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March 25th, 2008

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March 25th, 2008

Fic: At Dawn (The Twilight Prevails) [HG/SS, NC-17]

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Title: At Dawn (The Twilight Prevails)
Author: Envinyatar (aka [info]envinyatar15)
Pairing: Hermione/Severus, cameos by a couple OCs
Rating: NC-17
Highlight for Warnings: *blindness, amnesia, magical bonds, oral sex*
Canon-compliance: up to Deathly Hallows
Word Count: 7,574
Summary: To be quite honest, Severus can't figure Granger out. She's nothing like he remembered; the shrillness of youth gone, with no indication she ever knew him. What's her purpose in being here, he asks himself. What is she after?
Notes: Written for [info]psyfic in the 2008 [info]wizard_love exchange.

Fic: Caught (Sirius/Hermione, R)

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Title: Caught
Author: [info]sdk
Character/Pairing: Sirius/Hermione
Rating: R
Summary: Late one night, Hermione finds out that strange noises in Grimmauld Place are not always what they seem.
Genre: Romance/Smut
Author's Notes: This was written for [info]a_belladonna as part of [info]wizard_love 2008. Hermione is of age, and Sirius is alive, so that would make this quite AU. Special thanks to [info]quite_grey for the beta. Comments and Concrit are most welcome!

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