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Date:2008-01-16 00:19

Title: A public claiming
Rating: hard R
Word count: 640 – it had to fit in the comments!
Summary: Glitch needs distracted
Prompt: [info]eeyore9990 wanted comment porn, and suggested I repost this as well.

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Date:2008-01-03 05:55
Subject:Ficlet: Issues with Masculinity (PG-13)

Title: Issues with Masculinity
Rating/Warning: PG-13
Summary: Never touch a tin man's gun - until he asks.
Prompt: Tin Man, Glitch/Cain, issues with masculinity

Issues with Masculinity )

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Date:2008-01-02 06:44
Subject:Welcome! and The Rules

Welcome to the IJ home for Tin Man's Cain/Glitch-Ambrose pairing. Rules subject to change as needed.

+ The rules are simple: Post anything - vids, fic, art, meta - related to Cain/Glitch. Genfic is welcome as long as either Cain or Glitch is the main character and the story emphasizes their relationship/friendship. Meta relating to any aspect of the world that would affect Cain or Glitch (pretty much everything) is allowed.

+ All posts will be tagged with: a rating tag (already created), a format tag such as fic, art, etc. (already created), and a tag with the author's IJ name and/or LJ name as requested (created as posts appear). Once enough content has been created, a master list of tags will be kept for easy browsing.

+ Linking to LJ would defeat the purpose of this community, so please do not do it. If you don't have an IJ account and would like to have a moderator post your story, comment to this post. (However it's very quick and easy to make an account, so that's the recommended option.)

+ Basic civility is a requirement. Rudeness or lack of consideration may result in warnings or immediate banning at the moderator's discretion.

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