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Theme #5: Kinnetik - 5 of 6
TITLE: High Protein Snack
AUTHORS: [info]tweedygal and [info]catcayman
TIMELINE: Season 4 Post-Pink Posse Arc
WARNINGS: Just the obvious.
A/N: Enormous thank you to beta [info]shadownyc

Brian’s stomach grumbled slightly, bringing him out of his stupor. He had been sitting staring at the boards in front of him for hours. At that moment, the phone rang. “Hey. Don’t you have anyone else to call and harass late at night? Daphne, perhaps?”

"No, I already talked to Daphne," Justin didn't elaborate. "Have you eaten today?"

Brian glanced across his desk at the untouched sandwich box Cynthia had
brought in for him at noon--approximately 9 1/2 hours ago. "Sure," he
said, rubbing his eyes.

"I'm bringing you something and you're going to stop working for 20
minutes and eat it," Justin said, unfazed by Brian’s answer.

"The hell I am. I have a..." Brian started, hearing a definite click as
Justin hung up on him. Brian turned the phone off and tossed it back on
his desk, his mind already back on the project deadline.

When Justin waltzed into his office with a pizza and a six-pack,
Brian's mood was no better. Brian ignored Justin as he set the food on the coffee table, plopped down on the sofa and dug in. When Justin kicked off his shoes, put his feet up on the table, and twisted the cap off a beer, Brian glanced over. Justin flashed him a huge grin.

Brian tried to grimace, but he already knew he was fighting a losing
battle. He tried again to ignore Justin.

When the smell of marijuana wafted his way and he looked up to see Justin still grinning and blowing pitiful smoke rings, Brian gave up.

He left his desk, kicking off his loafers and placing then neatly under the table. He untucked his shirt as he headed to the couch. He sat next to Justin and grabbed the joint, inhaling deeply. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. Justin chuckled and reached up to kiss and lick Brian's exposed neck, then took the joint back. They passed it back and forth for a while, and then Brian put it out in Justin's empty beer bottle.

Brian opened beers for each of them and they just sat, occasionally taking a drink and enjoying the buzz. Finally, Justin swung his leg over Brian, straddling him. He took a sip of his beer and arched his back, feeling Brian’s hardening erection under him. Justin’s smile spread across his face as he began to move, enjoying the sensation in his balls and ass.

Brian closed his eyes and let his head fall back onto the back of the sofa, his mouth opening slightly. Justin loosened Brian’s tie and felt Brian’s hands move to his ass. Suddenly, he heard the sharp click of Cynthia’s high heels behind him. “Justin,” she smiled.

Brian opened one eyelid, holding Justin tightly against him. Justin raised an arm in a little wave.

“Just wanted to tell you ‘Good night.’ The layouts for the reworked Liberty Air account are on my desk.” Cynthia nodded, business-like, then pivoted and left the office, her mouth twitching into a smile.

Justin looked down at Brian, “Shit, you look exhausted. You need some sustenance if you want to work those long, hard hours, deep into the night.” He climbed off of Brian, who held onto Justin’s wrist.

"You should eat something," Justin said.

"Don't mind if I do," Brian replied, pushing the coffee table back from the sofa. He moved to his knees in front of Justin and said, "Everything off."

Justin didn't waste a second starting to undress. Justin smiled a little as he worked on the button to his cargo pants, “Nothing like a high-protein dinner.”

Brian sat back on his heels and pulled off his loosened tie and unbuttoned his shirt, shrugging it off as Justin stripped. Brian moved to his knees again as Justin pulled off his pants, reaching
for Justin's cock as soon as it was free. He thumbed the head for a moment and watched a drop of wetness form. Licking it off with just the tip of his tongue, he then took Justin's entire length into his mouth.

Justin's hips jerked forward and he rocked into Brian's mouth, a slightly stoned grin on his face. Brian sucked hard, pulling all the way off before moving back down Justin's dick.

After hearing Justin moan, Brian pulled out completely, his tongue reaching out to lick at just the tip again. He looked up at Justin with his own mischievous grin and said, "Wanna fuck?”

Justin, already close, desperately pulled Brian’s hair, trying to get him to resume.

Brian paused a moment, eliciting a whimper from Justin, and then sucked his cock in entirely, swallowing around the head, and felt Justin come hard and fast.

Justin opened his eyes a moment later, “Yeah, let’s fuck.”

“The new shower in the bathroom finally got installed today. And the plumber wasn’t even remotely fuckable--although I could see the crack of his ass.” Brian complained.

Justin laughed a little, “Well, since we’ve already christened your desk, the couch, Ted’s desk…”

Brian kissed him to shut him up, moving Justin backwards into the beautifully finished bathroom.

