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Setting [14 Aug 2008|06:49pm]

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Camp Halfblood is located on Long Island in a rather secluded area not far from the town called Montauk. It has everything you could expect from a summer camp; a beach, a river, a dining hall, places to hike, archery range, sparring ring, a chariot racing track... okay so it has some things that are different from a normal camp. This place is far from "normal".

In the center of the camp is where the cabins are located in a horseshoe shape. Each cabin has a theme, depending on the lineage of the residents there. Cabins 1, 2, 3 are empty. There is a forest nearby where various nymphs and satyrs live. There are nereids, neieds by either the river or the ocean that live nearby.

Those in attendance sign up for daily activities that aim to develop their god given abilities or their warrior abilities. These activities range from sparring to boating to arts and crafts to pimping one's chariot. Not only are these daily scheduled activities there are camp wide events like capture the flag, color wars, chariot racing, or sword fighting. There are also opportunities to go into town (You may go freely when you turn 18) and to go on field trips, maybe to Olympus. This is a place to train and to have fun.

There is also the possibility Chiron may call you to the main cabin to bring you up to the attic to consult the oracle for you have been chosen to go on a quest. All your training has not been in vain.

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List of Characters [10 Aug 2008|06:18pm]

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Cut for me messing with tables )

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Basic Information [10 Aug 2008|05:42pm]

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Basic Information

For centuries, the Greek Gods have been living in the guise of Western Thought. Where ever the center of that was, their world shifted to accommodate with their new center. Now, the center of Western Thought is centered around the United States. Mount Olympus is found on top of the Empire State Building. The entrance to the Underworld is found in Los Angeles. Hephaestus's Forge is found in Mount St. Helens. The Greek Gods continue to mess around in mortals, sometimes in more ways than one. Monsters still walk among humans but thanks to a phenomenon known as The Mist, they see only what they want to see. Half-blood children are born with remarkable abilities similar to their divine parent. Many of them made history. However, these children who usually end up being pawns for the gods, are hunted by the monsters of chaos. Many do not live very long. Few make it to people like Chiron who enjoyed teaching such individuals to fight and to develop their abilities.

Finally, Chiron settled down on Long Island, New York to put together a training camp to offer protection and skills for the demi-gods. This place has the cover as a summer camp that is opened year 'round, known as Camp Half-Blood. Some children stayed all year, especially the ones who were children of very powerful deities or those who ran away from home because no one understood them. Some, especially those of not very powerful deities, went home for the winter.

Shortly after World War II, a prophecy came forth that a half-blood child of the big three deities (Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades) would bring down Mount Olympus. Fearing for their power, the brothers swore on the River Styx to not have anymore half-blood children. Hades, already having two half blood children before the oath, hid Nico and Bianca Di Angelo in Las Vegas. For close to 4 decades, the brothers behaved themselves until Zeus fell for a 1980's pop singer. A girl resulted in that union who was named Thalia. Seeing that his brother broke the oath, Poseidon fell in love with Sally Jackson in NYC. Sally gave birth to a boy named Perseus or Percy.

Thalia ran away from home when she was ten years old and met up with a child of Athena, Annabeth Chase, and a child of Hermes, Luke Castellan. The three went on a crazy adventure before making it to Camp Half-Blood. Thalia was turned into a tree while she lay dying to protect Luke and Annabeth.

When Percy Jackson arrived at the camp, the shit began to hit the fan. On his first summer at Camp Half-Blood, Luke betrayed the camp and joined sides with Cronos on a quest to bring down the Olympians. Thalia came back his second year at the camp as they placed the Golden Fleece on the tree. The following year, Nico and Bianca joined the Camp while Bianca joined Artemis's huntresses and died on a quest to save Annabeth and Artemis from Luke. Thalia also joined the Huntresses before she turned 16 so she would not become the child of the prophecy.

The brewing war came to the camp through the Labyrinth which had an entrance that led to the camp. A fierce battle took place. The head of the Apollo Cabin, Lee Fletcher, was killed along with a child of Dionysus, Castor. The camp is still in the process of recovering.

At the end of the summer, Percy, Annabeth, Grover the Satyr, and Nico Di Angelo have left on a quest to bring down Luke and Cronos. However, the camp is still in danger of attacks. Cronos's forces are spread along the world wreaking havoc and acquiring age old secrets and artifacts. The Olympians still need their precious half-bloods to be heroes...
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Rules [10 Aug 2008|05:04pm]

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Rules and Stuff

1. Respect Each Other I know sometimes it can be hard, especially when having a bad day, but disrespect is something the mods will not tolerate. If disrespect is consistent, the mods will not hesitate to toss out out into the cold.

2. Quality roleplaying The mods are all for quality over quantity but we expect that posts be spell-checked and not be one or two liners. We would like a minimum of 3 paragraphs in a story form. So feel free to write a paragraph or two to explain why your character is reacting the way he is for example.

