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Theme #4: Outdoors - 2 of 8
TITLE: Green Icing
AUTHOR: Niguita_Gia
A/N: No time for a beta so forgive any mistakes I made. I'm not at all sure if I'm satisfied with this.. but I’m posting it anyway cause having written it… Comments are loved and I hope everyone enjoys it.


“Brian, aren’t we far enough away from the car and pavilion already? It's going to rain soon.”

“Justin those were picnic tables with… fire… pit things and many other children that are not Gus… loud ones… and desserts with pink and green icing and did you not see the cake?” When Justin did nothing to demonstrate the immense amount of sympathy he had for Brian in return for suffering through this anguish, he sighed, “And I wouldn’t want to traumatise the poor tykes.”

Justin froze, “Is this what this is?” he demanded gesturing around him at the Pittsburgh wilderness “You, dragging me out so you can fuck me out from under the ear shot of all the kids?”

“Um… actually no. It had more to do with my in-suppressible need to kill or swear loudly at that red head but now that you mention it… that’s not a bad idea.” Brian looked around for a good patch of grass to push Justin onto or a tree strong enough to stand a force nine fuck. He was feeling… decidedly aggravated.

“Brian, I don’t think Nick’s dad is gay.”

“Sadly I actually agree with you. Even though I’m pretty sure I'd be capable of changing his mind... I meant the other red head.” Justin’s nose wrinkled and he shook his head thoughtfully.

“Nick’s dad was the only red head.” He decided

“Justin,” Brian sounded frustrated, “Red heads don’t all have to be male. Don’t be obtuse.”

Justin’s eyes widened exaggeratedly “There were people that weren’t male at a parent, student, kindergarten picnic thing? No! How did I not notice this? Better question, why the fuck did you?” Justin asked pointedly.

“She kept touching my arm and trying to sympathise with my plight. How was I supposed to miss that? And her breasts… Martians couldn’t avoid those. She speaks in exclamation marks. It's annoying not to mention…”

Justin interrupted “What plight? I thought you were perfect.”

Brian frowned, “I am, but I suppose perfection can be tampered with when my wife, leaves me after having fallen in love with another woman.” For once Justin was left kinda speechless.

“Then who the fuck am I?”

“My nephew, the babysitter, Lindsey’s kid brother… adopted… who the fuck knows?”

“And you called me obtuse?” Justin said sarcastically. He turned and noticed their surroundings for the first time. A clearing with a single table obviously meant for those happy campers who hoped for a more solitary lunch. No wandering parents and no one playing hide and seek, he couldn’t even hear the noise of the occasional screaming child. They were quite alone. He smiled to himself and turned his attention back to Brian.

Brian continued talking, “Yeah well straight women… who can even claim to understand them. They either want to be us… or convert us.”

“Us… as in you or us as in all gay men in general?” Justin asked seriously trying to keep a straight face.

Brian’s pointed look made it clear to Justin who it was that was so irresistible to straight women. “I hate this shit. I exist only by extension of my kid’s name. Gus’s Dad! That’s it! Nothing else!”

“Well don’t be so hard on yourself… you forgot you’re also – a single Dad, divorcee and sexually deprived obviously, what with being straight and all, not to mention fresh meat.”

“I am and will never be a cliché.”

“Too late.” Justin grimaced, smiling innocently. “Forgive me for my role in it but…” Brian pushed him back until the back of his thighs hit something low and raised a brow. Justin just smiled and continued to talk. “Hi, I must be your mid life crisis, or the young secretary your having an affair and cheating on your wife with, or… hey I could be your Boy toy that’s a good guess, or how about…” Brian shut him up with a brutal kiss that left Justin with bruised lips, panting for more and better yet – completely incapable of speech.

Barely pulling back Brian muttered into his mouth, “Don’t piss me off, right now Justin. Or I won’t be responsible for my actions.” Clutching at Justin’s hips and lifting him up until he sat on the edge of the picnic table he had backed them up against Brian latched on to Justin’s swollen, pink lips again.

