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Just a quick FYI. I'm leaving today (in like an hour or so) to head up to Phoenix to catch a 6am flight to NYC!!! I'll be there for the weekend and be returning on Monday at like 9pm ish (then the drive back from Phoenix >.<). So, will I be around? Possibly, a little. Feel free to poke me on IM, but if I don't reply know why :D. Will I tag? Maybe at night if I'm not just enter the room and asleep. Monday when we get back I MAY be around, or I may just pass out thanks to sleepy airplane meds. Regardless next Tuesday I took off to recover from the trip so I WILL be around then!


Hello all! Aimee here finally having a chance to introduce her two little puppets for here. I'm going to keep this short because dinner's ready and I'm really hungry.

First is this young lady - Ashley Winter. Ashley was living on Destruction Island when all the changes happened, she is a mutant with emotional manipulation and empathy. She's learned to block out the majority of people's emotions to keep them from overwhelming her but really strong emotions still hit her like a brick wall. The manipulation comes into effect only if she makes skin to skin contact with you - if you touch her bare skin whatever she's feeling at that time is going to be channeled into you. Because of that she limits the amount of touch she's exposed to and dresses in layers as much as possible to limit the chance of accidentally coming into contact.

Second is Rose Killian (roseyposey). Rose is the owner of the dance studio on Destruction Island (which still needs a name if anyone wants to suggest one that would be AMAZING) and I guess founder of it too since it is her project. She was a professional dancer pre abilities and is getting back to that part of her life. She has super strength and memory manipulation. Which means she can lift a ton of weight (she has no clue how much) and can change how people remember things that happened/if they remember it happened/whether or not she was there.

So that's them! If you want anything with either of them - hit me up!


Please welcome Dani's newest character, Dot Anderson. You can update your friends list here.


Even though everyone knows most of my kids, I figured I'd do a quick update on their whereabouts/situations going into the opening of Causatum.

Devon is brand new. She is Daryn's identical twin, but she is human. She's been involved with various mutant rights movements for about three-four years now, when she lost all contact with Daryn on the island. Getting her 'big sister' back was a huge shock, but couldn't have come at a better time in Devon's opinion. Her long, drawn out divorce was just finalized and she'd just gotten settled into her new house in Seattle with her three kids. So she offered insisted on taking in Daryn and Co. until they got settled on the mainland (whether or not they actually stayed with her, still needs to be plotted/discussed). Devon owns an art gallery and is always looking for new talent to exhibit. She is passionate, talkative, loud, demanding, but at the core she is just a nice person who wants to do right by everyone and thinks there needs to be more art and more justice in the world.

Daryn, obvi, is Devon's telepathic, telekinetic, health-manipulating twin. The end of Destruction/transition to Seattle was a difficult one for her, and in pure Daryn fashion, she refused to deal with any of it. Initially, she suffered some pretty severe side effects from overuse and extended use of her abilities, and since then she uses them all more sparingly because it's still a little bit painful. She's even more 'quiet' now than she used to be, aside from the whole being-a-mute-thing. I still need to write up the narrative, but she is going to be offered a position specializing in Mutant Healthcare, which she is going to need some convincing to take (but eventually will). That is what will take her back and forth to Destruction (via NPC teleporter unless someone wants to get her there and back quickly some other way!), making sure that those who stayed behind continue to get the medical attention they need, while working with Seattle General Hospital to offer mutant healthcare on-site there. In the meantime, she focuses on taking care of her daughter Phoenix, making sure Ashe is happy, trying to reconnect with her twin/family without wanting to murder them, and trying to keep her shit together.

Dakota is back to her old tricks (pun intended) out in Cresent City. She wasn't at all involved in the battle on Destruction, but definitely reaped the benefits of getting the hell out of Dodge. She's dancing in a club again, and hating every second of it while she decides what she wants to do with herself now that she's not trapped on the island of misfit toys. She's her usual self, severely lacking in any significant emotion, and trying her best not to use her abilities (pleasure manipulation and illusion) to screw people out of house and home. At least during her non-working hours, anyway.

Hannah (with technological manipulation, sound manipulation, and technological transportation) is living the dream in Seattle, getting ready to open a bar/nightclub geared toward mutants called Freak Show. She used every cent she had to get the place up and running, so she is living in the back room and hoping the place can at least turn a profit. She helped out some with things with the revolution on the island, but tries to just focus on making a new life and hoping all the mutants come to hang and have a good time at her place.

And finally April is still out at Destruction Island. She was pretty depressed/lonely after so many of her friends left, and spent a lot of time isolating herself. She's finally stepping back out again, prefers to go by her birth name Victoria now, and spends 99.9% of her time consumed with all things ballet. Which means she spends a lot of time alone still, but at least now she has a focus. She's also gotten a lot better at her abilities (age and biological manipulation), and most of her shifting is purposeful these days. She tends to change her age/appearance when she doesn't want people to notice/recognize her, which has varied results.

I am open for plotting for any/all of my kids so toss some lines at me!


Hey all, I'm bringing back two peeps into the move.

Jakob Hale - Mutant teleporter - former foster kid taken by Riken - Former Government Agent on Destruction Island - Current undercover government agent. Still brainwashed through the Riken program, Jake has been assigned to infiltrate a mutants rights group, which he has now been a member of for a few months. I've left the deets of it open, so if anyone wants to be part of the group (or even one of the people who helped bring him into it) I'm totally up for it! He is currently living in Seattle.


Pierce Fitzpatrick Killian (Or just Fitz) - Mutant Feline Animporh - Former US Military - Former Private Security employee - Former Faction Spy - Current 'Mayor' of Destruction Island. After spending five years playing spy for the Faction and living as a cat, then taken into custody by the government and held in holding from the facility explosion until after the final battle, he should have wanted to leave the island but chose to stay and help. He used his experience overseas working with small villages and some of his contacts he still had to help secure food, water, and other necessities, working with the others. A few months in the Island got together in a town hall of sorts and many thought they needed a 'leader' a Mayor of sorts and thanks to some internet videos of his rescue and then capture Fitz had become sort of popular with some so he was voted in. Living on the island he does have contact still with those off the island but his main concern is helping to build a community that can stand on it's own.

Anyhow, those are my boys :D


I guess I'll be the one to break in the OOC comm?

Hi I'm Taylor, and I'm bringing in this loser, Owen. His real first name is Wilbur thou, Owen is his middle name Owen's ability is psychometic empathy, meaning if he touches you he knows what you're feeling. It works on objects too, to an extent but that's more complicated because he's getting the echo of an associated feeling. Suffice to say he's weird about touching. Owen's managed to stay under the radar as a mutant since he keeps to himself and his power isn't particularly flashy, but obviously that won't last. Outside of that he's a librarian in lovely Seattle, WA.

I'm a little rusty when it comes to RP outside of memes and D&D but I'm looking forward to playing with everyone and can't wait to get plotting!



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