15 March 2008 @ 12:10 pm
Ides of March Challenge: 2 of 3  
Title: Early Mornings
AuthorArtist: [info]not_yet_defined
Fandom/Pairing/Prompt: Queer as Folk/Brian and Justin/Elements
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP...that takes place in the morning, how much more summary do you need? :P
Disclaimer: I'm just borrowing brian and justin, sadly.
Highlight for Warnings: * schmoopy butt secks *
Beta: sadly self beta'd...not as fun as it sounds.

I woke up nearly suffocating from heat and gingerly kicked my left leg free of the blankets while trying not to disturb the sleeping mass half sprawled on top of me. His skin was so fucking warm there was a slight sheen of sweat between us in the places where our skin came in contact. The kid was a fucking furnace when he slept, buried under a mound of blankets.

It was early. The sun wasn't even up yet, although the sky had begun to lighten. I didn't need to be up for at least another hour, so once I had freed an arm and a leg, and I could breathe again I let myself relax under his weight. I took a deep breath, inhaling a tuft of blond. I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair, pulling it off of his face and mine, letting them rest in damp hair at the base of his neck. Using my foot I tugged the blankets a bit lower. He just shifted closer, turning his face into my skin, his dick, soft and warm, pressing against my thigh.

I almost had the thought that this was a nearly perfect way to start my day, but decided I couldn't deal with that much lesbianism this early in the morning.

I trailed my fingers down his back, pushing the duvet further down as I went. He mumbled and the hand curled on my chest shot down and flailed around searching for the edge of the blanket.

Finally his head shot up and he tried to glare at me, "Brian, what the fuck?"

Glaring was fairly unproductive when you had a massive case of bed head, were rubbing sleep out of your eyes, and I could feel your cock twitching on my thigh. I didn't tell him that though.

Instead I smiled serenely, "Good morning, Sunshine."

"Freezing me to death is not an effective way to go about getting me to wake up and let you fuck me."

I laughed; he had already rolled onto his back, and was simultaneously guiding me down on top of him and a blanket back over us.

"Then why are pulling me down on top of you?"

"I'm cold."

"Then why is your dick getting so hard?"

"Shut up and fuck me."

I huffed a laugh against his skin as my lips grazed his neck. He was wrong; waking him up this way worked every goddamn time.

I reached down and stroked his cock, coaxing it awake more deftly than I had Justin while my tongue stroked over his nipple. His left hand rested on the back of my head, his right resting on the sheets. I bit down and tugged gently as my thumb glided over his wet slit and felt his hand tighten in my hair as he clenched the sheets. His chest moved up and down rapidly under me.


I glanced up at him; he was all flushed cheeks, fiery eyes, and moist lips. Foreplay was all well and good, but sometimes it was just really fucking unnecessary. I crushed my lips against his, losing myself for a moment in the depths of his mouth, drinking him in like water. I wildly thought there was nothing better then kissing Justin, until I felt the weight of his legs wrapping around my waist and he pressed the condom against my hand and brought me back to earth. I pulled back enough to roll it on and groaned as I watched him suck two of his fingers into his mouth, coating them in spit, before working them into his ass. I drizzled some lube on my own, and gently pushed one in alongside his. The sight of us both inside of him mesmerized me, until he pulled his out, and grabbed my wrist. "Brian," he breathed and I thought sometimes we both needed this more than we needed air.

I pressed inside of him. So fucking hot and wet and perfect and Christ I was going to be finished before this even started. He was panting beneath me. I rested my forehead against his shoulder, steadying myself, attempting to find some control. He groaned in protest, "Brian, fuck don't stop." My hand found his, clutching at the sheets and I pulled it up, threading my fingers through his as I pressed it back into bed beside his head, grounding us both. His breathing slowed a fraction and I thought it was safe to move and pulled almost all way out, before pushing back in. The head my cock passed over his prostate and his perfect, tight little ass clenched around me, and my lips were back on his and the briefly gained control disintegrated instantaneously. He was gripping my arm hard enough to bruise, and arching up to kiss me anywhere he could reach, as I thrust in hard and fast.

Our kisses were wet and sloppy, and I was dimly aware that the manner in which I was fucking him would probably be best described as frantic. But god this feels so fucking good. I thought as I tensed and came inside of him. The hot flood of come set him off, and I felt him follow just behind me.

I collapsed on top of him. Until I felt him pushing against me and mumbling that I was suffocating him. I thought that was only fair, considering it was how I started my day. I rolled off of him though, onto my back.

We were laying side by side, my hand resting on his thigh, the only place we touched. I didn't need to look to know he was already falling back asleep.

I glanced at the clock; I had to be up in 5 minutes. I reached over, turned off the alarm, then lay back down, this time using Justin as a human body pillow and went back to sleep.
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happier_bunny: b/j floor kiss[info]happier_bunny on March 15th, 2008 06:57 pm (UTC)
Oh man, this made me all tingly. I love how you used the elements theme.

A wonderful porny delight!
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Ny: 117 justin - head on shoulder[info]not_yet_defined on March 15th, 2008 11:51 pm (UTC)
thanks bunny :D
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