Justin’s arms curved round Brian’s neck and pulled his body in closer, “Please.” He nipped at Brian’s full lower lip and tried to kiss him but Brian pulled back.

“Please what?”

Shrugging and smiling in that innocent way he had which was usually immediately preceded a lot of not so innocent activities Justin replied, “Be irresponsible.”

Brian laughed and shook his head. His hand curved around Justin’s neck the tip of his thumb hooking into that hollow under the chin that demanded Justin’s complete compliance. He could feel Justin’s pulse quicken under the palm of his hand.

Justin had no choice but to look back steadily into Brian’s face. It was such a turn on to know that if he moved his head, if he tried to free himself, if he did anything that Brian didn’t want him to do, that… well he couldn’t. To be in Brian’s control, to be held down by him unable to do what he wanted, or breathe properly it drove Justin nuts and it made him so hard. He swallowed and felt the pressure round his neck tighten. He moaned and Brian bowed his head to lick over his lips.

Brian moved his other hand to cover Justin’s crotch, just pressure, a presence to be felt, one that was… there but not quite there where Justin wanted him, there. “Open!” Brian commanded and Justin spread his legs. Brian shook his head and tapped his fingers under Justin’s chin. Justin whimpered as he forced his mouth open, the pressure ever increasing against his oesophagus. Brian’s tongue dipped into his mouth and Justin moaned and tried to kiss him back, sloppily.

Suddenly he felt himself get wet and not in the place he usually felt any kind of wetness during normal foreplay. He blinked, confused and his eyes darted around as Brian’s tongue explored the inside of his mouth. Brian pulled back annoyed that he had lost Justin’s complete attention.

Brian didn’t let go of his throat as he forcibly tipped Justin onto his back. The suddenness of the movement made Justin gasp and his hands reach out to steady himself as the world titled abruptly. Justin still ended up flat on his back but his hands clutched at the material of Brian’s shirt and it gave him some measure of control… or at least the illusion of it.

Brian loomed over him, stroking more insistently over the material that covered Justin’s crotch. Justin compared him to the darkening clouds overhead. The tense pressure that he could feel surrounding him and in him, the air was thick with heat and need and heavy with moisture and passion. He could feel the raindrop that had landed on his arm slowly drip down towards his elbow, making him shiver.

Raising both his arms to curl his fingers round Brian’s wrist Justin pulled, testing his strength. Brain’s hand remained steady and unmoving around his neck. His ass, rested on the very edge of the table and Justin could feel the heat from Brian’s body where his ass pressed against Brian’s crotch. Brian was hard.

Brian began to unbutton and unzip Justin’s trousers pulling them down so that his cock sprung free. “No underwear?” Justin shook his head wordlessly and thrust his hips into Brian’s exploring fingers. Brian grinned appreciatively and he let go of Justin’s throat, quite certain now that Justin was incapable of struggle or even talking himself out of the good fucking that awaited him. The raindrops started falling, light and sporadic.

“Brian it's gonna rain. Fuck me quickly and maybe we can avoid getting wet.” Justin voiced, his voice low and husky, appealing, tempting.

“No! I want you wet.” Brian curled his fingers around Justin’s length and started to tug leisurely.

“Brian please!” he raised a hand to Justin’s mouth and gave him two fingers to suck on with the added bonus of shutting him up for a while. Justin needed to save up his begging and pleading for when Brian’s cock was up his ass. Removing his fingers once they were sufficiently coated Brian lowered Justin’s trousers a bit further so that he could have better access to his ass. He taunted and teased just rubbing his fingers round Justin’s entrance without pressing inside. He watched as Justin’s eyes began to glaze over with need. His hand continued to stroke up his shaft but he avoided the sensitive head that would have enhanced Justin’s need for immediate release.

When Justin seemed to give in and just accept a long pointless jerking session Brian thrust his two fingers into his ass hard and fast making Justin jolt away from him and his eyes fly open with surprise and renewed lust.

