Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Heartstrings & Valentines [Janus & Ilium, 18 pics]


Heartstrings & Valentines
Janus & Ilium
NWS for minor silly sauciness!

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Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Ilium in the snow

I picked a bad time to start the doll pic of the day, as the holidays derailed me. :p I have tons of things I ought to do pictures of, like the fantastic new kitchen Diderot got for Christmas, and the contents of our Wicked Stitchery bags.

For a start, Ilium wound up with a t-shirt, hoodie, and scarf & cap set (though the cap's a bit big on his pin-head), and today I sat on our front stoop in the fresh snow taking pictures of him until my fingertips went numb. Which happened very fast. I know he needs new eyes and his body isn't one of the fancy-pantsy new DoD ones, but damn I love this boy.

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Although, speaking of new DoTs, that Code 02 guy of theirs certainly fits the bill for Verlaine, an H&H character we came up with as a joke only to have DoD release the perfect shell for him like the next day. :p phew.

He'll have to get in line behind that little Illusion Spirit boy I want, though, the one that goes with the pretty thing that J got for Christmas. More about him (and pictures) will pop up once we manage to get him the proper wig. :D I'm really impressed with Ringdoll's product, I just wish they'd wrapped him better so his eyelashes didn't get crushed. And Denverdoll should have posted his wig size! Because the ones we got were way too big. Just as well Amandine looks great in lavender hair. :p
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Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Doll Photo of the Day #6 - Ilium


Ilium is a Dream of Doll Sha, and he arrived to us in April of 2006.

Ilium was the first doll who had a separate storyline from Diderot & Co. He was purchased as a compromise, actually. We both loved the DoTs when they were introduced in late 2005, and even went so far as to design characters and a storyline for a Shall and a Lahoo, a story we called Highwater and Holtsclaw. But after being in the hobby for not even a year and already having four dolls, we really couldn't lay out $1200 for a pair of DoTs. When DoD introduced Sha a few months later (having the Shall head on a boy body) we knew he was the perfect compromise. Instead of getting the characters of Nikolin Holtsclaw and Tzeitel Highwater, we got their son, Ilium Holtswater, and adjusted the story accordingly.

When Ilium arrived, his resin was amazingly pink, his lips dreadfully orange, and he clashed with his default wig something fierce. He also had hardly any clothes. We had ordered a pair of jeans for him from Wicked Stitchery, and because Brandon was delayed in sending them out, he very kindly included a skull-print batik shirt as a gift. It was a great shirt but we thought Ilium, a prissy little priest, would never wear it. But in spite of our plans, Ilium had his own ideas. He chose a brown wig rather than white, he watched Advent Children far too many times, and when we weren't looking he fell in love with Janus. Eventually he even got his lips repainted, and it turns out he's the sort of guy to wear a batik-print skully shirt after all. Along with semi-automatic weapons and his father's motorcycle goggles.

...I don't know what they're teaching them in seminary these days.

The suit he's currently wearing belongs to our un-bodied Edgeworth minimee, and will someday be dyed magenta. It's Guessdoll, by the way, fabulous quality for the price, and fits DoTs like a dream. Protip. ^_~

Ilium has suffered the only real doll damage we've ever had to face (*touch wood*), and as a result, he has replacement hands. The new DoT resin has a different tooth to it, but it's mellowed and matches his old resin perfectly.

Ilium was our sixth doll.
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Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Mountains Photos, Part two!

Moar pictures! Lots of them, and big ones.

Nikolin, Tzeitel, Ilium, and Zuzu. ♥

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Monday, March 30th, 2009

Tzeitel is here!

Our exhausting, 105-day wait for Tzeitel culminated today in an unexpected package notice, a post-office scramble, and the arrival of a doll we didn't even know had shipped. O_O I had gotten some craptastic news on a more creative/jobthing front today, so her sudden, unexpected arrival was just the thing to cheer me up, and take my focus away from unpleasant other things.

That and the fact that she is a stone. fox.

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Saturday, March 28th, 2009

[photostory] Waiting for Her

We ordered a DoD Shall on December 16th. To spare you the math, that was 103 days ago. Fifteen weeks. DoD said last week that they would send her; they still haven't. We're not the only ones getting impatient.

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Saturday, February 28th, 2009

sewing day!

Doll companies! Never again shall I be held under your dark thrall! For behold, behold, I have made pants!

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Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Halloween Pics and Rectory set again!

I didn't get a lot of pictures of the dolls in their Halloween getups, but there are a few. ^_^ We live in a historic downtown area that gets a hell of a lot of foot traffic for Trick or Treating, but we don't have a lot of space to store decorations so we never get to do up the front of the house as much as we'd like. (really the block goes nuts. It's like a block party.) So this year I decided to do up all the dolls in fancy dress and put them in our window for everybody to see as they stopped by for candy. The kids didn't much care; they were overstimulated already and only hoping for more candy. :p But the responses of the adults were awesome. ^_^

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Monday, July 7th, 2008

[NSFW] Janus & Ilium - Sepia Kisses


NSFW! Janus & Ilium, 20 shots, unscripted.

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Sunday, March 9th, 2008


Ilium took a tumble this weekend. ;_; The cats are in disgrace and DOD is, of course, out of stock.

can anybody out there lend this boy a hand?

I think actually he liked having the bandaged hand with the broken fingers better, because it made him look all tough and badass. Now I put on one of his spares and he's sitting around pinky-swearing at people all the time. Or as he says: \m/

....stupid cats.

I've never had any of them break anything before, and I guess, all things considered, Ilium's fingers are the easiest to replace, or maybe Nico's. Hounds are phasing out of production, and as for getting anything from angel region now, much less in the crystal rose white resin, there's no way. So we're lucky in that regard. Ilium didn't even fall that far, he just slid off his couch and onto the floor, maybe two feet, tops.

but then, Janus did kind of land on top of him. I'll probably glue him in the meantime, but that's not really very sturdy.


my baby is broken. I feel like such a bad doll mom. ;_;
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Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

H&H Episode 2


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also on DoA here:
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Monday, January 7th, 2008

Photostory: Highwater & Holtsclaw - Episode 1


Highwater & Holtsclaw

episode 1
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also on DoA:

EDITEDIT: images have been moved to the comments to avoid killing people on the LJ feed. ^__^
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