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January 7th, 2015

[info]specktacular in [info]blackpoint

Hawaii, you've been great as always, but New York with her 102938738 greasy pizza joints is calling my name.

I'm only going to ask once, but Lydia Martin-Stilinski, when you're taking a break from saving the world I need your expertise in finding a few suits. As trendy as my Pacific-trashed jeans are, I know better than to embarrass you in front of your friends for these interviews.

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instagram )

[info]damnitlahey in [info]blackpoint

WHO: James Potter and Isaac Lahey
WHERE: James + Lily's guest room
WHEN: The night after they arrived
WHAT: Boyfriends talk about the weirdness and relationship things
RATING: A for really frickin' adorable, some kissing, pretty PG
STATUS: log; complete.

You're mine, James Potter. You can't get away now. )

[info]profmcg in [info]blackpoint

Sweet Merlin, Albus; I think you've finally gone ahead and made me lose my mind.

[info]paintedfuture in [info]blackpoint

After hanging around the Honolulu Museum of Art for about six hours today, they finally asked me to leave and told me they're not hiring. Under any circumstances. I'm not shocked, but I'm still not completely ready to go back to working at Best Buy.

Anyone have need of a 20-something artist that is currently broke and has no paint supplies? It doesn't have to be for art stuff. I'll do just about anything.

Mostly anything. Except I get seasick, so nothing on the water. (For anyone just catching up, admitting that to your pirate dad is probably the most heartbreaking admission of all time.)

Also I guess I should've mentioned I'm good at making costumes. Tailoring. If you need clothing repaired or hemmed or whatever. I've made more female warrior costumes than I care to brag about.