vamphile ([info]vamphile) wrote in [info]bj_action on March 15th, 2008 at 11:53 pm
glanced up at him; he was all flushed cheeks, fiery eyes, and moist lips. Foreplay was all well and good, but sometimes it was just really fucking unnecessary. I crushed my lips against his, losing myself for a moment in the depths of his mouth, drinking him in like water. I wildly thought there was nothing better then kissing Justin, until I felt the weight of his legs wrapping around my waist and he pressed the condom against my hand and brought me back to earth. I pulled back enough to roll it on and groaned as I watched him suck two of his fingers into his mouth, coating them in spit, before working them into his ass. I drizzled some lube on my own, and gently pushed one in alongside his. The sight of us both inside of him mesmerized me, until he pulled his out, and grabbed my wrist. "Brian," he breathed and I thought sometimes we both needed this more than we needed air.

i just want to stare at that for a while.

and hate you a little.
and love you a lot.
and ask you why you don't write more often, but i i know that's an annoying question.

this was... beautiful.

now change faction to fraction and it's all good
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