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Theme #6: Orgasm Control - 5 of 5
Title: Controlled Response
Author: [info]testdog65 aka Ellen
Time frame Post-513
Warnings: NC-17
A/N: Thank you to [info]xie_xie_xie for her invaluable advice and beta skills!

The beat of the music vibrates around us while the lights shimmer and swirl, altering the air and blending the sea of bodies into a muted backdrop. I’m barely aware of the crowd or the song that’s playing beyond the rhythm that I feel pulsing through me. All of my attention is focused on Brian, his body pressed against me, his face in my hair, and his hand down my pants, softly palming my cock.

I haven’t been to Babylon in a while, and I’ve missed it. Brian’s here most nights, of course, but usually dealing with some crisis or checking up on business. Tonight is different, and it’s just for us.

I feel Brian’s hand at my waist slide lower until it’s on my ass. He uses it to pull me even closer, which makes the pressure of his hand on my cock increase. Finally. He’s been teasing me long enough.

I lean my head on Brian’s shoulder and turn my face into his neck. His skin is damp, and I reach my tongue out to lick a path to his ear. He arches his neck, and I bite gently at the skin just below his jaw. He sucks in a breath, and I can feel him smile.

His hand on my cock is moving now. Even in the tight space between us, he’s able to stroke his palm against my hardness. I press my face further into his neck and breathe him in. His scent adds to my growing need, and my hips are moving in rhythm with the music as I dance against his hand.

Brian has maneuvered a leg between mine, and the added pressure against my balls makes me groan. I want to come, but at the same time, this feels too good to end yet. I can feel his own hard-on pressed against my hip, and I know he’s enjoying this almost as much as I am. Maybe more.

Brian’s strokes are more insistent now, and each time his hand moves up, he twists his palm over the head of my cock. I’m leaking, and the extra wetness makes it easier for his hand to slide over the taut skin of my dick. I’m breathing hard against his neck, and he knows I’m getting closer. His fingers curl more tightly around me, and regardless of the fact that I’m still fully clothed, and we’re in the middle of the dance floor, I want to come like this. It wouldn’t be the first time.

On his next upstroke, Brian uses his thumb to press into my slit and then massage my precome into the head of my cock. That’s it. I feel my balls draw up and my arm around his shoulders tenses as I make the effort to remain standing. His hand has stroked back down to the base of my cock where his thumb and forefinger suddenly make a tight ring, holding back my orgasm and making me gasp.

“Not yet,” he whispers into my ear. Fucker.

He holds the makeshift cock ring in place while the remaining fingers of that hand gently stroke against my balls. If he doesn’t want me to come, that’s not helping. He’s laughing now. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Finally, he releases the tight ring and moves his hand up my cock again. His touch is light and teasing with none of the hard pressure of before. I try and lean into him more, but he pulls his hips back slightly, and I’m left with nothing to press against. Brian’s message is clear: I’m controlling this one. We could be here for a while.

We do that not dancing thing for a few minutes, and I feel Brian’s hand softly caressing me the entire time. If he would just make his fingers grip tighter, close his fist just a little more… I try and push up to increase the pressure, but he moves his hand with me, and I’m left with the same soft touch as before.

“Asshole,” I say, but there’s a smile in my voice. I try to break free, to regain some control. But the arm he has around my waist tenses and he holds me tighter to him. He’s looking down at me now, a determined expression on his face as he waits for me to stop struggling. When I do, his eyes take on that hooded look that makes me want to drop to my knees and suck him off.

“I said, ‘Not yet’.” And then he’s kissing me, tongue pressing in, lips hard against mine. It’s fierce and dominant and almost brutal. At the same time, he’s increased the pressure of his hand, moving it against my cock at a faster pace than before, bringing me to the brink again almost immediately. So close, so very close. Almost there, just…

But before my orgasm can swell up and out of me, he stops. His hand is still warm against my cock, but there’s no movement at all, no friction. My forehead’s on his chest, and I’m panting against him, my eyes squeezed tightly shut and my hands gripping his shoulders. Brian continues to move with the music, dancing for both of us.

I’m not sure how much time passes, but eventually I feel his hand rubbing against my back and realize that he’s been doing that all along. It’s soothing, but also frustrating as hell. If he’s going to stroke me, that’s the wrong body part.

I’m kissing up his neck now, using my tongue to guide my lips before I finally settle at his mouth. His lips are warm and soft, and I lick around them before pushing inside. He lets me kiss him, but stays still against me.

I’m able to move my hips again. His grip on me has loosened somewhat, and I use the leverage to rub my impossibly hard and throbbing cock against the hand that’s taken up residence in my pants.

This time I feel more in control. The warmth of his palm radiates against my skin, and he’s using his fingers to gently massage my balls again. He’s only using one hand on me, but I feel him everywhere, against my skin, in my blood and penetrating deep inside my body to the spaces no one else can ever fill.

I feel the warmth from his hand slowly spread out from my balls and the base of my cock, up my hardness, and at the same time, out to the rest of my body, rolling in waves of gentle heat. I have one hand clutched at his waist and the other hooked around the back of his neck so I don’t dissolve into a puddle on the floor. My lips are still on his as we breathe into each other.

Then I feel it. His fingers on my balls, grasping more firmly and pulling them down and away from my body. And just like that, all the waves of warmth are softly quelled, and I’m pulled back from the brink. Again.

I think I might cry. Or kill him. Or both.

Instead I bite down on his lower lip, and his fingers clench tighter in response. I want to tell him that if he doesn’t let me come, I’m going to die, but it’s all I can do to keep breathing. He knows this, though, and does the talking for me.

“Take it easy. We’re not finished yet.” No shit. But his voice is soothing, and it washes over me like a calming breeze. My immediate need has been suppressed again temporarily, and I feel his fingers playing lightly over my cock and balls as the lights flash in a surreal pattern of bright and dark against the never-ending beat of the music.

