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Ceara's Graduation (fic) [Jun. 22nd, 2008|09:58 pm]
Taking place during the Bea Winter's kidnapping thread.
Written by Ceara!Mun and Patrick!Mun

This Way to the Fic
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[May. 28th, 2008|10:13 pm]
[mood | drained]

Who: Galen and Open
Where: Hot Topic
When: Sometime after his argument with Val

Galen stood, staring at the rack of clothing with a blank for of expression. Truth was, he was high, the sad part was...he didn't seem to help his mood much. But it numbed the pain that made it hard to move, and he supposed that was enough for now. Besides, he'd only had a bunch of prescription drugs. Val said they'd get more coke later, maybe other stuff too. Acid would at least be fun. But until such time as he had such drugs in his hand, he made do with large amount of Valium, and drifted.

He couldn't remember if Val came with him or not, as he turned to look about the store. His sunglasses did little hide the bruise on his cheek, and he hadn't felt up to putting on makeup to hide it.

So he stood there, looking like a beaten puppy, waiting for someone who knew him to tell him where he was supposed to be.
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[May. 20th, 2008|12:57 am]
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Where: An undisclosed location
When: Tuesday
Who: Bea, KD, Peter, Bob, and others.

He sighed once as he dialed the number. Everything was prepared and this was the last step before he could wash his hands of this entire business. This was not exactly what he had signed up for, but at least he could ensure that it had a somewhat happy ending. He dialed the number for a special agent Kieran Dagny Townsend. He had a voice modulator to disguise his voice.

"Special Agent Townsend? I have a message for you."
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FYI [May. 6th, 2008|08:43 am]
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Where: An undisclosed location
When: Sunday

Macha rocked back and forth as she tried to count off the number of days she thought she been in here. If she was right, then her birthday was soon. Like tomorrow or today soon. She was sixteen now or almost now and she was supposed to be in a fancy restaurant, in a fancy dress eating dinner before going out to a teenager friendly dance club and then maybe, *maybe* if all her stars had aligned properly and they managed to find the time for it, she and Nick were going to have sex. For the first time in this body. They'd been on a handful of dates, but he was cute and charming and attentive and she was curious.

And all her plans had been shot to hell by the fact that she'd been stupid enough to be off her guard for a second and someone had kidnapped her. No, not just kidnapped her, but drugged her, and performed some sort of weird medical stuff on her. And that was just the nice stuff they'd done. The other stuff, the ordeals she guessed she could call them had been hard and painful. After her first round of those, they'd tossed her back in the Pit, as she liked to call it and she hurt so bad, she couldn't move, couldn't even really raise her head for anything.

That'd been the first night she cried.

She cried for the first time since finding out about Mom and Dad and the car crash.

Things had gotten marginally better. The food at least was halfway edible, though she wondered what they were spiking it with, because they had to be spiking it. It's what she might have done.

They also had to be taping her somehow so she had to be very careful on what she said and how she said it. She just wanted to go home. To be home with her aunt and sisters. Why weren't they here yet? Why hadn't they found her yet? Weren't they coming for her? She curled up into a small ball, whispering to herself. "Happy birthday to me."

"How's our latest subject doing?" The question came abruptly and the tech looked up startled. " She' fine, sir. I mean for being here that is. She's really coming along nicely. Endurance tests are being blown out of the water and our psych profile is almost complete." Commander O'Brien nodded, "Alright, she mention anything? Family, friends, any particular names we can run?"

The tech shook his head, " No sir, I mean we've gotten her to cry, gotten her to scream, but apart from that, she's been mostly silent."

"Curious," Kele noted, "So young too." He remarked absently. "Yes, sir, though we've figured out something interesting about her a few moments ago." The tech flipped some switches, "Just a few moments ago, she said something." Kele leaned close to the screen, "Have you figured out what it is yet?" The tech shrugged, "They're still analyzing it upstairs, sir, but it sounded awfully like happy birthday to me." Kele shot him a look, " Play it back slower this time." he instructed. The tech nodded and Kele managed to slowly read the subject's lips. "Looks like you're correct." he said, thoughts wheeling around in his mind, "Keep up the good work." The tech beamed, "Thank you, sir."

Kele left the building, hands jammed into the pockets of his pants as he walked to where his next meeting would be, trying to block out the mental images of red hair and those stare-through eyes.

