Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Doll Photo of the Day #1 - Moth


Welcome to the Doll Photo of the Day! Hopefully I'll be posting a doll picture every day, though it may be dodgy on weekends. I realized, gathering pictures for the website (still not up :p) that the pictures I have are really uneven, both in quality and in which dolls have shots. And this way, I can lavish some attention on one doll at a time, and share information about each one. Considering our number of dolls, it'll be two weeks before we hit repeats! We're starting this off with our smallest doll, Moth.

Moth is a Dollmore Elf Elly White Banji Boy. He was purchased in January 2006, and he has his original default eyes and faceup. At just under six inches high, Moth is our smallest doll. Even though we have the replacement knee parts dollmore made for him, we've never put them in. He's simply too daunting to restring!

Moth's real name is Parvanah, which means "moth" in Persian. He is a Djinn, and he belongs to Nicodemus. Nicodemus is very fond of his little servant and never makes him stay in his bottle. When Nicodemus (at the time ensorseled into the form of a bespectacled cat) realized that Moth's powers could not return him to his true form, Nicodemus instead wished for Moth to stay with him as a helper. (There's a lot you can't do when you have paws instead of thumbs.) Moth is a very young Djinn, being only a few thousand years old. He is absolutely devoted to Nicodemus and does all he can to please him. However, his eagerness sometimes gets him into trouble. He also is a bit mischievous as well and likes to play tricks. He dislikes wearing clothes, but does so because of Nicodemus' sense of propriety. He's much happier running around in a thistle-down loincloth.

Moth was our fifth doll.

Thanks for checking out the doll of the day! ^_^
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