I’ve been so lost in the world that Brian has created for us that I haven’t noticed he’s actually moved us towards the edge of the dance floor. We’re over near the stairs now, and the crowd that we’ve been marginally a part of suddenly seems distant and indistinct. There’s no real privacy anywhere in Babylon except for the offices, but I still feel segregated and sheltered here. It’s with an aching sense of loss that I realize Brian has removed his hand from my pants as he moves us more deliberately against the wall underneath the staircase. My back presses firmly against its solidness and I feel Brian’s lips on my neck as he leans into me, leaving no part of me uncovered or exposed.

My head is arched back as Brian continues to surround me, and I feel the hard length of his cock as he pushes and rubs against my own dick, leaking inside my pants. The fact that we’re both fully clothed heightens my need to feel his skin against mine again. I push harder into him, and he gets the message, this time opening my pants before again reaching inside and touching me.

My need to come returns full force, but I can’t do anything more than stand there while he plays me. I’m too far gone to participate. The pressure of his hand increases, and he’s using a rhythm on me that he knows I especially like. Slow and firm on the down stroke, fast on the upstroke, with that small twist of palm over tip at the end. My head is thrown back against the wall and Brian’s face is buried in the space where my neck meets my shoulder. His breath is warm and heavy against my damp skin.

“Don’t come yet,” he breathes against me. His voice may be soft, but his tone isn’t, and I groan at the words.

“Jesus fuck, Brian. I swear…” I don’t finish the thought as my voice seeps out from between clenched teeth. I know he’s smiling. I’m so hard and my balls ache from denied release. His lips are at my ear, and he’s using his tongue to trace around the ridges, something he knows only pushes me closer to the edge.

“Hold off just a little longer, Justin. Just a little longer.” The words may seem like a plea, but there’s no mistaking the commanding quality of his voice. That wasn’t a suggestion.

Brian’s hand is still on my cock, his grip firm, but he’s stopped the stroking and instead is just giving me a subtle squeeze and release, squeeze and release. No friction, no other movement. The throbbing in my cock matches his rhythm, and all I want in that moment is to shatter and break against him.

I bite down hard and concentrate on clearing my mind, pushing away the aching need inside me so that I can give this to Brian. Give him what he wants. What he’s demanding from me.

His hand has stopped moving at all, and he’s only applying slight pressure again. He’s looking at me now, and I stare back, completely focused on the intensity of his expression. I bring my hands up to either side of his face and pull him down to lick inside his mouth. His tongue pushes into me, and the kiss becomes the only thing I care about. All of the need and desire has transferred to this, and we fuck each other hard with lips and teeth and tongue.

Somewhere in the middle of the kiss, he’s started moving his hand again, stroking me slowly with no real rhythm. I’m trying to shift against him to force him into a regular pace, but his other hand is suddenly at my hip, holding me firmly against the wall. His mouth is open against mine as he breathes into me.

Slowly, painfully slowly, he begins to move his hand with some semblance of regularity. His other hand is still pinning me in place, and all I can do is stand here and endure this until he’s ready for me to come. He licks across my open lips, but I’ve given up trying to participate in the kiss.

His grip is tighter now, and he’s moving faster. He’s back to sweeping his thumb over the head of my cock on each upstroke, and now he’s doing something with the pads of his fingers on my shaft, pressing and releasing each finger independently as he continues to stroke. Oh god, that feels amazing.

Beads of sweat are rolling down my back, my legs are shaking, and my breath is coming out in irregular puffs against his mouth. His strokes are relentless now, and I realize that I’m still using whatever brain function I have left to try and hold off my orgasm as long as possible. Like he asked. Like he commanded.

The heat of his hand has increased with the friction, and it’s soaked with my precome. The result is a tight, wet channel, skin on skin. The thought makes me moan, and I want to come so badly now that I’ll beg him for it. But my voice is gone. All I can do is moan again and hope he hears what I’m trying to say.

He does.

“Now, Justin.” Before he’s even gotten the words out, I let go. All the pressure in my cock and balls, all the heat and need and desire that’s been suppressed and restrained, all of it rolls through me in waves. The relief is incredible, but it’s nothing compared to the intense and nearly painful pleasure that I feel everywhere, in every part of me. It’s all I’m aware of, and in this moment, the only thing I am.

It may have gone on forever or just a brief moment. I’m no longer able to process the passage of time. But eventually I come back to the world enough to feel the hard stability of the wall behind me and Brian’s body pressed close against my front. He still has one hand in my pants, gently cupping me while his other arm is wound securely around me to keep me from collapsing to the floor.

Slowly he extracts the hand from my pants and holds it up for me to see my come glistening on the skin of his palm. I think he’s going to offer it to me, but instead, he uses his own tongue to lick his hand clean. All I can do is stare in fascination. He’s watching me intently, and when he finishes, I catch the expression on his face. Strong, powerful and in control. I return the look, and he starts to smile just as our lips meet.

“You know,” I say, letting the tease creep into my tone, “if you wanted to be in control, you could have just tied me to the bed and fucked me.”

He raises an eyebrow at me and scoffs, “When am I ever not in control?”

I can’t keep the smile off my face as I think about the complete lack of control that’s surrounded both of us since I walked in the door of the loft yesterday. He knows what I’m thinking, and he’s laughing as he leans his forehead against mine and says, “This wasn’t about controlling you.” I hear the emphasis on the last word, but I already know what it was about.

“Come on,” he says as he refastens my pants and pulls me away from the wall. “I’m suddenly feeling the urge to lose a little control. Think you can help me with that?”

I lean against him as we walk towards the exit. “I think that can be arranged.”
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