March 18th, 2009

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[Fic] Going Back Someday (Yamamoto/Gokudera)

Branch presents:

Going Back Someday

Genre: Drama, Romance, Porn
Rating: R for sex
Pairing/Characters: Yamamoto/Gokudera
Word Count: 1345

Summary: Fourth in the Saving Nickles, Saving Dimes arc. Yamamoto comes to visit Gokudera and they navigate around their trust and need for each other–indirectly as always.

"Takeshi?" He blinked, hands full of his front door and his math textbook, neither free to adjust his reading glasses the way he felt a momentary need to.

"Hey." Takeshi leaned in the doorway, grinning. "Thought it was about time I stopped in for a visit."

After over a month away. Hayato sniffed, but stood aside for him. "I suppose you might as well come in, yes."