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Who: PJ Halliwell
What: Meeting with adviser
Where: Pepperdine University campus
When: 8:00am; June 4 2029
Rating: PG
Status: Complete

There's no reason to run, although I may )

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Who: Bradley and someone from his past
Where: grocery store
When: Backdated to June 2nd, saturday afternoon
What: Bradley bumps into someone he knows...and likes.
Status/Rating: Close and incomplete/TBA

Bradley grumbled as he pushed the cart down the aisle. He hated shopping. Hated it! Hated it! Hated it! The stores were always so cold to the fire natured demon and house wives were crazy. Like the late twihard fan girl crazy. Especially when there was a sale. And lets not go into the smells.

He tried to plaster back on a pleasant smile but it was slowly waning. "How hard is it to find just plain canned tomatoes!?"

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Who: Paige and OTA
When: 10/12
Where: Paige and Henry Sr's place
What: Putting things away and being as lazy as possible
Status and Rating: In-progress/G
one lazy whitelighter )

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Phone call to Phoebe )

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And I've lost who I am And I can't understand [03/10/10]

Who: Ally and open
What: Grieving
Where: The Loft
When: Sunday
Status and Rating: Complete/ PG

Why my heart is so broken, Rejecting your )

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I need you to love me, and I [02/21/10]

[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | I Need You To Love Me-BarlowGirl ]

Who: Ally and Tyler
What: Reconnecting
Where: The beach
When: Friday
Status and Rating: incomplete/PG13 to NC17

I won't keep my heart from you this time )

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Who: Aaron and open
When: Friday lunch period
Where: High school
What: Lunch hour
Status and Rating: In-progress/PG
Just a few new rules for the class. )

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