Twisting his fingers round, stretching Justin out and watching as cum started to bubble up from the slit of Justin’s cock. Brian bent forward and sucked hard on the head. Justin’s hips jerked up and he moaned, his ass tightening around Brian’s insistent fingers. Brian pulled his fingers out his actions hurried now as his need and desire hit him all at once and became more desperate.

Brian lifted both of Justin’s legs until his feet were flat on the edge of the table. He concentrated on unlacing one of the dirty old trainers and contemplated throwing it onto the ground but reconsidered when he looked up and saw the dark clouds above. Justin would bitch and moan if he made him walk back with a wet and squelchy shoe. He put it on the bench under the picnic table and started to pull off Justin’s jeans. He left one leg free and the second leg bunched up around Justin’s ankle.

He watched out of the corner of his eye as Justin’s hand crept down his abdomen and began to stroke his cock hurriedly as if hoping to get off before Brian noticed. He grinned ruefully and, keeping an eye on the boy’s balls, began to loosen his own belt and tug his dark Armani jeans down just below his ass. Snagging a lubed condom out of his pocket, slicking it on, he aligned himself to Justin’s hole but he didn’t thrust in.

“Justin!” Brian warned and watched as his head jerked up and their eyes met. Justin let go of his dick and pushed his hips down hopping to coax Brian’s cock into his ass.

“Now! Brian, now… I want you now.” Brian pressed in. He could feel Justin’s hole open and spread out to take him but he stopped before the head of his cock fully entered him. Justin moaned and shifted down again but Brian grabbed onto his waist and held him still.

Justin knew that the pain of entry was going to overwhelm him. Brian had barely prepared him and the lubed condom was not enough and he was going to feel… really feel that burning stretch of initial penetration and God how he wanted to feel it. When he felt the drops of water begin to land on him and then stream down over his body it was like having cold wet hands begin to stroke all of his nerve endings. The duelling sensations of something cold making him so hot and the freedom of fucking outside during the middle of the day and the pressure of Brian’s hot cock against his opening made him need in a way that he hadn’t for… since last time. He tried to push down again already exasperated with this nearly, almost, but not quite pleasure thing that Brian was playing with.

“So impatient. I should make you wait… just because I can.” The rain started falling steadily. The light drops that they had felt earlier had not warned them to the strength of the coming summer storm. Justin had his fingers in his hair, tugging at the strands mindlessly as he tried to force Brian’s cock to get into him but Brian was taking his fucking time. Justin watched him as his face, eyes closed tilted up to feel the rain wash over his skin. His long neck stretched up, exposed and Justin tried to reach out to pull him down so he could suck on the pulse in Brian’s neck.

Brian heard Justin whimper and turned back to the matters at hand. Looking down at Justin stretched out for him, waiting for the thrust that would bring him in, bring him his pleasure. Brian grinned and pushed in slightly, then pulled back again and Justin’s grunt of frustration made him do it again and again. Never entering him, only torturing.

It started to really rain then and Brian watched as Justin’s white t-shirt got wetter and began to stick and mould to his skin. Unable to wait any longer Brian pushed his hips forward and forced himself into Justin, strong and steady. Justin’s naked leg rose up and curled around his hip pulling him in closer, groaning. His other leg, his jeans still hanging off of his ankle pressed down on the picnic bench underneath as he lifted his ass up and Brian slid in further and deeper inside of him.

Brian groaned as Justin’s tight ass opened up to him. “Jesus! There is nothing better than watching your ass swallow my cock.” He waited for Justin to adjust to his size, “You’re so small and tight I never think you can take all of me… all of anything I ever stuff in your tight little hole.” He began to thrust slowly in and out, “But you love getting your ass fucked by anything, by me. The feeling as it stretches open, the feeling of being so full of me. God it drives you crazy. Doesn’t it?”