Turning on the water, Brian made sure they had towels ready, then pushed Justin under the hot spray. He followed after taking off his remaining clothes, closing the door sharply behind him.

“Shit, Brian, I still had my socks on,” Justin laughed and stripped them off.

Brian pushed Justin up against the cool tile, letting the water beat down. He kissed Justin, pushing his tongue into Justin’s mouth. Justin moaned and pulled Brian closer, wanting to rub their dicks together. He pushed Brian back against the glass of the shower door, feeling Brian slide slightly down the door, knowing what Justin needed.

Justin’s tongue licked a rivulet of water from Brian’s neck as Brian took both of their cocks in his hand. As he began to slowly run his hand up both of their cocks, he felt Justin suck deeply on his neck, knowing it would leave a mark. He shuddered, feeling Justin’s cock get harder.

Brian kept stroking, leaning down a bit to lick a wide swath over Justin’s neck and up his jaw line to his ear. Justin’s dick jerked and his head fell back, water running over it as Brian’s hand continued to rub their cocks together. Brian watched Justin’s face, feeling his own cock pulse harder.

Justin’s hand reached down to cover Brian’s, moving them together. He looked up and Brian was staring intently at him. Justin stammered, “Shit…shit…shit.”

“You like that?” Brian asked. Justin groaned and nodded. Brian spun Justin around and pushed him forward into the tile. “I think I should fuck you now.”

“Jesus, Brian, please…” Justin begged. “Fuck me.” His face against the shower wall, he spread his legs further apart. Brian reached over to the shelf where he usually kept condoms. Nothing. He stared in disbelief, his hand clenching on the ledge.

“Justin. Shit.” Brian gasped.

Justin turned his head, “What’s the matter? Why aren’t you fucking me into the glass?”

“Need a condom. I must’ve forgotten to put them in here.”

Justin reached up, pulling Brian’s mouth to his and kissed him hard. He pulled him close, then reached around for the door handle. Stumbling out, still kissing with one hand on Justin’s ass, Brian opened a drawer by the sink. Justin reached blindly into the drawer, and opened the condom.

As he rolled the condom on to Brian, Justin looked up. The image of Brian with his head back and mouth open made Justin shiver.

Brian turned Justin around and bent him over the countertop. He lined himself up and began to push, trying not to rush.

“Finally,” he heard Justin moan as Brian pushed in all the way. He reached up to rub a hand over Justin’s short hair, pushing his head down as he began to thrust harder. Grabbing the edge of the counter, Justin thrust back, pushing the pace. His moans echoed off the bathroom’s tiled walls. “Fuck, fuck…” he started repeating.

Brian slapped Justin’s ass and thrust even harder into him. “Tell me what you want Justin…you want it harder?”

“Fuck, yes,” Justin gritted out. “Hard…just…fuck!” He reached a hand back to grab at Brian, trying to pull him even closer. He attempted to spread his legs further, feeling Brian’s balls hitting his as he did. Brian smacked him again and Justin felt the heat radiating over his ass. Brian’s cock was dragging over his prostate with every thrust and Justin’s ass clenched around him as it did.

Justin continued to moan incoherently and Brian just pushed harder, keeping one hand at Justin’s hip to hold him steady. Brian began to grunt and moan as he felt his orgasm building. He leaned over Justin’s body with his own and reached around to grab Justin’s cock, pumping it hard a couple of times. “Fuck…Brian,” Justin hissed. Brian closed his fist hard around Justin, but continued to pump into his ass.

“Don’t come yet.”

Justin whimpered. “God…Brian…please…”

Brian stopped thrusting, his cock buried all the way in, then pulled back slowing and achingly over Justin’s prostate. Then he started fucking him hard again, his fist around Justin’s cock matching the pace. He grunted out, “Now. Come for me, Justin.”

Justin cried out Brian’s name once as he began to come. Brian stood up and grabbed both of Justin’s hips, pulling him back hard as his own orgasm shot through him. His hands moved to Justin’s ass, rubbing and kneading as he came. They both began to relax and Brian slowly pulled out. Justin shuddered a bit as he did and Brian chuckled. He tied off the condom and tossed it out.

After they toweled off, Brian slung his arm around Justin, feeling better than he had all day. They crossed back into Brian’s office.

“Now, are you still pissed I came and harassed you?” Justin teased, yawning. Brian smiled tiredly in response. “I never did get you to eat any food, though.” Justin added, “High protein snacks only get you so far.”

Brian’s stomach growled; they both laughed. “How about another one of those snacks at the loft? If you’re not too tired?”

Justin grinned, “With your advancing years, we’ll just see if you can keep up.”

Brian’s expression changed; Justin knew he was in deep-shit trouble.
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