3. No OOC Drama This ties into rule number 1 but seriously, we have seen many games destroyed by drama. If you have a problem with someone, please discuss it out like adults. If you need a moderator for such discussions, please contact a mod. If your out of character drama whoring becomes a problem, we may ask you to leave the game.

4. Be Active!: One scene per character per week. This is the minimum. Journals can either be the online journal discussed in FAQ or it can be a private journal. Please indicate which one it is. Online journals can be responded to by other people, that's why. Meta comments, or comments that only happened in a fan fiction/ooc sense, can happen on the private journals. Just label them as such and keep in mind that those comments didn't happen. Journals are purely optional.

5. Plot!: While the mods have quests planned, please feel free to plot with other characters. If the plot has potential to be over the top or involves NPCs or could affect more than a few people, please contact the mods through e-mail or AIM to get it verified. Plot is what keeps games active and exciting!

6. No God-modding!: Please don't make your character all powerful and step on another player's toes. This also ties into rule number 1.

7. Policies on Time Flow: Ever so often, the mods will make a post describing what events will be taking place for the week. At that point, you can set up scenes or journal entries during that week and only that time until the new week post is posted. (I borrowed this from [info]halcyon_halls)

8. Policies on Quests: Mods choose the original person chosen for the quest. That person can choose other people to come along with them. After that, the quest is played out much like a Dungeon Master and a Player in traditional table top play it out. If you have an idea for a quest, contact a mod. We don't bite! :D

9. Rules for IC Camp: They're pretty basic. Respect one another for the most part. Don't leave without permission. Things that that.

10. IC Actions equals IC consequences! I just need to put it out there. If your character says that they're better than a god, you will be punished for it. So don't whine to me OOCly that that was unfair.
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God Guidelines [09 Aug 2008|10:00pm]

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God/Goddess Guidelines

Zeus (Cabin 1)

+King of the Gods
+Lord of the Sky
+Controls weather, especially lightning
+Not open at this time

Hera (Cabin 2)

+Queen of the Gods
+Not open at this time.

Poseidon (Cabin 3)

+God of the Sea
+Creator of Horses
+Protector of Sea side cities.
+Not Open at this time

Demeter (Cabin 4)

+Goddess of Fertility
+Grain and Food
+Affiliated with snakes and pigs

Ares (Cabin 5)

+God of War

Athena (Cabin 6)

+Goddess of Wisdom
+Connected to Owls

Apollo (Cabin 7)

+God of the Sun
+Music, art, and poetry
+Prophecy and truth
+Healing and Medicine
+Affiliations with dolphins, wolves, and swans

Artemis (Cabin 8)

+Goddess of the Moon
+Forests and Nature
+Wild Beasts
+This is only open to Artemis's Hunters

Hephaestus (Cabin 9)

+God of the Forge
+Smithy and other crafts

Aphrodite (Cabin 10)

+Goddess of Love, Sex, and Romance
+Sexual Reproduction
+Associated with dolphins, doves, and the swan

Hermes (Cabin 11)
+God of Thieves and Merchants
+Travelers and Shepherds
+Wit and Humor
+Athletics, especially track and field
+Associated with turtles, roosters, and sheep

Dionysus (Cabin 12)

+God of Wine
+Madness and ecstasy

Minor Deities/Unclaimed

+Stay in Cabin 11
+They have abilities based on whatever deity they are the child of.
+If you are Unclaimed, have some idea who the parent probably is.
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Application [09 Aug 2008|09:39pm]

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Divine parent:
Played-By (PB):
Divine Abilities: This is the abilities you got from your divine parent if a half-blood. Remember, you can only have a specialty in two areas but you have some natural talent in the other areas
Non-divine Abilities: Can your character do something else well that has nothing to do with who their parents are?
Weaknesses: If you are a child of Hephaestus, you may be weak to the cold for an example. Think what would be a weakness to your abilities or it can be a weakness that is very human.
Tragic Flaw: This should be one or two words like Percy's is loyalty, Annabeth's is hubris. But please explain why this is your character's tragic flaw. Expand upon it.
Third-Person Entry: Minimum three paragraphs
Your e-mail
AIM If you have one...
OOC name

A few notes on apping

+ Please create a well-rounded character. While people playing are demi-gods please take into consideration that no one is perfect. It requires a lot of work to have extreme power. So, no Mary Sues. Have a realistic personal flaw.

+Read through all the pages available to you before you fully apply.

+While I know a lot of people like to play foreign characters (Mary is one of them), I would prefer that you try and stick with at least having a strong connection to the United States. Remember, the US actually has a wide variety of ethnicities and races. If you create a character from a different country, such applications will be greatly scrutinized. What was the god parent doing in said country for example? Having said that, if a character is Canadian, Mexican, or from the Caribbean, consideration would be looser than if a character is from Europe. I say this because places like Macedonia and Thrace were considered not "Greek" but had some sphere of influence there. So Macedonia can be like Canada and Thrace (which is modern day Turkey) would be akin to Mexico.

