking to move in, you'd better make your claim now, or Alex and Greg will pick for you.

I mean, I voted for our apartment, but I'm outnumbered at the moment.

[info]bill_denbrough in [info]compass_network

Weirdly, an almost-empty island is good for story ideas and plots.

The library with the garden in the middle is fantastic, by the way. I kind of want to bring it back to the station.

[info]maryanne_walker in [info]compass_network

Attention to everyone living on the station

Bill mentioned bringing just the library back... I want to bring everything not tied down. All of Tony's equipment, his suits, any programs that can be used here... I also want every table and chair, every bush that can be safely plucked from the ground, every single thing that you can put your hands on brought over to the station.

See a vehicle you like, talk to Dean Winchester, I'm sure he can help you take it apart. Katerine? Do you think there would be anyway to get the wild animals out of the forest and jungle and into one of the rarely used parks? Kai? Do you think we could fit the aquatic animals, except for the bigger ones, in to the water way of the station? AJ is already working on the farm, and getting Rob's mill just in case he comes back, but if anyone could help her out, maybe leading the herd animals out, or carrying seeds.

Clint do you think we could move the wall? Dr. Cuddy do you want anything from the hospital? Sullys what about Tom's plants and stuff? Izzy's garage?

Anyone that can't move stuff, or doesn't want to, could you please be a childminder? All my kids that can walk are helping so it's mostly little ones that can't.

We didn't get a warning when we were being moved last time, now we can rectify that, and make this place feel more like home.