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Doll find! MSD sized sweaters at Cracker Barrel [04 Oct 2008|08:50pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Naturally, because it's a month from Halloween, Cracker Barrel has its Christmas wares on sale already. We were on a road trip last week and picked up a little MSD-sized sweater on an hanger, which was posing as a tree ornament. But really, we knew it was just what Arouet had been looking for to get through the chilly months ahead.

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The hanger is also doll-sized, and the sweater was attached with two stitches that were easy to remove. There is no back opening on the sweater, and the neck hole is small, but after stretching it with my fingers I manged to get it over Arouet's melon-head without any trouble. The sweater fits like a charm. There was one other style: the same green but with a white reindeer pattern. Other stores may have other styles-- let me know if you turn up any others! I'd love a red one for Bellamy.

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