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Theme #5: Kinnetik - 4 of 6
Title: Say Yes
Author: [info]not_yet_defined
Timeline: Around 502
A/N: This is more of a PWPlet – really short. self-beta'd – so yeah, all mistakes are mine. And thank you to my favorite porn whore [info]happier_bunny cause i totally thought up half of this when i was supposed to be helping her, :X.

Justin's head hung back over the edge of the desk. In between moans of incoherent pleasure random images were flashing through his mind – the jumble of boards and papers spilled on the floor below him, the angle of the coffee table to the couch (they weren't quite parallel and Justin almost managed to laugh at the thought of Brian moving it 87 times until he was satisfied with it's position but he was distracted by the flick of a tongue against his nipple and whimpered instead).

He was beyond focusing on any one image for too long. Focusing on anything other than the exquisite slow burn and feeling of perfectly aching fullness he was experiencing as Brian tortured him over and over and over again moving in and out with maddeningly snail-like speed. His mind would drift for a split-second, long enough for a snapshot image to form. Then Brian's mouth would find his neck, or his teeth would find his lower lip, and the particular view of the drain in the middle of the floor as seen from upside down, would fade to black, streaked through with color, behind his eyelids.

He was never going to get off at this rate. He was just going to be fucked into exhaustion and die.

Justin moved his hand to his dick, only to have it batted away yet again.

"Patience," Brian grunted, emphasizing his point by snapping his hips hard against Justin's ass, and, Justin noted - thank fucking god - moving a little faster.

Brian leaned in close, whispering a litany of dirty sentiments against Justin's lips between rough, wet, bruising kisses. His rhythm picking up speed, the head of his dick hitting Justin's prostate again and again with short, quick strokes.

Justin's hand tightened around the back of Brian's neck as his back curved, and slick with sweat, slid over the hard, smooth surface of the desk.

He was so fucking close, "So close, Brian. Please, don't stop." Brian gripped the edge of the desk near Justin's head with one hand, and gripped Justin with the other. Justin's legs tightened around him, his fingers dug into his arm, and Justin's rapid, shallow breaths emphasized his words.

The next plea died on Justin's lips replaced by a series of loud and poorly restrained moans as his come flooded out between them. His ass involuntarily clenching down on the hard cock deep inside of him, as Brian's own orgasm spiraled out of his control. Brian bit down on Justin's shoulder to restrain the sounds threatening to rip out of his throat.

They both stayed still for a minute, Brian's forehead pressed against Justin's neck, trying to brace his weight on the hands now flat against the surface of the desk. He wasn't particularly comfortable, but he didn't particularly want to move. Justin's head once again flopped backwards over the edge of the desk.

"The coffee table is crooked."

Brian laughed, "Way to kill the moment Sunshine."

Justin shrugged, "One of us was bound to do it sooner rather than later," biting his lip as Brian carefully pulled out.

Justin sat up, and thought he probably ought to feel at least a little embarrassed that he was sitting naked on a desk in the middle of a brightly lit office, but he really wasn't. At least not until Brian, fully re-clothed, standing in front of him and wiping the come off Justin's chest with a wet towel, leaned into kiss him and then said, as he pulled away, smirk securely in place, "You were kind of loud."

Justin walked past Cynthia's desk on his way out, and paused to politely tell her to "have a nice day." When she responded by thanking him for coming back from LA, and asking him if she could pencil him in for the same time tomorrow, he at least had decency to blush, and say, "Yes."
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