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[19 Nov 2021|04:37pm]

I have been more inspired over the past year than I have in the nearly two decades that I have been writing as a hobby. And that's all you. Your ideas amaze me and keep me motivated. I look forward to jumping head first into every single one of our scenes with every single one of our pairings. And honestly? It's refreshing. Because there are so many people out there who want to write the same thing over and over again. Or who get annoyed at how much I tend to ramble. But not you. You're perfectly okay with my obscure faces and the fact that my thought process can run us off course about a dozen times.

Anyway. I just thought that somebody should tell you that you're awesome. Because you've heard more bad than good in the past year which is completely undeserved. So thank you. For giving me a reason to write, for sharing your awesome ideas, and for not letting the naysayers drive you away.
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[02 Jul 2019|05:48pm]
Having a writing partner that's so excited and enthusiastic about writing their character and developing the story that they don't ever ask you who you'll be using as a pb. Then when you point this out after plotting and planning they basically say use who moves you, who you see in the role of your character. The face you use doesn't matter to me. That has never happened to me and it's amazing to me to come across someone who's more interested in writing than faces use.
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[16 Jan 2017|01:48am]

Having to send a scene reply in multiple comments because of the vast amount I wrote that it exceeded the capacity allowed. I haven't been this inspired by a storyline in years!
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[28 Sep 2016|07:55pm]

We have such a solid group that's been nothing but consistent for almost a year, I'm not even concerned about the shady shit you two cry-babies think you're pulling in ~secret.
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[26 Aug 2016|07:12am]

not only do i have my most obscure otp but we're going strong at a year next month. you've RUINED me for other writers (legit i can't even live with anyone else atm) but i don't care these two are purrfection and i am so thank for this line ugh
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[16 Apr 2016|04:34pm]

thank you for helping me enjoy this hobby again. ♥
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[15 Mar 2016|11:24pm]

When you have your celeb say something and the next day, the celeb tweets the exact same thing you had her say.
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[29 Feb 2016|06:20pm]
I've been running into some awesome people on this server who want to write. I feel so fortunate!
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[21 Jan 2016|10:38am]
A community with zero drama and everyone gets along? I'll stick around.
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[08 Aug 2015|12:27pm]
Taking the less popular route when the real life celerity throws you for a loop. But knowing that in the long run it is the best decision and if it's handled right, it can be a lot of fun. And I won't have to play out a pregnancy for my character!
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[29 Jan 2015|03:21pm]
I love how easy it is to just fall right back into playing him. How his voice is still very much present. And I love how he gets so much interaction from the jump off.
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[08 Jan 2015|09:18pm]

because out with the negative in with the positive. i'm so glad i have you as my storyline partner. it's just amazing how within just a few IMs we clicked. it was organic and unconventional. and i hope i never ever ever lose you. i know you aren't like most people, you actually mean the world to me, and there is no other person i ever want to role play with. xxx
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[27 Dec 2014|03:25am]

This is by far the cutest line ever and they're only 9 and 11!
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[26 Oct 2014|10:22pm]

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[07 Oct 2014|12:29am]

Picking up RP again and starting a line with a good friend? AWESOME. Everything clicking and ending up with a line you love so want to snuggle it? EVEN BETTER.
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[04 Oct 2014|08:03pm]

You made my weekend, no my whole week with that one comment. I'm so glad that you're the type who isn't afraid to make suggestions and talk to me about things.
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[03 Oct 2014|09:09am]

When you stay up way past your bedtime just playing because you are just that into it.
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[29 Sep 2014|04:47am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Ahh, it's funny how amazing RP is when you get rid of the negative people. I have never loved a community as much as I love this one. Maybe cause the ones that complained about people posting on the friends page are in their own little land of no interaction.

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[29 Sep 2014|05:40am]

I made a vent and decided that I needed to neutralize immediately and brag about this amazing line I have with an amazing writer. I never once doubted the integrity of this line when you started to educate me about all of the sports-related things I didn't know about, and now I'm so thankful that I stuck to this instead of chickening out because our boys have come so far in such a short period of time (AND THERE ARE NO IC CHAT/AIM/NOTES SHIT, JUST GOOD OLD FASHIONED MULTI-PARA CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT). What a time to be alive!

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[23 Sep 2014|01:52am]
I am so happy I have you as a storyline partner. We click well, we try out new characters on each other and we both laugh over the same stupid drama and crazy people. Ha. You are one of my fave's and you are never allowed to go away.
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