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[10 Jun 2009|12:53am]

10:44:26 PM joshua: LMAO
10:44:48 PM taylor: why are you laughing at me. i'm falling in love with you. and you're laughing at me. what the hell is wrong with you.
10:44:55 PM joshua: i laugh out of nervousness
10:45:00 PM joshua: because i am hiding behind my true feelings for you
10:46:24 PM taylor: it's okay josh. i know you used to be in love with me, but i grew out of shape and i started growing some serious flab, and well, i know i lost all my sex appeal when i cut off my hair so you just figure there's nothing left. but. i'm hopelessly devoted to you, yes i am sandy and you are danny except i think your butt would rip apart a pair of leather pants but that's besides the point I AM IN LOOOOOOVE WITH YOUUUUU AND IT HUUUUUURTS SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD
10:46:25 PM taylor: ok i'm done

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