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Sorry guys... [05 Aug 2008|06:07pm]


But I'm dropping Johnny theres just no real reason for him to stay here anymore so its time to lay him to rest :[ I'll miss a few of you! It was fun while it lasted!

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[06 Jul 2008|06:08pm]

Does anyone play Benji Madden in other comms and be willing to bring him here to play with my Paris? Or does anyone know  a writer that plays him that would be willing to play here with my Paris? I really want that sl or any sl really and it'd be nice to have.

If not I think soon I may be dropping her
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[23 Jun 2008|01:38pm]

Well, I hate to let Leighanne go, so is anyone willing to pick up and play Brian for me? She can be around just about as often as you want her to be.
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[12 Jun 2008|01:32pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Not that anyone will care lol, but I just wanted to let people know that I won't be around a whole lot this weekend if at all. I'll be signed on tonight but not around my pc much and starting tomorrow, I may not be on at all til Sunday or so. If you need me though, and I am online, feel free to message me, if I'm not online, then PM it or message my AIM anyway. I'll get it when I do sign on.

I'll be spending the weekend with Brian, Leighanne, and Baylee Littrell. :-)

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[10 May 2008|06:42pm]

Sorry Val-s computer died. I should be back on tomorrow or something.
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[11 Apr 2008|02:03pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Sorry guys, I'm taking a hiatus.  Life has gotten crazy, so I'll be back in a couple weeks.  I'm aiming to be back around the first of May, give or take only a couple days. 

I'll be back. 

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