+You have the option to have your character receive a gift from their parent if you are playing a demi-god. You can have one but please put the details of it under divine powers. It cannot be some super powerful weapon. Remember, Annabeth has a hat that turns her invisible. Percy got a sword. Luke got a pair of winged sandals. Think along those lines. It should also have some sort of mortal front, like Percy's sword looks like a pen to regular mortals.

+When your application is ready, send it to Mary at padfootmk -at- with the subject line containing your character name. Don't hesitate to e-mail me there if you have any questions or ask me on my AIM omgblaiseisblack
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Race Guidelines [09 Aug 2008|09:28pm]

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+You are a child of a mortal and a God/dess. All Gods are game except for Hera, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Artemis, or Hestia.
+Your powers are focused around your divine parent's portfolio. However, the powers are weak when young and greatly tied to emotion. Developing the power requires great training. Percy could only control great amounts of water after he had been training for three years and even so, it caused him to pass out. Take that into consideration.
+Having said that, you can only have two specialties under the god's portfolio. These are abilities your character is especially good at. For instance, as a child from Apollo, you would have access to music, art, archery, prophecy, and healing. You may choose to have your character be a prodigy at the violin and have glimpses into the future. You can do some healing but not very well. Your archery is probably slightly better than average but that is it. You may work for a third but that has to be earned.
+The ages generally are between 8 through 18 but some older people may be there to help others train or to continue their own. Such people will be limited though.
+You have a fatal flaw, something that could be your ultimate downfall.
+Ambrosia heals demi-gods.
+Demi-Gods can be harmed by both godly weapons and human weapons.
+All Demi-Gods are dyslexic and have ADHD. This is because their brains are hardwired to Ancient Greek and ADHD is just battle reflexes.


+You have some nature magic but it strengthens with age.
+Pipes can influence emotion but this requires great practice.
+Can sense demi-gods.
+Only male


+There are many types; trees, flowers, river, ocean. Choose one domain.
+Magic is linked to whatever domain that is chosen. Age determines the strength.
+Only female


+Restricted. You have to have proven yourself with one of the races mentioned above before you can apply for a deity.
+Depending on the God's domain, interaction with demi-gods is restricted.
+You can have a favorite child that you choose to shower with gifts. This happened often in the myths, but keep it within reason. Most of the Gods rarely interact with their children if at all or they do so through other means.
+This has to be a deity from Greek mythology.
+Some of the deities were hot tempered and punished people if they challenged them. Feel free to plot over this idea. But remember, war is brewing so be realistic about it.
+Gods can interact with each other freely.
+Whatever happens on the mortal plane, the Gods may eventually hear about through the grapevine if they didn't see it themselves. So keep that in mine too.
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-FAQ- [09 Aug 2008|09:14pm]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do scenes take place? Over the journals. Post in the community any scenes you may start. Additionally, we want this game to be set up like a story so we ask a minimum of 3 paragraphs to be written per post

Do I have to have read the Percy Jackson books to apply?: No, this is why we don't have the main characters around. We liked the premise so much, we wanted to be able to appeal it to many people who haven't heard of the books. Beware of spoilers though if you do apply and get in.

Will you ever need someone to play Percy, Annabeth, Nico, etc? Maybe. Just not now.

Can I play a God? Yes, you can but we only ask that you first take on a demi-god, satyr, or nymph and prove through them that you can take on the part responsibly.

Do characters actually go on quests? Yes, they do! We mods have quests planned. However, consider that usually it is the Gods and/or Chiron who chooses who goes on the quests and they are going to choose people who work hard and put a lot of devotion into their work. Hence, we want to see you roleplay your character being devoted to training and have it make sense for your character to do so. But also, don't lose heart! People chosen for quests are usually required to take a few people along too.

Can I play the child of a deity from a different pantheon? No.

Can I play one of Artemis's Hunters? Yes, you can. In fact, in the game, the Hunters are currently at Camp Halfblood waiting for further instructions.

How are journals dealt with in the game? Everyone is connected to Olympus Net, a joint venture by Hephaestus and Hermes. It is a way to keep connected to family and to spy, er, keep up with everyone. Every cabin has one computer that is connected to Olympus Net. Hopefully, everyone knows how to share. Journals aren't a requirement, but they're good ways to develop characters and just plain fun.

Where do the children of minor gods stay? They do not say in the books, so they stay in Hermes' cabin.

Can I be a child of Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Artemis, or Hades? No.

How many characters can I have? As many as you can keep up with.

Is slash allowed? Yes, but keep within reason. Not everyone in the world is gay just like not everyone in the world is straight.

What is the rating? PG-13. Most characters are going to be under twenty. If you must do a sex scene, please do fade to black.

How does the power system work? Each deity has a portfolio of that that god or goddess stands for. Your character has abilities lying in all of it. Some may be minor, like if prophecy is covered, your character might only have slight intuition as opposed to outright visions. Your character can only choose two aspects of that deity that you can be very focused in. It takes the form of one ability that falls under one aspect of a deity's portfolio. If you choose, for an example, your character is a child of Athena. You can choose Athena's affinity with the crafts and your character can spin better than expert and really fast too.
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