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Mountains Photos, Part two! [29 Jul 2009|07:36pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Moar pictures! Lots of them, and big ones.

Nikolin, Tzeitel, Ilium, and Zuzu. ♥

family photos )

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Mountain Photos - part 1 [29 Jul 2009|07:21pm]

[ mood | full ]

I know, I haven't darkened the door here in ages. All my doll-energies have been focused on doing the Minimee Order for Edgeworth and Phoenix, and it hasn't left me much time for actual dolls. :p But I did take a bunch of pictures on our trip to the mountains last month, and I've finally gotten them uploaded. :p we didn't take everybody, just the H&H family (including Janus) and Valentine and Triska because I grabbed them at the last moment.

I look forward to more pictures, and maybe *gasp* photostories in the future! I just got a sweet tripod for my birthday and I can't wait to work with it. I'm hoping for a new camera in the coming months, too. *crosses fingers*

There's a crapton of large photos under the cut here.

So, without further ado:

Janus, Valentine, & Triska )

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Tzeitel is here! [30 Mar 2009|09:51pm]

[ mood | relieved ]

Our exhausting, 105-day wait for Tzeitel culminated today in an unexpected package notice, a post-office scramble, and the arrival of a doll we didn't even know had shipped. O_O I had gotten some craptastic news on a more creative/jobthing front today, so her sudden, unexpected arrival was just the thing to cheer me up, and take my focus away from unpleasant other things.

That and the fact that she is a stone. fox.

12 pictures! )

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[photostory] Waiting for Her [28 Mar 2009|04:15pm]

[ mood | restless ]

We ordered a DoD Shall on December 16th. To spare you the math, that was 103 days ago. Fifteen weeks. DoD said last week that they would send her; they still haven't. We're not the only ones getting impatient.

+12 pics )

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Minimee GO for Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth [19 Mar 2009|10:42pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

I really have no intentions of me and j being on this crazy turnabout merry-go-round all on our lonesome.

If you are in need of some hot resin lawyers, please go over to DoA and join in on my Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth minimee order.

Honestly, if we can't round up enough people, we'll bite the bullet and order them ourselves. But it would be really nice if we can round up enough people. Since I'm very fond of both my kidneys.


I'm still researching the process, but if we max out the order to 10 per head, they should run about $99 each.

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[gallery] Streams of Time [08 Mar 2009|10:05pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Nicodemus' boots and new wig arrived on Saturday, so I finally had to finish sewing his clothes and take him out for a shoot. I love his boots, but he can't stand in them worth crap. I think he's protesting because he wants Tzeitel's high heel fetishista boots back.

action librarian in action! +14 shots, in color )

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sewing day! [28 Feb 2009|06:58pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Doll companies! Never again shall I be held under your dark thrall! For behold, behold, I have made pants!

and I've taken crappy pictures of 'em, too. )

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Precious & Fragile Things [21 Feb 2009|07:11pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Last Friday (the 13th) we purchased a Pride of Joker Ren from a user on DoA. The doll has had a really rough life, and had been mistreated a lot before getting to his last owner. As a result, we were able to purchase him for a really low price, and our seller was absolutely super to work with and so glad to find him a good home. Thank you so much! :D

PoJ Ren is one of our dream dolls, since he sold out shortly before we heard about angelregion. This one no longer had his orginal faceup, and we were braced for him to need a lot of work. Our seller cleaned him up and mended his clothes and overall did a wonderful job getting him to us safe, but the rest was up to us.

Here then, is his arrival, his before and after, and the introduction of our perfect Valentine.

need special handling )

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Heaps of Dolls for January! [21 Jan 2009|06:34pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Sorry for the long absence, holidays make for limited posting time, though it was filled with a wonderful array of resin. We not only had it come to visit us (some longer than others, I still have three heads waiting for paint), but some of it came home to stay.

There's four cut texts here, but I'm warning you now, there's a massive ton of pictures in this post. It may take a while to load. You might want to make a sandwich, or perhaps learn Sanskrit. Also, I am a perfectionist, my camera and bedroom lighting is more of an avant garde collective. Rarely do we agree on the outcome of our collaborations. The greenish yellow color shift is not indicative of resin color, just of the fact that I should only shoot pictures outside, in the sunshine.

first, we were visited by a resin rock band!, the OTHER resin rock band. )

also, I painted some heads. )

shortly after our guests left, we had some new arrivals! )

and here are some arty body shots that may not be work-safe. )

In other news, the old doll site is no longer and all the pictures are down. We're working on a new one!

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Halloween Pics and Rectory set again! [18 Nov 2008|08:35pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

I didn't get a lot of pictures of the dolls in their Halloween getups, but there are a few. ^_^ We live in a historic downtown area that gets a hell of a lot of foot traffic for Trick or Treating, but we don't have a lot of space to store decorations so we never get to do up the front of the house as much as we'd like. (really the block goes nuts. It's like a block party.) So this year I decided to do up all the dolls in fancy dress and put them in our window for everybody to see as they stopped by for candy. The kids didn't much care; they were overstimulated already and only hoping for more candy. :p But the responses of the adults were awesome. ^_^

miscellany pics! )

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Introducing Zubenel! [16 Nov 2008|05:10pm]

[ mood | ditzy ]

We've been doing a lot with the dolls over here, but sadly, not a lot of photography has been going on! Or rather, I've been taking pictures, but none of them have come out too well. Nevertheless, in the poll I did there was a request for some introductions! While Nikolin (usually Nick, not to be confused with Nicodemus, who is Nico, sheesh) was introduced in the last episode of Highwater & Holtsclaw, nobody really knows about Zuzu except for those who helped make him a reality.