Justin’s head arched back as he felt Brian enter him again, harder this time and he felt the feeling of being so full buzz through him. “Yes, God yes. I love it so much, too much.” He felt high and soo good… soo good. Slowly Brian began to withdraw then slide in steadily and then… again harder and harder until he could feel his ass sting and he new he’d feel this brutal pounding for hours after it had finished. His cock got even harder with that thought. Every time Brian hit his prostate fire and heat flared through his body making him numb and feel too much at the same time.

Justin moved his hand down to where Brian was entering his body. “I love the feeling of you when you move inside me.” he panted cause he just had to make sure that Brian knew that… that this was everything… God there was nothing better than this.

Brian’s hips snapped up hard against his ass again and Justin covered his eyes with his hands. Brian kept one hand on Justin’s hip, angling him up to take him and making sure that Justin’s body didn’t move on the rough wooden table with the force of his thrusts. His other hand began to trace patterns on Justin’s chest. Still covered with his t-shirt, the wet and heavy material moved over his skin in a strange way that made each tug be felt everywhere the shirt touched his skin.

Brian bent forward and latched his mouth around the dark round smudge, which indicate the position of Justin’s nipple. Sucking on the material, sucking out some of the water that the cotton had absorbed. His hips continued to drive into Justin’s ass and he could feel Justin getting close. He could tell by the meaningless words that Justin spoke and mumbled and used to plead, that Justin was close. He stopped his determined assault and started to rotate his hips so that his cock stroked pass Justin’s prostate repeatedly but didn’t hit it hard in the way he knew Justin needed to get off.

Justin cried out and felt himself move away from the climax he had been about to reach. His body calmed down and he opened his eyes to look up at Brian. He looked like he had been crying, his eyes all bleary and unfocused, barely open to protect them from the rain. He moved the hand that he had let drop, after he had touched his fingers to his hole to feel the place where Brian breached his body, towards his cock so that he could stroke himself to make up for the loss of Brian’s steady pounding.

But Brian stopped him, lacing their fingers together and then pinning their entwined hands to the table besides Justin’s head. As he bent over him and began to slowly thrust into him again. The speed and force of Brian’s cock driving into him increased and Justin could feel his body race towards completion. He couldn’t wait much longer and he began to mindlessly beg for him, beg for anything, beg for this to be it. He was so sure that if Brian stopped again his cock would explode and he would die a painful and unsatisfied death.

Brian felt his balls begin to tighten and new he didn’t have the stamina right now to torture Justin for any longer. Bringing his hand down along Justin’s torso until his fingers curled around Justin hard, red, weeping cock he began to jerk him off.

Justin thrust his hips up and down his ass onto Brian’s cock and then his dick into his fist. His world tilted and he could feel heat gather itself at the base of his spine. His balls tightened painfully and he opened his mouth as Brian’s name spilled from his lips repetitively, mantra like even. His brain shattered and a kaleidoscope of colours exploded behind his eyes as he shuddered his completion. Cum shot out of his dick coating his wet chest and absorbed into his t-shirt. The rain quickly washed the rest of it away. The sun was already breaking through the clouds and the rain started to slow down.

Brian had watched Justin’s eyes roll back into his head and had felt his anal muscles rippling and clenching around his cock. He continued to thrust into him erratically until he shot into Justin’s ass, groaning and collapsing on to Justin’s chest.

Justin, his eyes closed enjoyed the drops of rain that fell on his face. He liked his lips trying to catch some of the moisture until Brian bent forward and caught his tongue and sucked it into his mouth. Justin decided that as kisses go he preferred Brian’s kisses to the rain’s… but he definitely liked Brian rain kisses a lot. They were wet and sloppy and went from soft and lazy to hard and brutal in seconds. The rain began to slow down while they recuperated until it eased up completely.

Finally Brian lifted up and pulled himself out of Justin’s ass. The accompanying hiss made him stroke his fingers over Justin’s hole to quickly check the he was okay. Justin’s contented sigh indicated that he was. Brian smiled and began to dress himself.

