Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Minimee GO for Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth

I really have no intentions of me and j being on this crazy turnabout merry-go-round all on our lonesome.

If you are in need of some hot resin lawyers, please go over to DoA and join in on my Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth minimee order.

Honestly, if we can't round up enough people, we'll bite the bullet and order them ourselves. But it would be really nice if we can round up enough people. Since I'm very fond of both my kidneys.


I'm still researching the process, but if we max out the order to 10 per head, they should run about $99 each.
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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

NY Dollpa Theft

I'm sure most doll people have heard about this already, but I do feel obliged to spread the word.

Seven valuable one-off dolls were stolen from the Volks display at the NY Dollpa over the past weekend. Please keep an eye out for these dolls turning up on Ebay or elsewhere. Not only does this theft reflect badly on western doll collectors, it discourages more Dollpa-like events in the US when BJD fans have worked so hard to get more support for the hobby here.

Please spread the word to doll fans who may not frequent DoA or other sites, to be on the lookout for these dolls, especially their heads, wigs, or costumes which may be divided and sold seperately.

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