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Supersize it [17 Oct 2009|07:49pm]

Oye off hiatus and ready to jam again, let's go.
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Time to breath [27 Aug 2009|11:20pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Its needed so I'm gonna retrack alot of the story I got with Alice to get back into my groove for writing more for him. He needs a more wild life and I need that to show before I can have him settle in any relationship. Since he's a celeb he'll need to know more of the famous ones. That and I gotta see where I want him to go really. So with that said sorry for any craziness let's try this one more time. New Story line in effect now with Alice thanks.

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[30 Jul 2009|06:42pm]

For those of you who are still homeless: [info]dachi is awesome. COME JOIN US!
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[30 Jul 2009|05:06am]

--> EDIT: Shows how much I know... <--

I need to leave this storyline. As much as I absolutely love Marissa with a good portion of my heart, I was left high and dry by the partners I joined the storyline with, which killed a great deal of what my character brought to the party. I haven't had a chance to really play with anyone in the storyline. I please ask that Marissa be removed.

If anyone is interested or concerned, Marissa is a permanent resident of Chicago and is available for scenes. I play via instant message, and I will be using this journal to keep track of this character. Thanks very much.
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[30 Jul 2009|02:08am]

For all of you guys that still might be lurking these parts, we'd love to see you over at [info]ravenswood, which will be opening to the public soon. Feel free to comment on the taken/held list to get your PB in and get your hold!
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[28 Jul 2009|05:29pm]


In case you want that Remove-All Friends Button you can click here.

Those of you going to other communities are free to utilize our codes, tables, lists, images, etc., etc., but can you please retire the grainy little blah-colored icon featured here:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Haha, thank you!!! I know you're all fighting over it.

What else? OH! If the new mods want to contact me somehow later (I am not sure who you are for the new comms) I wanted to chat with y'all a bit. No urgency!

If anyone is interested in posting some amazing memories or storyline plots from your time at [info]macvarish I had something in mind I want to create for everyone, so please toss those things my way either here, the Drop Box (still open) or a PM. Images of your OTP's, memories (funny, BAD, OOC, IC, whatever), your favorite secrets, etc. I'd like to make, like, a little scrapbook thing.

That's it! Happy rp'ing!
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fyi everyone [28 Jul 2009|05:25pm]

From [info]squeaky: Our hosting company is experiencing a DDoS attack right now. This is causing some people to not be able to resolve in their browsers. This is not affecting all users. We are working with the hosting company to resolve this as soon as possible.

DDoS Attack (since I had to Google it) --
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[27 Jul 2009|09:20pm]

OKAY, SO. Yet another one is opening, [info]dachi. Everyone in Macvarish has been placed on the holds list for one week, so if you want to come over, then please do! ♥
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[27 Jul 2009|07:58pm]

[info]bigchicken is a city community based in Atlanta, Ga.
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[26 Jul 2009|11:41am]

Lately since Tuesday,I've been having internet issues at night , 8pm (CST) until about morning at 7 or 8am in morning. Dunno what the cause of it is. But I know people had to have noticed the constant signing on & off.  I'm hoping that my dad will call them up sometime today so that it can be fixed! Because believe me,it's irritating me that I can't do anything past 8pm on the internet (Including rping.)

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[25 Jul 2009|09:04pm]

Remove [info]meece & [info]capricia thanks.
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[22 Jul 2009|11:11am]

And you know what time it is....  )
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[18 Jul 2009|05:34pm]

[ mood | good ]

Hey guys! If any of you are actually interested in doing a group RP for Emma's grand opening of La Trattoria, let me know and I'll put up a thread. I'll be around tonight like 9:30ish Eastern time, so if I see that a few of you actually want to play this out, I'll put something up. Thanks! :)

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[15 Jul 2009|10:55pm]

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm going to be disappearing on yet another hiatus come this Friday (July 17th). I'm going to be flying out to the beautiful San Diego, California for my vacation (and Comic Con) and will be gone until July 28th. I will be taking my laptop with me, and my hotel does have wifi so I hopefully won't be completely gone.

However any plot lines/replies are bound to be slow (even this week they've been slow due to preparing for the trip, and for that I apologize) since I don't know how often I can get online. After this, though, everything in my life should calm down and I should be back to my normal role-playing ways!

I ♥ you all!

-RD ([info]drgideonchase&[info]jack_holden)
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[15 Jul 2009|11:32am]

Hi guys!

So, I'm pretty sure (application pending) that I'm bringing Daxx here. He's a 37 year old Long Island native who moved to Chicago to complete his residency and then just sort of .. lived here. So, he's been here for about 8 years. His bio is open but he could use all sorts of love. Friends, poker buddies (for epic weekly scenes, come on .. you know you want too), the cute nurse at his practice who provokes him, whatever. I'd be open to filling lines too, so if he could possibly do that, let me know! His screen name is daxx all folks but probably commenting this post is the best way to work stuff out! Look forward to playing with you all!
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[10 Jul 2009|05:21pm]

So my parents are dragging me off to North Carolina and Tennessee starting on Monday. I have no idea how long we're going to be gone, sadly. It's possible we're going to drive around until we start killing each other. Oh roadtrips with your parents when you're almost 30, fun times. Considering we're going to be in the car most of the time, I'll be generally not around except for whenever we stop for the evening (wifi permitting).

If you guys need me, best bet is to email me cause I can at least get those from my phone. And if anyone wants to thread/log/whatever with Felicity, Dylan, Cadence or Whitney I'll be around most of the weekend anyways.
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[10 Jul 2009|11:16am]

Hey guys. Does anyone know of any journal communities where I can find a Katharine McPhee mood theme? I generally suck at finding stuff, so I need some help. Thanks!
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[09 Jul 2009|12:25am]

I'd like to apologize in advance for this upcoming weekend. I'm going to be extremely slow in tagging, as my brother gets married Saturday and I'll have family coming in as early as tomorrow (meaning I have to entertain people x__x). So I'm sorry to all those I'm logging with! I will hopefully still churn out some tags, just at a much slower rate than usual.

Once Sunday rolls around I should be back to tagging quicker.

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[09 Jul 2009|12:05am]

With Mitch out, so is Megan. Thanks for having me, peace out.
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[09 Jul 2009|01:04am]

it's been fun but please remove JC
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