“You just fucked me on a picnic table at your four year olds end of year kindergarten summer tea party thing.”


“I was just saying it out loud… trying to absorb the fact.”

“Justin you are not focusing on the important part of the sentence – I just fucked you! – who cares where or when it was.”

“Oh, right. I noticed… you know, the orgasm. It was nice.” Justin stated dreamily.

Brian rolled his eyes and held out his arm to help Justin up. Justin eyed it in bleary-eyed confusion then stared up at him questioningly. Sighing, resigned Brian began to dress him, although he drew the line at tying his shoelaces. When Justin seemed vaguely presentable again Brian grabbed onto his forearms and pulled him up into a seated position. They began to walk back towards the party.

They approached the big wooden pavilion where it seemed everyone had retreated during the sudden storm. The children where already freeing themselves from the strong clutches of worried mothers and had began to play in puddles. Hearing the shrieking wail of a little girl who had slipped and whose pink dress was now… not so pink, Brian turned around and away quite prepared to get into the car and drive away immediately. It seemed though that he had been too slow cause his gaze was drawn to the fast approaching floating tits of the women who had kept hitting on him all afternoon.

She looked up at him smiling in that huge fake bland sort of way, “Gus’s Dad! Did you get caught in the rain with your…?” her eyes shifted over to where Justin stood just slightly behind him trying to twist the excess water from the bottom of his t-shirt waiting for confirmation to precisely which meaningless role it was that Justin had in his lives.

Brian sighed annoyed then glancing over his shoulder to where Justin stood stiffly he grinned wickedly at him and turned back to face the… woman. “Fuck-buddy, lover, boyfriend, partner… yes actually we did get caught in the rain. It's amazing how unbelievable, gut wrenching sex and multiple orgasms…” Justin snorted and crossed his arms over his chest. Brian looked at him sharply daring him to refute that comment with a sinister smile, which was a promise of punishments to come if he did. Justin raised an eyebrow and waited for Brian to continue. “…can distract you from a little thing like rain. Why, on the way back I nearly had to force the babysitter to the ground and have my way with him again just cause his shirt was all wet and see-through and stuck to his chest and I could see his hard, dark nipples… But the boy was shivering and I know I shouldn’t abuse and take advantage of the hired help. I only hire male secretaries you know… they’re always willing to give a helping hand.” Brian’s accompanying, lewd hand gesture did not allow for misunderstandings.

Red head’s large bulging eyes widened, she gasped and placed a carefully manicured hand over her painted mouth and hurried off muttering about disgusting homosexual, crude, pretty men, who are already taken.

“You made me sound like a slut.” Justin frowned.

“You are a slut.” Justin opened his mouth to argue, but Brian interrupted and pointed over his shoulder. “I just fucked you on a picnic table at my four year olds end of year kindergarten summer tea party thing… you were begging for it. Wasn’t it you who mentioned that? And don’t argue about the begging and pleading and the incoherent mind numbing pleasure…” Justin’s mouth clicked firmly shut, “I heard you. I know you.”

“But I feel like a slut three times over. Not only do you have a slut for a partner but one for a babysitter and a male secretary. That’s like three peoples worth of slut.”

“That makes sense. The reason I keep you around is cause you’re three times the slut anyone else can be. See we match… how married of us.” He returned sarcastically. “Now go find Lindsey so that you can tell her we are leaving… cause we need to dry ourselves and then I'm taking you back to the loft where I will oh so kindly strip you of your wet garments and then proceed to fuck you into oblivion… again.”

“How gracious of you and all out of the goodness of your own heart, I suppose? I shall do just as you say and scurry off to do your bidding.” Rolling his eyes Justin strolled off leisurely to get one of those cup cakes that Brian had mentioned. Who gave a fuck if they had green Shrek icing… and as payback he’d make sure that Brian ate some too – from his lips to God’s… well, Brian’s mouth actually.
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