Bea shivered as she managed to get a small amount of sleep before they came for her again.
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[May. 3rd, 2008|01:45 am]
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Who: Valentin
When: Friday after 7 p.m
Where: Outside the house he shares with Galen

Valentin hated modeling, but he wasn't very qualified for much else, and he had just enough international notoriety for simple things to become complicated in addiction to his refusal to do anything related to customer service.

He feared his father may attempt to make him return and work at the company if he did not occupy himself with something his father deemed useful while he was in the States. They weren't going to allow him to stay and just do nothing but shop and spend money on his boyfriend.

Valentin enrolled at George Washington University to appease his father, and had contacted a local modeling agency that could help him find work earlier that day.

One thing he was nervous about was passing the upcoming DMV test, he'd honestly never driven himself anywhere in his entire life and while he was sure he could pass the knowledge part of the test he was worried about the actual driving part. It was because he was so nervous that he convinced Mikko to help him practice in the lexus in their driveway.
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[Apr. 30th, 2008|11:53 am]
WHO: Susan and Bob
WHEN: Wednesday evening
WHERE: DC Metro, some station (Jag has the laze)

Susan would likely have been grateful that she wasn't the one being kidnapped, if she had known about all of the abducting that was going on lately. To be sure, she had heard about Star's kidnapping, although she had paid more attention to the hospitalization of David's father. She'd called the poor man but he'd seemed distracted, and they hadn't talked long.

Now, though, Jonah was out of the hospital. David sounded more relaxed the brief time they'd spoken on the phone that second time, and things seemed to be going so much better.

They even, although Bastet grumbled and Susan had the feeling that to even think such a thing was to tempt fate, seemed to be settling down in the godhood department, too. Now if she could only settle things down in her own department at the Smithsonian...
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[Apr. 30th, 2008|09:07 am]
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Who: Nick, Peter, Shiloh, Nick's parents
When: The morning after Bea's disappearance
Where: Nick's house and in transit

Ali, Marie, and Carole seemed to have come to some sort of truce regarding the kitchen, especially considering the number of people that needed to be fed this morning. Peter had barely slept, but coffee would fix that problem temporarily.

After they'd all eaten and showered, Peter glanced over at Nick. "You know, if you're going to camp out here for awhile, you might want to pick some things up. And I expect your parents would appreciate seeing you," he noted mildly. "Why don't I take you and Shiloh over, get you out of the house for a bit?"

Carole might appreciate that, too. Which he did not say aloud.
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[Apr. 23rd, 2008|10:27 am]
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Late Afternoon,
Wednesday, April 23rd 2008
Martin Luther King Memorial Library

It looked much better from the outside than in, this edifice of black steel and smoked glass. Leaky ceilings and broken elevators plague the readers moving listlessly around in the enforced hush. Designed in a less energy efficient age and treated with neglect, the library would cost more to put right than it would to pull down and build anew. At the height of summer, it's a pressure cooker, hot and close; even with spring cloud it's still rather warm. Not that Woody minds -- he's using his coat and jumper as a cushion because the chairs are all too low for him (or the tables too high). There are pens and paper on the table and he's reading a huge, illustrated, leather bound book that looks like it could weigh as much as himself. His headphones are on, despite the posted signs, but they make no noise. Why should they? They're not plugged in to anything.
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[Apr. 21st, 2008|07:51 pm]
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Who: Peter, Bob and K.D.
Where: K.D.'s office

Bob read the scrap of paper in his hand again as he checked the address. He looked at Peter before knocking firmly on the door. "We're here to see Agent Townsend." There were two names on the door. He thought over how he looked and wondered if he should have worn the collar instead of the dark polo shirt and jeans that were starting show the number of times they'd been through the wash. But he was here because of Macha, not Bea as one of his flock. It had felt... inappropriate.
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[Apr. 19th, 2008|04:25 pm]
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Who: Galen and the Doc
When: Friday, mid-day
Where: GWU

Galen brushed a hand through his hair as he stared at a wall, waiting. In general he was used to hospitals. He was used to lights being flashed in his eyes, needles, poking prodding, CT scans, testing, x-rays, and all sorts of other odd things a doctor could inflict upon a patient. He was, in the words of his head-doc, a lab-rat marvel. Not because he was being used to test drugs on, but because by all rights...Galen shouldn't have been awake, let alone alive.

