January 10th, 2015

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Private to Zed

C'mon darlin', tell me you're around this huge old abode, because searching this place would be like trying to search Chaz's place - which amounts to a massive pain in my arse!

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What the hell happened?

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I'm curious. How many people have been given roughly the same job as they had in Portland? I worked in an animal shelter there, but here it looks like I'm to go back to fortune telling. Which makes sense - New Orleans probably has a much bigger market for it, with the tourism - but it's another detail that would need just a little bit more effort put in to set things up here.

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So far twenty five people have either checked in themselves or been confirmed by someone who has. That's about a sixth of the number that were in Portland, from nine different universes. From what I can tell we're in the same universe we were before, which makes me think that this end of the wormhole shifted and took us with it, and that might account for why we still have all our things if there's some reason it's easier to transport stuff within a universe than between them. Jack's taking a trip to Portland so I guess he'll be able to tell us whether everyone else is still there or (maybe?) gone home.

By the way, I found a handy guide to bars here. Not sure how many of them are still open, but I guess you'd find that out when you look them up to get addresses anyway. Apparently New Orleans rains more than Portland but less often, the utilities are all kind of disorganised and irritating to deal with, traffic is really slow, it's the place to be if you're into elegant decay and don't want to travel to Europe, strangers will talk to you, they do uptown/downtown/river/lake instead of N/E/S/W, and there are enormous amphibious rodents wandering round. Running an internet search for "moving to new orleans" is telling me things I never would have thought to ask.