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Theme #1: Fic 4 of 4  
Title:Satisfaction…for bj_action Rimming & Finger Fucking Theme #1.

Author: not_yet_defined

Warning:NC-17, PWP

Timeline: Sometime during episode 410

A/N:Pulling this out of my ass brain was painful, hopefully reading it is much less so. And sorry, but this is self-beta’d, as I have no beta, woe is me, so either forgive my errors, or volunteer to be my beta next time. :P

“Roll over.” Brian murmured it so quietly Justin wasn’t entirely sure he had heard him say it. Maybe he just wanted to hear it so badly he was imagining it. He didn’t move, but shifted his eyes up towards Brian’s, eyebrows raised slightly in question.

“Roll. Over.” This time the words were clear and firm.

Justin’s body responded, rolling onto his stomach, burying his face in his pillow, before his mind caught up. Brian was propped up on one arm, laying on his side next to Justin. He reached over with his free hand and ran his fingers lightly up and down Justin’s back before leaning over and kissing Justin’s shoulder blade. Brian’s touch seemed hesitant, which was just not fucking normal and Justin’s brain caught back up.

“Brian, you don’t have to. I don’t need this…”



Brian repositioned himself over Justin, one knee nestled between Justin’s thighs, the other pressed into the mattress on the outside of Justin’s left leg. The rest of his weight resting on one hand, as the other stroked down Justin’s side, “Shut the fuck up.”

When Brian’s lips found the back of Justin’s neck and his hand found Justin’s ass, Justin felt his guilt start slip away. Brian anchored the pad of his thumb at the top of Justin’s crack as the side of his index finger glided between Justin’s cheeks towards his hole. His ass was still slick with lube from their previous attempt.

Brian traced around the wet, puckered opening a couple of times before running his finger directly over it, pushing down with just enough pressure to elicit a small moan from Justin. Brian’s mouth licked, kissed and bit at Justin’s shoulders and neck as he teased Justin’s tight pink hole. He circled the hole softly again before slipping the tip of his finger inside. He pushed in and out rapidly several times and Justin pushed his ass back towards Brian’s hand.

Justin bit back the “fuck me,” that was hanging on the tip of his tongue. Brian heard it anyway, they never needed words, not when they were naked in bed anyway.

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Brian…” his tone was both desperate and apologetic.

“Like this?” Brian asked as he plunged his finger into Justin’s tight ass as far as it would go. Brian took Justin’s moan for a yes and slid a second finger in alongside the first. He fucked Justin slowly, rubbing against his prostate. Justin rocked back against his hand, rubbing his cock against the sheets. Brian smiled against Justin’s back as his lips and his tongue worked their way down Justin’s spine. At least I can still do this, Brian thought.

When his mouth reach Justin’s ass, Brian licked down his crack, lapping at the stretched skin around Justin’s hole as his fingers continued to slide in and out.

Justin groaned his frustration and need into his pillow, clenching the sheets in his fist. Brian’s tongue was too light against his skin, his fingers were fucking him too slowly, and his teasing was driving Justin fucking insane. The longer this went on, the more Justin wanted it Hard. Fast. Now. And he felt like selfish shit for wanting it.

Brian backed off completely and Justin whimpered in protest, the teasing was, after all, better then nothing.

“Such a horny little slut Sunshine,” Brian laughed as he shifted, kneeling between Justin’s thighs. He moved his hands over Justin’s ass, kneading the warm flesh, pulling his cheeks apart briefly with his thumbs before sliding them around to Justin’s hips. Brian pulled them back towards him and Justin moved onto his knees. His face rested on its side against his pillow and he watched as Brian reached out and guided Justin’s own hands to his ass.

“Hold yourself open for me, Justin.”

Justin felt his blush further heat his already flushed skin, but complied, there was no way he was going to protest anything that Brian might want from him right now. Brian sat back on his heels. His dick was getting hard again, but he knew it wouldn’t last, so he ignored it. Instead Brian focused on what he was going to do to the hot, needy blonde in front of him.

“Christ you look hot like that.”

Justin’s cock was rock hard and leaking as Brian slid his palm up the shaft. He brought his face back down to Justin’s ass and licked at the pink folds of skin. Brian closed his hand around Justin’s cock and began stroking up and down as his tongue thrust into Justin’s hot little hole. Fuck he loved being inside of Justin like this, tasting him, swirling his tongue around inside, and thrusting it in and out. He fisted Justin’s cock in time with the thrusts of his tongue. The fingertips of his other hand pressing tightly against Justin’s hip, holding him place.

Brian felt Justin tense against him. He felt Justin’s hole spasm around his tongue. He felt Justin’s cock jerk in his hand. He felt Justin come, moaning out his name.

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[info]manic_fanatic on January 20th, 2011 08:09 am (UTC)
I barely made it through the cancer arc. Brian not being able to fuck is hard to accept. He needed time and to relax and not worry about it. I'm glad Brian remembered all the OTHER things he was good at that didn't require his dick. :o) I just bet he taught Justin A LOT of new and deliciously dirty things they could do togther. The man IS a creative genius, after all. :o)
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