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[07 Aug 2008|02:49pm]

[info]celeb_checkin for the updated member list, which is currently down sooo low that it's rediculous. I guess this makes for a more intimate and one on one community, as long as the few of us who are here remain active. Some of you need to work on improving that. Frankly, we all do. I vote we start trying to schedule chats, weekly or something, when all of us can be here somehow. I miss those days and I know others of us do as well.
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[17 Jun 2008|02:20pm]

Let's get this friends page moving. It's the middle of the month, update those journals!!
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shadows of val [08 May 2008|02:35pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey, I'm Val. You know me because of Avenged Sevenfold. I'm 26 and I love to have fun, and I'm really looking forward to meeting new friends. I'm not a bitch, so don't be afraid to contact me.

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[19 Apr 2008|05:04pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I am Johnny Christ and I am an alcoholic! I mean I am the bassist and sexiest member of Avenged Sevenfold. I'm 23 years old and I'm a lazy ass mother fucker. Want to reach me?

Hit me at christofjohnny

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[08 Apr 2008|10:53am]

Let's give a red carpet welcome to the newest member Celebrity Suites, Leighanne Littrell!

Everyone head over to [info]celeb_checkin to add her to your AIM and Friends lists.
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[02 Apr 2008|11:20pm]

Rollin' out the red carpet to welcome a Nascar star...Kyle Busch.

[info]celeb_checkin for the updated AIM list and Friends button.
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[31 Mar 2008|01:31pm]

Today is the end of the month meaning everyone should have at least 1 self written entry, along with a post of pictures, an article or interview about their celeb in their journal. Please take the necessary steps to get this task done before the end of tonight. :-)

Now, the following people I haven't seen on AIM in a while, or heard from about a hiatus, so where are you? We miss having you around.


Oh and please go to [info]celeb_checkin to use the friends button and get your list up to date since the unfortunate removal of Joe.
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Ambitious Jess [27 Mar 2008|12:56pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Tweak says, "caffeine? perfection"

I'd have to agree with Tweek! I'm Jessica and thats about it!

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[27 Mar 2008|08:25am]

Rollin' out the red carpet for another new member, Jessica Simpson. Everyone head over to [info]celeb_checkin to get her added to your friends and AIM lists.
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[26 Mar 2008|04:27pm]

Let's give a red carpet welcome to Joe Trohman from Fall Out Boy!

See [info]celeb_checkin for an udpated AIM list and Friend All button.
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[25 Mar 2008|08:33am]

Lets all give a red carpet welcome to Kat Von D by going to [info]celeb_checkin and adding her to our Friend and AIM lists!
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[19 Mar 2008|09:23am]

Give a red carpet welcome to Nikki Sixxx!

Everyone visit [info]celeb_checkin to add our newest member to your friend and AIM lists.
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New Member [13 Mar 2008|09:27am]

Rollin' out the red carpet to welcome Cash Warren!

Everyone visit [info]celeb_checkin to use the updated Friend Button and grab his AIM.
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[12 Mar 2008|11:53pm]

2 new members! Ok, not really. They're old members rejoining to start over so rewelcome Nick Carter and Kaci Brown-Carter.

Remember, pimp us, and go to [info]celeb_checkin to update your friend and AIM lists!
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To: New and Old Members alike... [17 Jan 2008|01:43pm]

Welcome to Celebrity Suites where you'll experience a taste of the red carpet treatment every day! We truly hope you enjoy it.

Remember, here at Celebrity Suites, our Mods serve as your Bellhops. Feel free to get in touch with one at any time for questions, comments, or suggestions via a private message to [info]celeb_checkin. Tips are always appreciated. ;-)
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