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Choose Your Own Adventure - 6 of 7
Title: Goodnight, Twat
Author: [info]not_yet_defined
Prompts: I cheated a bit and used them all - Noon & Midnight, Office & Studio, Finger Fucking & Snowballing. Good thing I'm the mod. :P
A/N: A very quick and dirty beta and ego-boosting by [info]tweedygal *Squishes*. She can not be held responsible for my bad grammar, or general cheesiness, or inability to format properly when using a Mac. :D

Justin dropped down to the floor and leaned back on his hands staring up at the panel. His eyes slowly scanned the surface, silently critiquing every inch. Finally he allowed his focus to widen, taking in the piece as a whole. Satisfied, he lay back. He ought to get up and clean his brushes. Or at least get off the floor and make his way to the bed, or the couch, or the shower. But the floor was nice too. He tilted his head to the left, glancing at the clock. It was noon in the Pitts.

He closed his eyes and pictured Brian at that moment. Sitting at his desk. Dressed immaculately in a charcoal grey suit, a white, no, a light blue shirt, and that tie Justin liked, with the tiny geometric pattern in blues, lavenders, and the slightest traces of orange. His hand moved to his paint-stained jeans, pulling open the fly, sliding inside his underwear, and grasping his semi-erect cock.

He could see him sitting at his desk, leaning back in his chair one moment, talking to whoever, sitting forward the next, nimbly moving his long fingers over his keyboard. Justin pulled harder on his dick, running his thumb over the tip, collecting the pre-come that had gathered there and spreading it over the head. Brian was hot when he was multi-tasking in full business mode.

The last time Justin had stopped by Kinnetik, Brian had been holding his phone with one hand, manipulating the mouse with his other and mouthing that sadly he was going to have skip lunch. Justin had locked the door behind him, dropped his bag and his coat on the floor, and dropped to his knees in front of Brian. He wasn't even sure if Brian had hit mute before gasping quietly as he came in Justin's mouth.

Justin moaned at the memory and sped up his movements just as his phone started to vibrate on the table near his head. He reached up and grabbed it, his other hand still idly stroking his erection, grinning at the caller display.

"You have fucking unbelievable timing. What are you wearing?"

Brian laughed, "My black Dolce and Gabbana, a white D&G shirt, the Charvet tie that you like and black loafers. I'd tell you which ones but I know you have no appreciation for these things."

"Are you really wearing that tie?"

He laughed again, "No. But I know it makes you hot."


"What are you wearing?"

"Um, hang on a second," Justin pushed himself up off the floor, stripping as he walked the 15 feet it required him to reach his bed. "Nothing."

"Mmm, my favorite look on you. Are you jerking off?"

Yes. When you called I was thinking about the last time I visited you at work."

"That was hot. You came in your pants like a teenager."

Justin huffed, "Fuck you, that's because you had your hand stuck down them," his cock jerked at the memory and pre-come bubbled out of the slit.

Brian continued, ignoring Justin, his own hand rubbing the growing hard-on beneath his wool slacks, "You were being a very bad boy. I was discussing a multi-million dollar account, and you were straddling my lap, and being generally distracting. It was the only way I could think of getting you to stop."

Justin groaned, his balls tightening as he remembered Brian grabbing his arm and pulling him up off the floor and on to his lap. Brian's tongue hungrily invading his mouth and licking his own come off his tongue. He could hear Brian breathing harder on the other end of the line.

"I want to come."

"Are you wet?"

"God yes. Christ, I'm gonna come, Brian," He moaned, he could hear faintly hear the sounds of Brian stroking himself, it was driving him nuts.

"Not...yet," Justin groaned but backed himself slightly back from the edge. "Tell me what I was doing when you came in your pants."

"Licking your come off my tongue and fucking me," Justin ground out absently moving his hand off of his cock and circling his hole with his finger. It was slick with the fluid leaking from his cock, and he pushed the tip in, moaning from the sensation.

"Fucking you...how?" Brian's voice was low and husky and Justin could tell he was getting close.

"You were playing with my ass, pushing against my hole with two fingers until you worked the tips of both of them inside...Brian, please."

He moaned so softly Justin almost couldn't hear it, and barely heard him when asked "Is that how you are fucking yourself now?"

"Yes," Justin bit out, his voice taking on a desperate edge, as he shallowly thrust in and out of his hole with two fingers.

Justin could hear Brian grunt softly as he came and he dropped the phone on the bed and grabbed his aching cock, barely touching himself before spurts of hot come hit his chest.

He gave himself a moment to catch his breath before picking the phone back up. He could hear Brian breath slowly evening out on the other end.

"Hey," Justin said somewhat lamely, but really, how was he supposed to be coherent after that?

He could practically hear Brian grinning through the phone, "I told you on Tuesday that you weren't allowed to call me in the middle of the night anymore unless it's the weekend. You seem to forget it's the middle of the day here and I'm very busy running my empire."

He laughed outright at that, "You called me."

"That's a fair point."

They both fell silent and Justin could feel his body relaxing into the mattress. Justin sighed, "No more commissions on the other side of the globe."

Brian, naturally, did not respond to that statement. "I have to go, I have a meeting in ten minutes."

"Ok, thanks for calling," Justin was apparently getting lamer by the minute, he blamed it on a combination of paint fumes, lack of sleep, and his post-orgasmic haze.



"Go to bed, I'll call you in the morning, when I'm comfortably in our bed and you are at your place of business."

"No fair. I can't lock people out and jerk off while I'm at work."

"Too bad for you."

Justin yawned, "I just won't answer my phone."

Brian snorted.

"Goodnight, Brian," Justin said, half-way to sleep, and forgetting it wasn't nighttime where Brian was.

"Goodnight, Twat."
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