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Jun. 5th, 2009


At The Bama Breeze [ Active ]

Who: Everybody. Srsly. Whoever wants to come. :|
What: Most awesome beach part in the history of ever.
When: Now.
Where: Duh. Beach
Warnings: With this cast? Who knows. Also, possibly Xigbar's boardshorts. They are special.

Good God I feel at home down there )

May. 30th, 2009


ravages of kittens. [open]

Who: China, KAITO and elder!Sano (who is currently bitty).
What: A War for the Cute.
When: Afternoon? After the gas hit.
Where: Cafeteria.
Warnings: Pussies.

and the battle raged one... )

May. 29th, 2009



Who: KAITO ([info]ukerobo), Len ([info]leftmirror)
And possibly Rin ([info]rightmirror) if Bakhu wants to tag in?
When: Riiiight around this
Where: Len and Rin's room
Warnings: BL fggts & r-tards

I'm losing at this game. No fair! // Why don't you seem to care? // Oh! Oh Goddamnit!! I think I've lost it!! // Oh God! Goddamnit, I think I've lost you!! )

May. 22nd, 2009


II & VI Conversation [Active]

Who: Zexion ([info]not_an_emo)& Xigbar ([info]not_the_lhc)
What: Having a chat about the hotel and residents
When: Several hours after this c.log happens
Where: #202 B - Xigbar's room
Warnings: TBA, but likely just language

Sleep is no escape )

May. 20th, 2009


now in the air, the spring is coming [ active ]

Who: Japan ([info]nihoned) and Russia ([info]braginski)
What: A day out
When: Yesterday? Wednesday, say
Where: Meeting in the lobby /o/
Warnings: Russia. Anything could happen

He thought the rain beautiful )

May. 18th, 2009



Who: KAITO ([info]ukerobo) and Rin ([info]rightmirror)
What: ...retarded robots? idk
When: Right after Rin's last tag in Kaito's latest post // A BIT AFTER MATS AND DUO'S LOG because fft lol what
Where: Rooftop
Warnings: Vocaloids? Rin being a pest?? Kaito is retarded???

You talk too much // You say I do // Difference is nobody cares about you )


A Bit of Rooftop Talking [ Active ]

Who: Matsuda Touta [info]errandboimatsu and Duo Maxwell [info]elltwosweeper
What: Matsuda just needs to talk to someone... Duo is the best choice so far.
When: Right after this this post.
Where: Rooftop
Warnings: TBA

Emotional is as emotional does. [Can't think of anything witty here.] )

May. 15th, 2009


blah blah blah witty title [active]

Who: Simca ([info]migratorybird) and ([info]not_the_lhc) (and maybe KAITO if he so do wishes.)
What: chilling out.
When: after Xig makes the post and then finds KAITO in the freezer.
Where: in Xigbar's room.
Warnings: language and sexuality? idek.



Rooftop cat [ Active ]

Who: Tadase ([info]callmeking) & Ikuto([info]black_rebel)
What: Just talking while Ikuto being protective
When: Now
Where: The hotel roof
Warnings: None

Though I've seen friendship's ruined... )

May. 14th, 2009


Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win [ Active]

Who: Xigbar ([info]not_the_lhc) & Cid ([info]lowind)
What: Guns vs Spear, round one
When: Right after this.
Where: Hanger
Warnings: Old men? Swearing. Guns, spears and sparring, oh my.

Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. )

May. 10th, 2009


You Don't Say [Active]

Who: Matsuda Touta [info]errandboimatsu and Takeuchi Sora [info]wolves_gale
What: Matsuda has to get something off his chest and he's pretty sure that Sora does too.
When: Right after this conversation.
Where: Sora's Room
Warnings: Heck if I know, TBA 8D

I want to know you, better than I know myself/I want to feel the end and enjoy the consequence/To be unknown and all alone, lose the kind that are behind/to start a new play by myself and to give the best I have. )


Proving that it was just a flesh wound

Who: Byakuya ([info]senbonzakura), ChibIshida ([info]chibi_quincy), Shuro ([info]boybandbait)... Ku ([info]thegreengirl)?
What: Paying a visit to Shuro's room to prove he's in one piece.
When: Following this thread
Where: 322B
Warnings: Chibi is involved (and Ku if Bahku's interested) so probably Cute. Over-usage of big words. Not sure what else yet, but will mark it if it happens.

Bring out your dead! )

May. 9th, 2009



Who: XI and Matsuda
What: hunting down the prey. and a date!
When: sometime after the festival ends. lunch.
Where: in town. probably a bakery.
Warnings: X.

oh why's she so sexy )

May. 8th, 2009


Hanger Meeting [Complete]

Who: Rufus ([info]redevil) & Capt. Highwind ([info]lowind)
What: Meeting tween the Captain and the President over the merits or lack there of considering space.
When: Shortly after Cid's demand to have a face to face, here.
Where: Cid's Hanger
Warnings: Language

There was no good explanation for why he was doing this. )

May. 7th, 2009


Log: Bel & Mammon [ Active]

Who: Belphegor ([info]princetheripper) & Mammon ([info]doesitforcash)
What: Meeting of the teammates.
When: After this post.
Where: Room 444 B, to start.
Warnings: TBA

There were more things in the world that he detested than those he could dredge up some fondness for. )




Who: Beyond Birthday ([info]strawberry_jam) and X([info]permanentia)
What: BB has a mission for his little brother.
When: about 7pm eastern on Thursday. After This post
Where: B13, BB's room.
Warnings: Talk of plans and generally being BB and X.

Make your Big Brother proud. )

May. 6th, 2009


A Little Happy Outing [ Active ]

Who: Ken Hidaka [info]sweetgentian, Aya Fujimiya [info]awakenedslumber, Ran Fujimiya [info]notdevilordeath, and Nata [info]the_gate.
What: Going to go see the festivals around the city.
When: Sometime in the morning of yesterday.
Where: Meet in lobby, out in the city, and TBA?
Warnings: Overall I think it'll be cute, arguing may happen, and everything else is TBA.

A nice happy gathering )



Who: Shuro and Ammy with guest appearance by Juice Fetcher!
What: Ammy's going to knock the emo out of Shuro.
Where: Near the park
When: Just after Ammy's last post
Warnings: VINERAPE

The winter here's cold and bitter, it's chilled us to the bone . . .  )

May. 5th, 2009


しねばいいのに [Active]

Who: KAITO ([info]ukerobo), Sano ([info]fabulous_clock), and Yoshitsune ([info]rumblingdino)
What: Heading out to enjoy the festival? IDK
When: After Kaito and Yoshi's last posts
Where: City streets down near all the flowers and stuff
Warnings: ALCOHOL, swearing (maybe?), possibly minor molestation/pervy actions. WTFever else happens will be added when... ever it happens. XD;

Somewhere faraway, at a world where I'm unfamiliar of... At an era I've never heard about, while I'm completely unaware of... // I wish that they'd just die, somewhere over the rainbow~ // I wish that they'd just die, somewhere over the blue sky~ )


ichibanme arisu wa isabashiku

Who: Peter White and the Chesire Cat
What:Rabbit's gunning for the kitty
When:Sometime last night.
Where:Somewhere in the hotel?
Warnings:Violence. Commentlog.

nibanme arisu wa otonashiku )

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