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September 2nd, 2011

Cipher Closing

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I had a talk with our fearless leader, [info]_ky_ and she is not going to renew the fees for Cipher this year. The site will be open for one more month.
If you have fics hosted there, please move them to another hosting site.

this decision has come from a number of factors, starting with her no longer having an IT person, and ending with her going back to school this fall.

November 24th, 2007

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Some of you may have seen Alisanne's comment, or may have noticed the odd activity on the fiction side of Cipher, but the board is currently under the invasion of spam bots again. *grumble* They are leaving random reviews in stories (according to Ali, who has been attacked, they seem to frequent the same story quite often.)

I may hve unintentionally ticked off the great spam bots of the interweb by deleting faux accounts (or accounts that didn't seem legit, if I accidently grab a real account, I am terribly sorry to whoever you are. Forgive me.)

Please, if you are one of the authors being targeted, let me know. I will be fixing this problem as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

October 29th, 2007

Much has happened in the wonderful world!!

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And the Ky has been negligent at keeping you posted, but I swear, it has all been happening so fast!!

I don't even know where to start! Hmmm... let's see...

We have recently had two new members join us in the forum, the lovely Lolafalola and MystressXOXO. Both of them have been wonderful additions to the board, and Mystress has decided that I am her adopted sister. I do believe that they are going to try and put my post-whoring to the test. *grin*

We have also added a new thread to the board to discuss graphic arts, Welcome to the exciting world of graphics. It has been fun to discuss the different programs that we each use, as well as the variations that we each have in styles and problems that we encounter in trying to use programs outside our norm. As part of the increased interest in graphics, we are also showcasing work by different artists. Morrighan adapted a wonderful piece by kissmysteffy called "Halloween" for our Forum banner in honor of the upcoming festivities later this week. We hope to continue to showcase different artists for various holidays.

As for immediate news... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JKP!!!! Yes, today is the natal day of the lovely </a></strong></a>[info]shalanar, and </a></strong></a>[info]roma_fics has already posted her a rather clever drabble in the October Birthdays thread. While I do have a plot bunny based on the prompts given in the previous post, and most of the story written out, it is - alas - hand written. Because, as I have stated before, I am a slackass. So, I apologize JKP. Your b-day story will be late.

October 19th, 2007

Friday Chat

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Traditionally, Friday Night is Cipher Chat night. I don't know who will all be on, but I will log on at around 5ish (central) and I hope to eventually "see" some of you there!

For those of you who are not members of Cipher... please... make an account and join us for chat. I promise you a touch of insanity and humor for a little while, and it is a great way to get to know the members of the Forum! (heh... without having to read the babble that we have accumulated over time. *grin*)

October 16th, 2007

Cipher Birthdays

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For the Friends of Cipher's October Birthdays, there have been prompts and ficlets posted in the Forum under the Festival hall

[info]anaquana received two darling ficlets from [info]roma_fics and scully (I was a slack-ass, and often as I told myself "better late than never" I just didn't seem to follow through. I am such a Bad Ky. I should be beaten with a wet noodle... actually, I did that while preparing my lunch, but that is better left for a post in one of my favorite threads, Not the Brightest Bulb)

However, hopefully, I will be a Good Ky with the prompts given for JKP's b-day fics. (Excuse me, better known in this community as the lovely [info]shalanar!)

For her birthday, [info]shalanar has asked for the following:

1. Fandom... or Um... original fandom
2. Ship, if any, Lucius/Severus
3. Prompt words, or scenario, "Did you really think you could get away with it?", "Yes, Master", and.... um... chains.

Of course, I could have just made this simple, and posted the link to the October Birthday thread, which can be found here, but where's the fun in that. *grin* 

Welcome to the World Across the River

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For those of you that don't know, Cipher is a fanfiction archive that focuses heavily on Harry Potter, but also adores seeing other fandoms grace its loving walls. It carries a variety of styles and stories, but they all have one thing in common: quality. It is a validated site, which tries to insure that the highest of standards are met in the acceptance and publication of the posted fiction. Furthermore, it is one of the few archive sites that carries stores that are either gen or of any ship, be they slash or het. This is extremely rare in a validated site.

The forum has many FAQS and Guidelines to help achieve progress in writing fanfiction, as well as original fiction, or simply allows you to play amongst other writers who appreciate the written word as much as most authors do.

Of course, if you read either the Cipher intro, or the asylum user info, you would know all this. So, really, I am being redundant. I simply wanted to say hello, and welcome to the loony bin, where you can find the news updates to some of the best fiction on the net. *grin*
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