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Brutal Opera RPG [10 Sep 2012|06:41pm]

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The year is 2053, and under the controlling hand of the grotesque and shocking figure known only as Alice Cooper, the planet has gone brutal. Psycho Circuses bid people’s attention, Walls are torn down, Black Parade of drugs, violence and abuse run rampant in the streets. And an epidemic of organ failures has swept across the globe.

Geneco is a corporation under Alice's watchful eye that sells human organs for a price. Get a tailor made liver, a designer kidney, a big, swelling heart. But if you miss your payments, Geneco sends out the Repo Man to collect the organ, at the cost of your life.

Throughout it all is the heavy music of the citizens. They rove in gangs, or clans or brotherhoods, and just fight to make a name for themselves.

So welcome to The Brutal Opera that is life.

Try to survive it.
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