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Doll Photo of the Day #4 - Issachar [21 Oct 2009|07:45pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Issachar Fado is a Resin Soul Song, and he was purchased as a Christmas present last year. Because of their really affordable prices, [info]eider and I were each able to get a doll "of our own" at the same time. (All our other dolls are pretty much shared ownership and we come up with their stories together.) He's also our first (and only so far!) tan doll. which is a shame, because I adore tan dolls!

Issachar is my homage to Link from Legend of Zelda, though you can't really tell! He does have dark Link's coloring, though. ^_^ His last name, Fado, is the name of one of the two sages in Wind-Waker, and his eyes are Link-green. I love the RS boy sculpt and though I know the curved hands are subject to much contention, I think they're perfect for his sword.

Issachar and Vltava have a story separate from any of the other dolls. It is a fairy-tale about a lost river spirit and the elf-boy who finds her, and of their journeys together.

...Now in this same forest, there was a boy. He was an elf-child, or so he had been told by the old widow who he had called his grandmother. But she was no flesh-kin of his. She had found him, a crying infant alone, tucked into the hollow of a lightning-sundered oak tree. In the tree's bows there hung a sword, and a tasseled flute, but no note or message from whatever poor souls had abandoned their wailing infant in a tree-cradle. The old woman took him home, and called him Issachar, after a boy in a song she had loved as a child, and Fado, for the sound the tree had made in the wind.

Issachar Fado grew up at the same speed as all children, and it was quick in his grandmother's eyes. He was a sturdy, serious boy, and very helpful around his grandmother's cottage. But sometimes, in the spring and the fall especially, Issachar would stop and listen to the wind for hours on end, staring at the blue sky as if there was a story in it he longed to read. As he grew older, it was harder and harder for him to turn his face from the sky, though he had no wish to trouble his grandmother and did not speak of it to her. But she knew, all the same, and on the fifteenth anniversary of the day she found him, she gave him the flute, and the sword, and told him to follow the wind to his fortune. In his belt she packed him good things to eat and the few coins she had, and after a tearful farewell, Issachar set off on his journey.


Issachar was our twelfth doll. In this shot he is wearing a DoD wig, and Dollmore acrylic eyes in 14mm. Someday, I'd like to get a blue mer-boy Jun to join their fairy-tale. ♥
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