In the last test, a few weeks ago, the doc had confirmed something he'd been worrying over for what seemed ages. It was why they'd never taken Galen in for surgery. Well, one reason at least. They had pin-pointed the worst of the damage,the piece of the puzzle they'd been hunting for since the boy had first stepped off a plane and into DC.

It was, as Galen understand, a vital part of the gushy mush in his head. It controlled things like...breathing, and other things of the sort. So, it seemed, he really should have died within days of the accident. Or at least been brain dead. Yet here he was, awake and lively and charming. (Well at least the nurses thought he was charming.)

There had been more talk, but he'd tuned it all out in typical Galen fashion, instead looking at the pictures of gushy-mush with a blank lack of understanding. Somethings were easier to remember than others, and nothing that the doctor was saying really made much sense. Heh. But he could see it. The bright white blob of...dead matter. Curiously he wondered if it would rot, become infected and kill him. If it was dead, logic did tell him it should rot at least.


He was supposed to come back in on Monday, and they would discuss his options with him, explain all the new found risk of popping his head open, and...stuff. It meant shaving his head. It also meant asking Val, or someone else like that to come with him. The doctor wanted a responsible, able-bodied party to be there. Apparently his scrambled wires also meant that he did not make the best choices. Something about not really having an informed opinion, or...whatever.

None of which explained why he was outside Leo's office, really. Well, maybe a little. He did want to talk about the surgery, but for someone who had been waiting patiently for over 2 years to have it done...the idea of talking about it, and having it really done seemed surreal and slightly unnerving.

The doc did say he might not wake up.

Which did not help his mind make up a decision that plagued him, and was probably (aside from having an appointment) the true reason he was there. Galen's uncomplicated love-life, or rather just life in general, suddenly seemed to become a tangled web. And if he was going to die in the next two weeks? How did he make it uncomplicated?
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FYI [Apr. 14th, 2008|08:35 pm]
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Who: Bea
Where: a cell somewhere
When: During This and This

Shivering in a corner of a dark place, Bea shook her head slightly as she thought about earlier.

She'd just finished a truly satisfying spar with Ceara. Now she was headed to meet her sister and go home so she could shower and change for her date with Nick later. She popped her IPod headphones in and jogged down the to where she was going to go meet Shiloh. Ceara recommended walking, but she'd upped it to a light jog, it was a good warm down exercise in her opinion.

One of her favorite Linkin Park songs came on and she jogged down the streets, completely missing the black SUV that slowly started to follow her.

As she crossed the street however, her other senses began to pick up a trace of something sinister. It was too late however, as the last thing she heard before she felt the pinprick of the tranquilizer dart was a man's voice saying something about the target is secure.

She'd woken up in here, this dark, drafty cell. She shivered again as she huddled into a ball, "So what do we do now, huh?" She asked herself out loud. "Trapped only Deity knows where without any visible ways out and no windows, so I must be underground or in a bunker somewhere. Which would suggest some rather unpleasant things about how and why I ended up here." She started talking out loud to herself. "And of course they would be taping this, hoping that I'll say something incriminating." She tried to reason things out. She laid her head down on her knees, the remnants of the drug in her system making her still very tired. I hope they don't use drugs. She thought to herself as she waited for something to happen. Danu find me soon.
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[Apr. 14th, 2008|06:25 pm]
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Who: Peter and Star
What: Phone call
When: The night of Macha's kidnapping

He leaned against the door to Shiloh's room. This was not something he wanted to do, not so soon after she'd regained her freedom. But it would have been done anyway, and it needed to happen now.

Cell phone. Her number was still (again? he couldn't remember) in the phone's memory. A push of a button, and a deep breath as the phone rang.
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[Apr. 11th, 2008|11:08 pm]
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Who: Ceara (for now)
Where: An intersection near her apartment
When: Same time as this

Ceara sighed as she waited for the light to turn green, she just needed to do this one tiny errand before she was going to see if Patrick was doing anything. She had some movies and some scotch and a long weekend ahead of her. Finally the light turned green, and just as she was hitting the acclerater and moving through the intersection, a truck ran the red light and crashed directly into her roadster.
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[Apr. 11th, 2008|10:10 pm]
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Who: Shiloh, Peter, Alistair, Nick, Carole...
Where: The Winters house.

