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Theme #11: Public Sex // Sex in Public 10 of 10
TITLE: Oh, But We Should
AUTHOR: [info]tweedygal
WARNINGS: Last-minute porny madness ahead
A/N: Besa came back. I felt like writing celebrating.

"Brian. Seriously. We shouldn't do this."

"Oh, but we should." Brian's voice was muffled as he licked and sucked at Justin's neck, pushing his knee between Justin's thighs to part them.

"The place is crawling with cops…" Justin's voice trailed off as Brian's hand began rubbing against his crotch. They were in the dark, leaned against the steps at the side of Woody's, the crowd from inside still gathered nearby. Justin could hear Debbie's voice, shrill and indignant, complaining to all who would listen that they "were just raising money for charity!"

Justin tried one more time, half-heartedly, to make Brian stop, but when he unzipped Justin's jeans and began to stroke his cock, he gave up and groaned loudly. Brian kissed him, his tongue sucking hard at his bottom lip before he broke the kiss and turned Justin quickly to face the wall.

He had Justin's jeans down just past his ass in record time, and was lubed, sheathed and buried in Justin's ass just as quickly. Justin yelled out and Brian's hand came around to cover his mouth.

"Shhh…." Brian whispered. "We don't want them *all* watching, do we?" Justin just groaned in response, pushing back against Brian. He could feel the scratch of that awful sweater vest against his lower back.

"Mmmmfffh…." Justin tried to talk against Brian's hand, but Brian wouldn't move it, so Justin groaned again.

"See? " Brian whispered into Justin's ear. "It's hot. I know you love it. Me fucking you right out here where anyone could see if they looked our way." Justin just moaned in response. Brian pulled almost all the way out and then began fucking Justin with short, hard strokes, pushing him into the wall with each movement. Justin braced himself with his hands and pushed back.

Brian groaned too. He leaned into Justin and said, "Lick my hand." Justin did and Brian grabbed Justin's dick, stroking as he continued to pound Justin, now brushing his prostate with every stroke. Justin bit his upper lip in an attempt to keep from yelling and came, pulsing into Brian's hand. Brian came seconds later, his face buried in Justin's neck.

When they finally emerged from the shadows, grinning like a couple of schoolkids, Debbie and Vic and Rodney were sitting on the steps, Debbie still holding court and complaining to anyone who would listen.

"Where the hell have you two been?" she asked.

"Around the corner fucking," said Brian.

Debbie's look shot daggers at him. "Would you be serious for once?" she said. "This is a big deal, Brian."

Brian started to tell Debbie he *was* being serious, but Justin pulled him away with a wave to Deb. "We'll talk tomorrow, okay?"

Debbie watched them go, shaking her head. "One of these days maybe Brian Kinney will stop thinking with his dick."

Vic laughed. "Sure he will, Sis. Dream big."
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