I'd planned to just have him appear in good time in H&H, without explanation, but with the speed I'm going on that it'd take forever. (I have the next episode photographed--it was done in July, and I've never gotten around to the scripting. sad.) And that's not really fair to little Zuzu. I mean, he's been here since late august, and no pictures shared! which is too bad, because he's so cute. If perhaps a little shy.

NB: we haven't seen the sun here in two weeks. ;_; So these are really dark since my unnatural lighting is limited. Also, I don't usually do the talking in any photostory, because I'm happy with the dolls inhabiting their own private universe, but that's hard to do in intro posts. ^^; thirdly, odd though he is, Zuzu is the only doll we have who is actually a child, so that's something I can't help playing with.

Zubenel! 13 pics )

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[gallery] Like Birds in a Gilded Cage [22 Oct 2008|07:48pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]

this shoot has 21 pics, as I'm gallery-shooting three dolls at once. But, in order to not kill your computer, some alternate shots and set photos are just listed as links.

still singing. +13 pics )

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A poll! [20 Oct 2008|09:05am]

[ mood | curious ]

Now that the summer bustle is over and I think I might have a little doll time to squeeze in, I'm curious about what people like to see here. Of course, I'm going to always post what I most enjoy posting or what I can manage to do between bouts of real life! But, I'd like to know what you like to see when you come here. I have a lofty goal of posting something every weekend, but we'll have to see if that's even possible. ^^;


Child of Glass poll! )

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[pics] A sharp-dressed hound [18 Oct 2008|05:56pm]


I have been meaning, for the past several weeks, to do a solo gallery shoot for Janus. He's been looking extra dapper in his suit (now that he has a proper tie) and I love to show him off. Especially now that hounds (and all dollshe sculpts) have become rare creatures; when we got Janus it seemed like hounds were as common as peanuts. Well, expensive peanuts. We got Janus second-hand. He had been ordered by his first owner with the works from Tensiya, fully sanded and faceuped, but he arrived to us with not much to his name and we spent a long time trying to gather up the parts of his standard dress that had not been sold with him (the chain pants, the white lace shirt, the necklace).

His arrival date to us was October 5, 2005. It was two years before I got the nerve to redo his faceup. He's always been priceless to us, but now, he really is. We're so lucky to have this doll: the mysterious, quiet, content Uncle Drosselmeyer of our little resin group.

+15 )
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Doll find! MSD sized sweaters at Cracker Barrel [04 Oct 2008|08:50pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

Naturally, because it's a month from Halloween, Cracker Barrel has its Christmas wares on sale already. We were on a road trip last week and picked up a little MSD-sized sweater on an hanger, which was posing as a tree ornament. But really, we knew it was just what Arouet had been looking for to get through the chilly months ahead.

+1 more pic! )

The hanger is also doll-sized, and the sweater was attached with two stitches that were easy to remove. There is no back opening on the sweater, and the neck hole is small, but after stretching it with my fingers I manged to get it over Arouet's melon-head without any trouble. The sweater fits like a charm. There was one other style: the same green but with a white reindeer pattern. Other stores may have other styles-- let me know if you turn up any others! I'd love a red one for Bellamy.

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[photoshoot] Nicodemus & nature [13 Aug 2008|11:29am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Nicodemus in the mountains, ten shots total. I didn't get a chance to post these earlier, but here they are now. ^_^ He got a cleaning and a restringing while we were there, and is now not quite so floppy. I had never really gotten a chance to spend time working with just him before, and it was a lot of fun to get to 'know' him, as it were. I'm afraid his beauty suffers under my crappy camera, but before too long I hope to have a new one. :3

this is the forest primeval: +9 shots )

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Highwater & Holtsclaw - Episode 3 [04 Aug 2008|09:53pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

chapter 1::chapter 2

Images are large. Please give them time to load. Also it's been a long time since I did these, so I basically had to relearn everything. There may be some discrepancies with text size, etc. I hope they don't detract from the story. In the works is a webcomic-style page which will make it easier to read the episodes in order. Also, that splash page image is not Ilium. :D :D :D

+7 )

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[NSFW] Janus & Ilium - Sepia Kisses [07 Jul 2008|10:55pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

NSFW! Janus & Ilium, 20 shots, unscripted.

+19 )

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NY Dollpa Theft [11 Jun 2008|11:53am]

[ mood | disappointed ]

I'm sure most doll people have heard about this already, but I do feel obliged to spread the word.

Seven valuable one-off dolls were stolen from the Volks display at the NY Dollpa over the past weekend. Please keep an eye out for these dolls turning up on Ebay or elsewhere. Not only does this theft reflect badly on western doll collectors, it discourages more Dollpa-like events in the US when BJD fans have worked so hard to get more support for the hobby here.

Please spread the word to doll fans who may not frequent DoA or other sites, to be on the lookout for these dolls, especially their heads, wigs, or costumes which may be divided and sold seperately.


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Steampunkery - Amandine & Arouet [06 Apr 2008|07:27pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

We thought the kids could do with a style overhaul, and this is just what turned up out of the drawers. Amandine and Arouet have taken to sky piracy like ducks to chinese pancakes; we might not ever get them back.

They might even have some company before long.

+7 more & 1 in color )

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