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[16 Sep 2014|11:49am]

It's amazing how well connected we are that we were even thinking of a similar storyline for our kiddos and it's not normally a way I would go for my girls. But I am comfortable enough to write it out with you. Thank you.
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[23 Aug 2014|12:49am]

I don't know what's more amazing - the fact that this GPSL is taking off or that I get to play a muse I haven't played in over ten years. It's like slipping into a comfy pair of shoes.
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[13 Aug 2014|07:57pm]

I've been so good at keeping up thread these past few days. This never happens! I'm so proud of myself.
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[03 Aug 2014|09:27pm]

A really awesome sl where you know nothing about the other person ooc, but your characters just click, and it's totally unexpected.
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[09 Jul 2014|12:57am]

that feeling when you have psls where, when you see the other person's tag show up in your inbox, you burst into a big stupid grin and and have to get up and walk around flapping your hands to get all the happy out... hnngghh.
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[06 Jul 2014|09:35am]

A group thread hitting 400+ comments in just a few days... Amazing.
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[27 Jun 2014|10:14am]

THANK YOU for being the one writing partner I am able to trust and sticks around no matter how many ridiculous ideas that get into my head; you are willing to try them and they turn out to be awesome (best writings I've ever done)! I love our ooc chatter as well. Your emails make me smile. Go Red Sox ;)
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[25 Jun 2014|07:44pm]

Something about deep analytical discussions on the career of Linkin Park, and wondering which Potter house Jesus would be in, makes me love them more. <3
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no gifs for you, this time [03 Jun 2014|12:53pm]

Because of many reasons, of which I could just easily pick one, I think it's about time I bragged about you, Lori. In public. Accept this, typos and all. <3

All things considered, you are my Sherlock Holmes.

Read more... )

I want to say more, but, I think I'll end this with one more line.

Intense innuendo.

ETA: Continued in a thread somewhere else~
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I adore my SLPs [13 May 2014|11:38pm]

You really are wonderful. You are always up for the crazy twisty things I toss your way. For a line like this, something I've never written before? I'm having so much fun.

You are simply the best. I don't care how long you have to take off, months even, so long as you come back - which you always do! I just love writing with you!

And you? You make me obsess in the best way. The stuff we write together and the extras you leave in my inbox are the best way to start the day, continue the day, and end the day.
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because it's a beautiful thing [31 Mar 2014|10:20pm]

when you think you've found that perfect rp partner you've been searching for, and then they flake out in a fizzle of shame, not even man enough to tell you they're not interested, just blatantly ignoring you even though they're RIGHT THERE. i hate that.

and then serendipitous circumstances lead you to a new writer, who is even better, who writes the exact same dream pairing, is more mature, and fits into that disappointing, empty slot perfectly. this has never happened before. i love this.
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[24 Mar 2014|09:18pm]

You. You are what makes me keep roleplaying. I don't know what I'd do without you.
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[06 Mar 2014|04:55pm]

writing with you is always fun, angsty, and full of everything that makes rp magically delicious. i totes lurve you, bb.
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[05 Mar 2014|01:27am]

You asked me to give you a possible scenario for our characters and you would in turn give me a sample of your writing. I thought for several minutes then came up with the scenario and sent it to you. Honestly I wasn't expecting much. With all the flakes, one/two/three liners and those who seem to seem to have forgotten that RP is about writing I confess I'm a bit jaded.

I waited, hoping for the best fearing the worst. Then your reply showed up. Your writing sample blew my socks off! I nearly fell out of my chair. I read it over and over. Six paragraphs of rich, beautiful detail, insight into a character just created and so much yummy goodness I swear I could have literally eaten it up with a spoon. I can't wait to get started on our first thread!
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[26 Feb 2014|11:41pm]

despite the struggles~ i have characters going through, and boy are those toughies, i am just really enjoying rplife right now. the lines i have are magic and the writers are extraordinary and i'm being pushed to places outside my comfort zone and i just really love it and it makes me really happy and i want to group hug everyone.
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[24 Feb 2014|04:18am]

Weird thing to brag about but the fact that some people in this comm don't like her, the things she's about, and how she is, it really makes me feel like I'm playing her right. Woo!
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[19 Feb 2014|07:22pm]

you write the long paragraphs. you have the grammar and spelling down pat. most importantly tho? you rock my socks with your characterization. best slp ever and i don't even know your name. huzzah! ♥
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[13 Jan 2014|09:17pm]

I know this is our first thread together, but I love these two! This kind of storyline is exactly what I wanted for him when I brought him into this game, and I thought it would never happen, that he's just be support for everyone else without getting his own story. But then you came back from hiatus and wanted to play, and they're interacting and it's almost magical! They're friends for sure, possibly more, and the both of us love to actually write tags that are more than a line or two that delve into psyches as well as simple actions.

I love them, and you're awesome!
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[25 Dec 2013|10:13am]

During the holiday season I like to count my blessings, and I always add my RP partners to that list. This year has been hard for a lot of people, but we've only gotten stronger by leaning on one another, and offering a shoulder for someone else to lean on. And to the strangers reading this, I hope you have an awesome day too. Cheers! Here's hoping for an excellent 2014.
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[21 Dec 2013|04:19pm]

We may only be a GPSL, but I really love the crew we have and the stuff we're doing. :)
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