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[06 Jul 2022|01:02pm]

Just gauging interest for now but would there be any general interest in a mostly sol A/B/O gpsl?
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[27 Jun 2022|01:10pm]

Femme/futa college and college town gpsl. Lots of plans for plot and smut. Want a connection coming in? Check out our wanted lines or post to [info]endowedlines if none of those quite fit.
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[20 Jun 2022|01:05pm]

Looking for a femme against this Michelle Pfeiffer futa at [info]endowedmod for a dramatic and plotty line. Open on pbs but looking for 30+.
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[18 Jun 2022|03:30pm]

[info]endowedmod Hospital staff, friends and past sorority connections for this redheaded Famke Janssen pb? Non sexually, looking for her children and a brunette Famke for a twin.
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[18 Jun 2022|03:17pm]

[info]endowedmod Sorority sisters, littles and others for this grad student pbed by Tessa Thompson? Also maybe someone she's been casually fucking for a while for a deeper connection to form?
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[18 Jun 2022|01:15pm]

[info]endowedmod Looking for another three to four people for her Ocean's 8 style female criminal gang, more details on request.
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[31 May 2022|12:10pm]

[info]endowedmod Girls who dance at her strip club, and legit dance students? Also of course, Lili Reinhart as one of her daughters?
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[31 May 2022|12:04pm]

A ginger Emma pb for something specific at [info]endowedmod?
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[31 May 2022|10:41am]

Femme/futa college and college town set gpsl. Holds open.
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[24 May 2022|10:23am]

If I were to bring this game back - either with this journal or a new one with the same concepts - would there be any interest? Please comment here or in the dropbox and let me know.
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[22 May 2022|09:42pm]

Customs and more for Jeri Ryan? Journals only.
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[16 May 2022|12:05pm]

Check the journal - femme and futa lines for a Monica Bellucci pb. Open to other ideas as well.
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[14 May 2022|11:22pm]

Small femme and futa gpsl set around the world's hottest female rock band. Join [info]streetwalkerooc to discuss and plan lines.
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[09 May 2022|02:08pm]

I know it's hard to get anything going these days but I miss femme places and want to make a small group, journal and maybe (if I can get some help on that) discord based but optional on discord because I've never really done that. But would anyone be interested in brainstorming with me and possibly helping with discord setting up? PB at this point but I could be swayed to (HP) fandom if there was enough interest.
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[09 May 2022|01:44pm]

New incest game, open for holds. Game opens at 6 apps.
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[23 Apr 2022|05:14pm]

New incest game, open for holds. Game opens at 6 apps or 4/30.
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[20 Mar 2022|10:19pm]

I would love to find a potential female dating app match or blind date for this this girl in a supernatural game. Bri here is a Water Elemental Witch (who is also half-Fae), you can read more about her right here.

I don't want to put pressure on either of us as writers. Just a simple start off on a date and go from there. Let the characters develop organically in whichever way they end up.
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[19 Mar 2022|04:47pm]

[info]proximity Looking for her missing major connection, her roommate Character F, open to discussing them being more than roommates (though you'd likely have to discuss that with F's other connection who they are dating). Also looking for a couple of her cheerleading squad who are fwbs, maybe more squad members who are less serious sexually but still have been with her. Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch, Lucy Hale and Vanessa Morgan pbs to the front of the line but absolutely open to non cliche as well. Other connections also welcome!
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[21 Feb 2022|10:19am]

Looking for players interested in a historical au femme gpsl, possibly including futa. Comment here or on the screened post to be added to the discussion custom.
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[24 Jan 2022|06:08pm]

Poly-friendly pb gpsl set in New York state. Check journal for info. Open for holds.
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