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Doll Photo of the Day #2 - Arouet [19 Oct 2009|07:29pm]
[ mood | good ]

Tonight's doll photo is Arouet! Interrupting the studio shots for this one. It was a gorgeous evening so we went out for a walk, and Arouet came along.

Arouet is an Angel Region Present Jade Version one. (Link is to basic version)

Arouet belonged to two different people before he came to us. In his original incarnation, he was a little fire spirit that I adored to pieces. When his owner sold him I was heartbroken because I couldn't afford him at the time. As luck would have it, he was bought by a good dolly friend, so I got to stalk him a little more. When she in turn was ready to sell him, we were able to sell Amandine's original body for part of the cost and pay off the rest. (Leading to the saying that poor Amandine had to sell her body to get a boyfriend. :p) Arouet was the first doll I ever did a faceup on. The version he has now is his second one. The full story (minus photos) is here.

Arouet is Bellamy's human twin brother, who his mother carried back to the mortal world. He was raised in France in the mid-eighteenth century, until a random loop in time flung him out of danger and on to Diderot's doorstep. His relationship with Bellamy is still a little rocky, but he gets on very well with Diderot and someday hopes to ask Diderot for permission to marry Amandine. He wants to find out more about his past (and make sure he's staying put) before he does that, though. He's adapted well to living in the future, but he can't quite get used to the music.

Arouet was our seventh doll. He arrived in August of 2006.

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