Shiloh was Not Pleased. Her sister had been supposed to meet her where they always met in order to go home together on the Metro. Bea was generally good about meeting her there and going home before going out again. She knew that she and Nick had arranged for a movie date that evening but that had been after dinner tonight. Muttering to herself, she called Nick. Something was not right.
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[Apr. 8th, 2008|05:38 pm]
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Who: Ali and Marie
When: Late evening after the meeting
Where: Marie's apartment

Wrapped in a robe, Marie was going over some documents for the next day's meetings. The candles flickered around her - she had long decided that she preferred them to electric lights, but didn't get to indulge very often - as she turned a page.

She'd intended on going to bed soon. Even set a timer and all. Which didn't matter when it stopped after the first buzz and she kept reading.

So at least she was awake when someone rang her apartment.
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[Apr. 4th, 2008|11:58 pm]
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Who: Celtic deities
Where: The Wooden Spoon

Alistair whistled to himself as he put the final preparations on the room in the back. There was a special group tonight, coming into the restaurant. He was taking care of them personally. It was quite a coup for his restaurant, such a large group coming. Everything had to be just right.
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[Apr. 2nd, 2008|04:20 am]
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Who: Donnie and OPEN
Where: Blockbuster
When: April 1st, evening

Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw her. At first he'd assumed it was Rachel, warped to resemble someone else by his subconscious, but it wasn't. This woman, whoever she was, had nothing to do with his girlfriend.

She was familiar though, this stranger. As soon as sleep took over she'd be there, her sculpted hands brushing against his cheek and through his hair, making him feel calm and comfortable in his own mind. For a recurring dream, it wasn't all that bad.

It was just a pity he couldn't remember her. Once he woke up, the woman's face, her eyes, her smile were gone and out of his head, as if they'd never been there in the first place. The only time he remembered what she looked like was when he was asleep. That didn't mean he didn't think about her during waking hours, though. In fact, thinking about his dream woman was starting to be one of Donnies favourite ways to pass the time...which was why he decided it had to stop.

Moving his eyes over the shelf, Donnie picked up a dvd and stared blankly at the cover. He wasn't here to rent a dvd, not really. Movies made him sleepy, but Rachel was out and it wasn't like he read books. He just needed something to occupy him, to stop him thinking about a woman who wasn't real.
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[Apr. 1st, 2008|04:06 pm]
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Who: Ceara and Patrick
Where: Chinatown Galleria Movie Theater
When: April 1'st

Ceara grinned, this was how she wanted to spent April Fool's Day, with her boyfriend, some hot buttery popcorn, and a good movie. She'd blown off a party with some of her college classmates and a dinner with her parents (still trying to show her the error of her ways and also hopefully set her up with someone they deemed "suitable") to come out here with him. Patrick's company was vastly preferred over the others.

She waited outside the theater for him to arrive.
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[Apr. 1st, 2008|03:46 pm]
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Who: Carole and the Twins
When: April 1'st
Where: Winters House

She'd be lying if she said she wasn't slightly anxious. Today the interim grades had come in to take home to parents and guardians was making her a little antsy. She almost wished she had lessons with Ceara today in order to work off some of this tension. She'd done her best in all her classes, with the possible exception of math, which she only did halfheartedly, seeing as how she learned all what they were going through now last year.

She wanted her Aunt to get home so that she could open the envelope once and for all. Bea knew that if she opened it and it was bad news, then she'd be too tempted to hide it and convince Shiloh to hide hers too.
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[Apr. 1st, 2008|02:45 pm]
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[Current Location |northwest DC]

Who: Damion and everyone who can conceivably be there.
Where: Damion's home
When: The afternoon of April 1

The whole thing had actually been Alainna's idea. Something about a spring afternoon garden party with practically public invitations. She'd lit up at the thought of planning such a thing and Damion hadn't cared to refuse her. It kept her distracted, anyway, which was preferable for him for now. And she seemed keen on inviting not only the sort of people they normally socialized with, but anyone she'd ever even briefly met. And most certainly she wanted those of her kind among them.

That was likely her consolation to Damion for humoring her with the party.

And it might actually manage to take his mind off his concerns of late. Off the fact that there seemed to be some other player in his game, on his turf. Someone involving themselves far too closely with the people he had taken a particular interest in. And the oracle-child could (would?) tell him nothing.

Better to play the charming host for a few hours, watch his wife smile, and possibly get a few hooks into a few new people.

At least Donovan seemed to be coming along nicely. And Matheson, if he could learn to keep a reign on his temper. Among others.
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