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    Monday, June 22nd, 2020
    7:18 am
    I posted a thread for Adrian. IDK if people still do narrative threads this way, so if you'd prefer to do it through like Google Docs or another alternative then I'm totally fine with that.

    Anyone can drop in on the thread, I didn't have a specific person in mind.
    7:12 am
    WHO Adrian Pucey and ?
    WHERE Just outside the Great Hall
    WHEN Saturday, September 21, just after breakfast
    WHAT Adrian's deepest darkest secret is potentially revealed.

    When I say darkest secret, I mean it. )
    Saturday, June 20th, 2020
    4:38 pm
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    Monday, June 15th, 2020
    10:10 pm

    I added a bit of history/personality to Adrian, he's mostly finished up. Again if you guys are still working things out with your own, take your time. But if you think you'd like to start posting then knock yourself out. I posted a quick journal entry for Adrian, just to get it over with. Looks like we pretty much unanimously decided to start out with 6th year, which is fine with me! Emily's suggestion was to keep the dates the same, so I'm saying our June 1st was their September 1st.

    I might put up a small starter thread to, anyone can jump in if they want when it's posted.

    I should have added most of the journals at this point. Alison, looks like you're still working on yours, just let me know when they're ready.

    Trying to get this out on my 15 minute break, so let me know if you have any questions that I didn't cover.

    - McKenzie
    Wednesday, June 10th, 2020
    2:07 pm
    I'm still here! I promise I haven't lost interest in playing with you guys, I've basically just been stuck in one of those routines where you only have time for sleep and work. Rinse and repeat.

    I know some of us are still fleshing out our kiddos and that's fine, you can still do so if you want. I'm not finished with Adrian yet. I've got his back story in my head, but I'm trying to condense it down enough to get the important parts out without making it novel length. If some of you are ready, and I assume you are, we can try our hand at some journal entries and try getting a few conversations going.

    But what year would you all want to start with? Their 5th (Prisoner of Azkaban), 6th (GoF), or 7th (OotP)? It doesn't matter to me, so I guess I'm going to go with a majority vote. Adrian votes 7th year, but only because he's just slightly less of a loser and manages to get a goal in their Gryffindor match (even though they still LOSE).

    Hope you guys are doing well!
    ~ McKenzie
    Friday, May 22nd, 2020
    7:21 pm

    I swear I haven't lost interest! Since I don't have a working laptop right now I've been doing everything on my phone, which sucks. But my husband got a new smart TV with a built in internet browser, so I ordered a new Bluetooth keyboard and I'm waiting to get that in. I also work 3pm-12am and tend to sleep in a lot. Need to get on a better routine.

    - McKenzie
    Monday, May 18th, 2020
    5:05 pm
    In progress, will update with a nicer format
    Taken Characters:


    1) Adrian Pucey (Slytherin)


    1) Alicia Spinnet (Gryffindor)
    2) Colin Bradley (Ravenclaw)
    3) Sierra Capper (Slytherin)
    4) Malcom Stebbins (Hufflepuff)


    1) Roger Davies (Ravenclaw)
    2) Cassius Warrington (Slytherin)


    1) Angelina Johnson (Gryffindor)
    2) Diane Carter (Slytherin)
    3) Daniel Cadwallader (Hufflepuff)
    4) Rolf Scamander (Ravenclaw)


    1) Beryl Dunstan (Ravenclaw)
    2) Audrey Bulstrode (Slytherin)


    1) Salome Spinks (Slytherin)
    2) Barney Dunstan (Hufflepuff)

    Girl Count: 7
    Boy Count: 8
    Tuesday, May 5th, 2020
    4:07 pm
    Main Post

    So. What the fuck even is this?

    Hi! Class of 1996 is a PSL I pulled out of my ass one afternoon while crying over the fact that I'd never have a outlet for some very specific character muses. I've tried Tumblr, Reddit, and ~pottergames, and let me tell you, it's pretty slim pickings out there.

    Class of 1996 pretty much says it all in the title. The group would focus on characters strictly from the class of 1989-1996, like the Weasley twins, Angelina Johnson, Roger Davies, etc etc. There's plenty of characters with established canon and plenty that you can make your own. This gives players a chance to focus on a new crowd in school that doesn't revolve around the trio.

    Uh, so any guidelines?

    I want this to be fun and not feel like an obligation. I'm not interested in lengthy applications or activity requirements, and just have a few basic tenants in mind.

    1) I really prefer realistic PBs. Make sure your PB, if you choose one, looks like an actual teenager. It ruins the immersion a bit if it looks like we're playing with the cast of Teen Wolf and Gossip Girls.

    2) The "plot" doesn't have to be totally linear. I'm fine with individual players exploring events that happen between 5th-7th years, the war, and even post war. We can do journal entries, narrative threads, or even just bounce ideas off each other casually. It's really up to you how you want to flesh out your character and interact with others.

    3) Don't be dicks to each other.

    Anything else?

    Any questions? We can talk on this post, and I'll edit it as I need to.

    What characters would you like to bring? Comment below with a name, brief concept, and PB. Let's hammer out some details and see what kind of storyline you'd like to bring to the table with who you're playing.

    Below, I'm going to comment with my characters. If there's any interest, we'll go from there.

    If you need help finding names, consult the Harry Potter Wiki.


    We can comment back and forth here, or email if you want to chat more privately. My name is McKenzie, btw.
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