Oct. 30th, 2009


Date/ Time: Tuesday, 29 June 1943/ around 1100 hours
Who: Captain Doubletree and Delilah Domont
Where: Outside the Administration RAF offices


Oct. 15th, 2009


Date/ Time: Saturday, 3 July 1943 / around 0800 hours
Who: Captain Doubletree and Darla King
Where: Swallow Churchgate Hotel


Sep. 22nd, 2009


Week 02 - "Maintenance and Management"

Sep. 12th, 2009



Date/ Time: 26 June 1943, 7 PM to whenever the last man stumbles out in the wee small hours of the morning
Who: OPEN - Enlisted, Officers, Nurses, Townspeople
Where: Budworth Hall, Welcome Dance thrown for the Americans by the Women's Committee of Chipping-Ongar

Welcome to your new home, Chipping-Ongar! We, the locals of the town of Ongar, open the doors of our beloved Budworth Hall for the first of hopefully many dances for your entertainment. We're so proud of your heroism and wish you all the best, and do know that in these hard times so far from your own homes, Ongar will fill that void as best as we all can.

Tonight we have a band all the way from London playing for you, Max Pennworth and His Orchestra, with their lovely singer Betty Cartwright. Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Gibb have put out a nice spread of sandwiches and canapes for you all, and we hope you enjoy yourselves!


Sep. 4th, 2009


Date/ Time: 25 June 1943
Who: Open
Where: Chipping Ongar base and RAF Office

It was to loud )

Sep. 2nd, 2009


Week 01 - "Where Are the Bombs? Let's Go to War!"

Aug. 8th, 2009



We've mobilized and shipped over here to Insanejournal!

Reinforcements and supplies are on their way. Is your hat in the ring, soldier?